Artificial Baseball Turf

Wondering what is artificial baseball turf? Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibers designed like natural grass. Artificial baseball turf is therefore a type of turf placed on the baseball fields to protect the players and ensure that the area looks neat all year long. This type of turf is preferred by many clients because it saves the time and cost on maintenance. Artificial baseball turf comes in different shades of green which can be blended together to look attractive. Have a look at some of the insights in the guide to learn more about artificial turf in baseball fields.

Can Artificial Baseball Turf be used in All Weathers?

The condition of artificial turf remains the same during all weathers. Little or heavy rains cannot affect the turf which means the field will not get muddy. Natural grass is not only damaged by extreme weather but when players run, or kick on the surface of natural grass, it becomes easily worn out. For this reason, artificial baseball turf can be used in all weathers without creating water puddles or mud.

How much Play Hours can Artificial Baseball Turf Last?

Artificial baseball turf has been manufactured to be strong enough to endure approximately 500 hours of play time. This is the best choice since natural grass can only last up to 100 hours of play. You should not be concerned about resting time for the turf to regain its original look unlike natural grass.

What Type of Basic Maintenance Should I Perform on my Artificial Baseball Turf?

The basic maintenance is cleaning your turf. This is particularly crucial because of how the players put gums or pour drinks when celebrating their wins. It is recommended that the turf be cleaned after the game to ensure that it survives throughout its lifespan.

Should I be Concerned about heat Affecting my Artificial Baseball Turf?

Although artificial baseball turf can heat above normal temperatures than natural grass, you should not be concerned about the heat being harmful to the players or turf. If you feel there is too much heat getting in contact with the turf even when there are no games, turn on the sprinkler to keep the turf cool.

How Long will it Take to Install my Artificial Baseball Turf?

The installation time depends on the size of your field. However, since most baseball fields are equal sizes, it might take some days to fully install the turf. Other factors affecting installation time are weather conditions which may delay the process because the turf cannot be installed during extreme weather conditions.

What Rate of Injury Should I Expect on Artificial Baseball Turf?

There is little difference between player’s injury on natural and artificial turf. The rates of injuries such as muscle sprains and slides or falls may appear frequently similar to natural grass. However, artificial baseball turf provides extra cushioning because of the lack of protruding stones or other hazardous material for players.

How much does Artificial Baseball Turf Cost?

The average baseball field has about 80,000 square feet while one square foot of artificial baseball turf costs approximately $ 4.80. Other costs such as a drainage base amounts to $ 4.00 per square foot. Therefore, you should consider a budget of $ 700,000 for the artificial baseball turf.

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