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What is Artificial Grass Adhesive?

When we install artificial grass, the accessories must be fully equipped in advance, such as artificial grass nails, artificial grass cushion, artificial grass joint tape, sand, lawn cutting knife (if for not professional sports pitch, the use utility knife is ok), lawn combing machine, artificial grass adhesive and so on. On this page, we will introduce artificial grass adhesive in details regarding the types, dosage, price, product packaging, and supplier’s qualifications required for import and export.

What is artificial grass adhesive?

As the name implies, it is a special adhesive that used when installing artificial grass for landscaping, sports or wall decoration.

Artificial Grass Adhesive

The difference

What Is The Difference Between Our Adhesive From Others?

Safety and Environmentally Friendly

Ordinary adhesives contain a certain amount of harmful substances. However, artificial grass is mostly installed in home gardens, kindergartens, business districts, etc. Our loved families, children, and cute pets will frequently use it. Therefore, the safety of the artificial grass adhesive is particularly important.

Strong Stickiness

When we play with our children, we hope our children can enjoy all the outdoor activities on the lawn. At this time, if the lawn junction splits, our good experience will come to an abrupt end. Our artificial grass adhesive has high solid content, strong stickiness, and long-lasting. So you don’t have to worry about that after the installation.

Strong Weatherability

The climatic conditions of artificial grass installation vary greatly. Some areas are dry and hot, others are extremely cold and wet. Therefore, if the artificial grass adhesive with poor weather ability, it not only can not play its bonding properties in the installation process but also the cured glue will also be degummed or cracked.


Artificial grass is used outdoors. It is inevitable that it will often encounter rain and snow. In this case, special artificial grass adhesive needs to pay more attention to the waterproof performance in the formula. Even if the environment is very humid, it will not easily fall off.


Artificial Grass Adhesive manufacturer
Chinese Artificial Grass Adhesive Factory

What are The Types of Artificial Grass Adhesive?

Generally, there are mainly two types: artificial grass resin adhesive and artificial grass two-component adhesive.

  • Artificial grass resin adhesive is sticky, cheap, and easy to use. but there is a certain danger in the transportation process, and there are more restrictions on import and export.
  • The artificial grass two-component adhesive is safer and more environmentally friendly and easier to import and export, but more expensive, and requires AB group to be mixed in a certain ratio when using.

What About the Prices of Artificial Grass Adhesive?

Generally speaking

  • For artificial grass resin adhesive with 14 kilograms per bucket, the Exw price is about $31~$36 / bucket.
  • For the artificial grass two-component adhesive weighs 10 kg (9:1) per bucket, the Exw price is about $42~$46 / bucket.

Why Us?

Tiger Lily Garden knows all these artificial grass adhesive manufacturers in China and we are very professional to deal with these orders for many clients with fast lead time, small MOQ, fair price and complete custom clearance documents.

We guarantee that all of our artificial grass adhesives exported contain less than 5.0, toluene + xylene less than or equal to 150, and total volatile organic compounds less than or equal to 650. This fully protects the health of you and your families.

How to Choose the Right Supplier of Artificial Grass Adhesive?

  • Use Google or other search engines to search artificial grass adhesive manufacturers to find related companies. After consulting and screening, then choose the right one for cooperation. But the workload will be relatively large.

  • Use Made in China, Alibaba, and other B2B or B2C platforms to choose from. However, Alibaba allows a company to open multiple accounts, so there will be some repeated waste of time and energy.

  • Exhibition visits. Any professional exhibition of artificial grass will have some suppliers of accessories to participate. You can judge the professionalism of the suppliers more intuitively through face-to-face interviews.

  • Selecting the reliable artificial grass adhesive supplier recommended by your current cooperated grass or carpet supplier.

  • Use a dedicated freelancer or sourcing agent to identify supplier information and provide export customs clearance services.


The Installation of Artificial Grass Adhesive

  • Step 1
    Ensure that the surface will be adhesive is clean, dry, free of dust and oil.

  • Step 2
    Glueing:Gluing must be even, usually thinner is better. Unevenly artificial grass adhesive applied and artificial grass adhesive film thick places easy to residual solvent.

  • Step 3
    Drying: It is better to leave the artificial grass adhesive in the air for a longer time, generally more than 15 minutes. And it may not stick when it is rainy or humid. You can use a hairdryer to heat the sticky surface for a few minutes to remove the water film attached to the surface, and then glue.

  • Step 4
    Folding: First align one side, attach a damp cloth to the wooden block to pressurize. And stack while pressing to eliminate air bubbles. Finally, press with a wooden hammer or rubber hammer.

  • Step 5
    Preservation: It is best not to put the newly glued material in a very high-temperature place, so as to avoid the instantaneous volatilization of the non-volatile solvent and bubbling. Generally, the highest strength can be reached within 48 hours.

Tips :

  1. The seaming tape should be the high-quality nonwoven cloth seaming tape when using two-component adhesive.;
  2. And it should be cheap PP cloth seaming tape together with the artificial grass resin adhesive;
  3. The is no need to spread the glue over the whole backing or it will block the drainage holes.


1kg of artificial grass adhesive can be applied to about 10 SQM. The specific data depends on the construction method.

It can be cleaned with solvents, such as alcohol, gasoline, paint, and other solvents.

The artificial grass adhesive contains solvent and will evaporate after curing. Therefore, for some air-impermeable materials and bonding surfaces, these problems can be avoided if dried longer after being installed.

The artificial grass adhesive will generate gas. To prevent the adhesive from overflowing. , it is packed in half barrels in this industry. The specific quantity subject to weight.

All the adhesive is smelly. The feel varies from person to person, most people feel it is normal. And there is no peculiar smell after curing.

The usual adhesive used to fix artificial turf is a special glue for artificial turf. Due to the special characteristics of artificial turf backing, as well as long-term outdoor use, wind, sun and high-intensity sports, extra attention should be paid to the quality of the artificial grass adhesive.

Generally speaking, the two most common types of glue are resin and two-component adhesives for artificial turf. Due to safety issues, however, resin glues are not allowed to be exported directly. Two-component glues are safe, strong and harmless and are the best choice for your turf.

Of course, if the artificial turf is not fixed, it will move around after it has been laid. This is why you need to use seaming tapes and nails to connect the turf together as well as fix it to the ground so that even with frequent use, your turf carpet will not have problems.

There are a few accessories that you should know about to fasten your artificial turf: artificial turf glue, artificial turf nails and artificial turf seaming tape. These three golden partners work together to connect the artificial turf and secure the edges. No matter how you use it, it won’t move!

Concrete deconstruction and asphalt deconstruction are the most ideal foundations for laying artificial turf. If the base is concrete, the surface will be very smooth and the artificial turf will be easy to spread and easy to work with. However, please note that the concrete deconstructed base should be well-drained as the concrete itself is impermeable to water and good drainage is only achieved with the help of slopes and surrounding drains.

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