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Tiger Lily Garden is an artificial grass factory located in Jiangsu Province. We started our business in 2011 with the product of artificial grass yarn. With years of development, now we have become a professional artificial grass factory integrating R&D, sales for both Chinese domestic and overseas, production and sourcing. Currently, we have  6 monofilament yarn machines, 3 thatched yarn machines, 24 sets KDK yarn flat machines, 6 sets of 3/8, 5/8, 3/16, and 5/32 gauge tufting machines, 1 coating line which extends to 5M width and 90 employees.

Thanks to our workers mostly locals have been working in Tiger Lily Garden artificial grass factory since we were established. Tiger Lily Garden has extended its market to the USA, European Area, Japan, Thailand, Dubai, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Egypt, Russia, Belarus, Canada, Australia, South America…more than 50 countries. We have supplied artificial grass products to over 200+ happy clients.

Company Value

We believe in “Building Trust with Focus, Fostering Communication for Mutual Success.”

Innovation is in our factory DNA. Tiger Lily Garden develops new collections every year and now has 500+ designs to support your business.

The range of Tiger Lily Garden’s products includes artificial grass, artificial yarn, accessories, green walls and related machines such as tufting machines installation machines and many more.

As an artificial grass factory, we also offer custom services for OEM orders that are manufactured according to customer requirements from the yarn shape, colour, and backing to pictures, we are an artificial grass factory able to design, test and meet clients’ specifications and personalized requests.

Factory Tour

Tiger Lily Garden is an artificial grass factory that knows artificial grass, knows the markets, and knows our clients. Please follow us to have a whole review of the factory facilities and the working progress.

Tiger Lily Garden factory overview

Factory Front Door

Tiger LilyGarden factory Overview 2

Factory  Overview

Tiger Lily Garden factory raw material

Raw Material Area

artificial grass twisted yarn manufacturer

Factory Equipments

Curly Yarn Production

Chinese artificial grass yarn factory

Monofilament Yarn Production

Tufting of artificial grass

Grass Tufting

Tiger Lily Garden Factory Coating

Grass Coating

Drainage hole of artificial grass

Drainage Holes

artificial turf package roll

Roll the Carpet

Package the Roll

Chinese artificial grass manufacturer certificate 8


factory Loading Containers

Loading Grass

Package and Delivery


Customized Grass

Customize your style of artificial grass at Tiger Lily Garden manufacturer at no setup fee, and free samples will be supplied if needed. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything from us. We serve.

Value Service

There are no pushy sales in our service team. Our professional ladies will always share useful information about the market price, the cost and new trends to help you make the right decision.

Region Protection

We believe a win-win situation is the best for both sides. We protect our clients market with unique products, competitive prices and regional protection.

Promotion Support

Tiger Lily Garden also focuses on gifts for promotion/advertising purposes. There will be surprise gifts that go with the mass products to support your business.


Stable experienced employees


Years Experience


Happy Clients


Countries are importing our products


SQM manufactured each year

Real Customer’s Feedback

 Hear It from Our Clients

“Don’t just take our word for it—listen to our clients!” Over a decade in business, Tiger Lily Garden has served over 200 customers across 50 countries. This video isn’t just a showcase of our achievements; it’s a reflection of real, honest feedback from those who matter most. From glowing testimonials to the constructive critiques that have driven our growth and improvement, our clients’ voices tell the true story of our journey. Their experiences reveal the strength of our commitment to quality and service, as well as our dedication to listening, adapting, and evolving. Join us in hearing directly from our clients, and discover why choosing Tiger Lily Garden is a decision backed by a global chorus of satisfaction.



Quality is the Priority that We Pay Attention to!

Existing as an experienced artificial grass factory there is one thing we know for sure, that is quality is the final reputation for any factory. Traps can not last long. That’s why we always insist quality comes first.

Your order is the trust that deserves our highest-quality manufacturing and packaging services every single time. To be worth your trust, we do the most critical part -artificial yarn in-house by selecting the best quality virgin material with strong UV stability. That is also the secret to why our grass can be fresh and green over the years without brokering.

We know the grass you are choosing for your clients, your garden, your babies or your adorable pets, so a long life span is not enough it has to be safe. Tiger Lily Garden is a direct artificial grass factory that can control every step without harmful chemicals. We are an artificial grass factory with a conscience, we promise our grass to contain no lead, and no heavy metals and achieve the REACH& ROHS.

Turf Factory Direct Competitive Price

Artificial grass is being a product very price-sensitive.

It is a challenge for any artificial grass factory to find the balance. As an artificial grass factory with our mission to help our customers to cut down costs, we don’t believe in an over-priced strategy. We have been striving to do our best to keep the price as low as possible without sacrificing quality, for instance, our critical material -artificial grass yarn is designed and manufactured in-house.

Beyond that, We improve the competitiveness of manufacturing costs by actively seeking the best possible OEM options and managing supply chain logistics.

We hope that by giving the best support on price to you, we could help ease your capital pressure and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship together.

Our Professional Service Team are Here 7X24!

Have you ever been there? There is a very slow reply when you have something urgent. You have a question about A but the sales in the artificial grass factory you are working with answer irrelevant B! After you paid a deposit, there is no further update about the production only a pushing letter for the balance several days later and the rest you can do is to pray for good quality? You sealed the samples or the drawings but when you received it was a different product! When you ask for a claim, the factory looks like disappeared!…..

It’s not easy to find a reliable one when you choose a partner!

Tiger Lily Garden understands all your pain. Not like the other artificial grass factories, we are treating our clients with full appreciation. We pay more attention to communication and details even the insignificant ones. Our sales team will make sure every detail is perfect. The package colour, the mark, the edge, the diameter, the surface…anything you are concerned about. And we promise you can always find us 7x24X365 with a professional and prompt reply.


Tiger Lily Garden is an artificial grass factory serious about artificial grass!

As a reliable artificial grass factory, we believe in becoming an extension of our customers’ teams; we believe that no matter the size of the project, it deserves the very best; we believe in an open and honest relationship; we do not believe in shortcuts. The best shortcut for any artificial grass factory is to take your time and precipitate your experience. Come with us, let’s chose a stable way.

Tiger Lily Garden Hedge Options
The Certificate
Production Area

The Exhibition We Attend

Every year we attend many international exhibitions to meet our customers and make new friends, to learn the most advanced knowledge and technology in the industry, and to show our customers our latest products and provide the most professional services. At the same time, we also actively support our agents and exhibit together to develop and grow together with a professional artificial grass factory image.

Tiger Lily Garden exhibition 09

China,Shanghai Domotex

The most professional carpet exhibition

Tiger Lily Garden exhibition 01

Germany, Kolner FSB

Global professional sports show.

Indonesia sports show

Indonesia, sports show

The sports show in Southeast Asia

Myanmar carpet show

Myanmar carpet show

The most professional carpet exhibition

Russia sports exhibition

Russia, sports exhibition

The most professional sports exhibition in Russia.

Saudi Arabic Sports Show

Saudi Arabic, Big 5

The biggest and most professional building material exhibition

Germany Spogagafa

Germany, Spogagafa

Professional garden exhibition

Dubai big 5

Dubai, big 5

Building material exhibition

The Certificate We Have

We offer a variety of professional industry testing certificates, including SGS, Pony, Rosh, etc. We want to reassure our customers about the quality of our products, and we as a professional artificial turf factory always strive for excellence in product quality. We also hold ourselves to the high standards of these testing organizations and strive to make Tiger Lily Garden a brand that our customers will be new to.

The Inspection We Do

Quality control is something that every serious artificial grass factory should pay strict attention to. We are determined not to allow unqualified turf to be shipped to customers’ warehouses without communicating with you. At Tiger Lily Garden, what you see is what you get, there is no fear of opening a blind box, every step of our work is open and transparent, any problems in the production process we will actively communicate with our customers and work together to solve them, taking the responsibility of a quality supplier.

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No.3rd, Yizheng Industrial concentration zone, Tangxia Town, Yizheng Shi, Jiangsu Province, China.

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