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Brief introduction

After you have purchased the artificial turf, the next thing to do is to install it. How to install the artificial turf in different areas and what artificial grass accessories are needed? Let Tiger Lily Garden explains to you step by step.

Installation Progress Related with Grass Accessories

Indoor Installation

Indoor Installation is relatively simple, with just a few simple steps and basic artificial grass accessories (utility knife and self-adhesive seaming tape)
1. Clean the area and use a ruler to measure the size of the area that needs to be paved with artificial turf;
2. Use a utility knife to cut the large roll of artificial turf into a suitable size;
3. Connect the seams of the lawn with self-adhesive seaming tapes.

Outdoor Garden Installation

Garden installation is a little more complicated, it will require more artificial grass accessories and relatively complicated steps:
1. After tidying up the yard, you must first spread the geotextile membrane to prevent the growth of real grass;
2. Put the artificial turf according to the size of the yard, and cut out the required size and shape with a utility knife;
3. Place the artificial turf and connect the seams of the turf together with glue and seaming tape;
4. Fix the edge of the lawn with special artificial grass nails;
5. It can be sprinkled with quartz sand moderately to fix the artificial turf and achieve the effect of cooling down in summer
The list of artificial grass accessories we need in this process includes a utility knife, geotextile membrane, home use nonwoven seaming tape and two-component artificial turf glue; nails for artificial turf, and sand.

Sports Field Installation

The installation of a sports field is the most complicated, involves the most links, and requires the most artificial grass accessories. The steps are:
1. Observe the space and mark the borders.
2. Put the layer of shock pad, geotextile membrane and artificial grass smoothly in the ground. (Clean the surface before proceeding with this step.)
3. Trim the extensive parts of the grass that overlay the borders before applying glue.
4. Lay the tape.
5. Fill the tape with the needed amount of glue.
6. Lay the grass on the glued tape.
7. Prepare the grass for white lines by firstly cutting the boundaries.
8. Lay bags filled with material that weighs (such as rubber granules) upon the boundaries, so they stick well.
9. After one night has passed and the glue is properly dried you can start with the spreading of the infill.
10. When infilling is done, proceed with the brushing process.
The list of artificial grass accessories we need in this process includes artificial grass installation tools knit, geotextile membrane, artificial turf adhesive, PP cloth seaming tape, nails for artificial turf, a brushing machine, rubber granule, sand…


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Artificial grass accessories are the most innovative and straightforward ways to enhance your turf’s experience. The accessories have been specifically manufactured for use with artificial grass so long as you have the turf and necessary tools to begin the installation. Artificial grass accessories range from artificial turf perimeter stakes to synthetic grass cleaners, among various available products. The guideline will explain the reasons for investing in artificial grass accessories for a sleek look on your lawn, corridor, or room.

  • How To Choose the Right Artificial Grass?

There is a lot to learn about artificial turf before investing in one. Such information involves getting the right height, grade, material, and price. The tips will provide insight into the suitable artificial grass to suit your needs.

    Determine your needs

The first thing is deciding where you wish to place your turf. This is because different turf artificial grass specifications work for different areas. For instance, artificial grass for the lawn will be different from indoor turf regarding the texture, height, and other specifications. Choosing a suitable turf will also allow for a more manageable selection of artificial grass accessories. If you wish to have synthetic turf for a busy place like a field, you must seek a short pile height of 5/8 and 3/8.

    Consider the colour

Similar to how natural grass varies in colour, artificial grass also has the exact specifications. For this reason, artificial grass contains various colour ranges to mimic natural grass. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the grass colour to imitate natural grass in your surroundings.

    Compare different artificial grass features

Before settling on your desired artificial grass to select the artificial grass accessories, be sure to compare different features. Although not all elements are essential to ascertain your desired turf, you would want to consider the blade shape, height, ability to drain, thatch colour, and density. Therefore, compare different grass features before settling on your preference.

  • The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass.

    Low maintenance

There is no need to maintain the grass like natural grass that involves trimming or mowing. Once you place your artificial grass and artificial grass accessories, you are good to go. This saves time for maintenance and resources, such as hiring a gardener.

    Environmental friendly and does not waste resources

The current climatic changes call for sustainable living to avoid wasting natural resources. Natural grass requires a lot of water to maintain its colour and beauty, which wastes a lot of water in turn. Additionally, fertilizers and pesticides that could harm the environment are unnecessary to keep the lawn looking good. All you need is your artificial grass and artificial grass accessories to glam your lawn.

    The grass remains natural looking despite seasons

Different seasons of the year affect how natural grass grows and maintains its appearance. Natural grass appears yellowish or brown during the summer, and in winter, the grass becomes smudgy and wet, making it appear unkempt. On the other hand, artificial grass retains its appearance in all seasons and seems even better with artificial grass accessories.

  • Artificial Grass Accessories for a Perfect Finish

Artificial grass accessories are the major ones that you should have for your lawn. Artificial grass accessories add a perfect touch to your turf in an effortless way to bring out the potential for fake grass. Although fake grass has low maintenance needs, it does not mean that one could not use artificial grass accessories to spice up the look.

    Broom and rake for fake grass

These are your ordinary broom and rake that could be used anywhere. They are not explicitly made for artificial turf to push fallen leaves and other materials as the rake and broom can be used for any other gardening purposes. Artificial grass needs cleaning from time to time, just like your carpet requires such maintenance. There is no better way to maintain your lawn than with a broom and rake.

    Weed stop or barrier

One of the essential artificial grass accessories is weed stops or barriers. Sometimes fake grass can have weeds growing and piercing through the synthetic grass material. The accessories are designed to let through water but resist puncture from weeds, keeping your artificial turf neat. One should line the base before putting any other material such as hardcore for the sub-base stability.

    Edging system

You need to have an edging system among your artificial grass accessories to have a perfect frame for your turf. The best edging system is resistant to rotting and moisture and is made of sustainable materials. The edging system is also durable as it can stay for over 40 years. This is a must-have collection.

  • Maintenance and Care for your Artificial Grass

Maintaining your turf comes in the most straightforward way to extend its life. This is even easier when you think of the turf as your ordinary carpet. The following steps will help maintain your turf.

    Spot clean for easier maintenance

Having a lawn should be thought of as owning a carpet. Once a mess has happened, be sure to clean it up before it leaves a permanent stain. Similar carpet cleaning products are used to clean off any stain. However, stains such as gum or oil require special stain removers to keep them off the turf.

    Make use of a brush

Since artificial lawn indoors and outdoors is mostly stepped on, a brush is helpful to ensure that the grass maintains its look. This means that the brush should be used to revive the turf’s fibres when you brush towards the opposite side to revitalize their former appearance. It is imperative that you use a fibber bristled brush since other brush materials may damage your artificial grass. The brush can also be considered among the artificial grass accessories as it helps maintain the turf’s look.

  • FAQs About Artificial Grass

    Do artificial grass products differ from each other?

Yes! Artificial grass turf is different according to where you wish to install the grass. This means that artificial turf for lawns will have a different material than indoors.

    Who Installs Artificial Grass?

People with experience of up to eight years should be consulted. Further, one should get a certified contractor for the job. Be sure to make them aware of the artificial grass accessories you wish to have on your turf.

    What are Infills?

These are materials applied over artificial grass to prevent the turf blades from laying flat.

    How Much Does It Cost to Maintain Artificial Grass?

It will take less time and effort to keep your lawn looking perfect with the right artificial grass accessories such as a broom and brush, including suitable cleaning products. The maintenance needs for artificial turf are almost similar to that of a carpet.

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