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Tiger Lily Garden Produce the Best Artificial Grass Carpet Rolls

Home makeovers can be hectic as much as they produce a beautiful outcome. You might think about installing artificial grass but are unsure of how long it will take especially if you are a busy bee. Artificial grass carpet roll from Tiger Lily Garden provides that and more. This is because all you need to do is clear your area, lay down the carpet, and enjoy the beauty that comes with artificial grass carpet roll. Artificial grass carpet roll functions like a carpet and grass at the same time since it can be installed indoors and outdoors. Tiger Lily Garden avails of artificial grass carpet rolls in different sizes and colours depending on your specifications.

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Chose Your Artificial Grass Rolls From  Tiger Lily Garden


Artificial grass carpets’ role is not only related to products but accessories that enhance their look. The main product is artificial grass tiles since they come in small sections and can be installed as a carpet or tiles. Accessories required when installing artificial grass carpets include u-pins, adhesives, and nails.


Artificial Grass Carpet Roll Features and Advantage

Artificial grass carpet roll lasts up to 15 years and does not get creases if well secured. Artificial grass carpet roll is available in any size meaning it can fit any place so long as the measurements are provided. The product is thick and realistic due to its pile height of 1.37 and 4-tone colour that makes it look natural.

Raw material

100% raw material assurance! Recycled materials bring harm to not only human beings but also the environment!

Fast Delivery

Time is money. Our factory chooses high-speed tufting machine and plenty of raw materials stock to make sure a faster lead time. 10 days~24 days to reduce your time on waiting.

Open Production

No hiding, no secret! What you see is what you will get. We will report every detail to you until you disburden your mind!

Grass and More

Looking for grass but bothered by accessories? There will not be a headache when selecting us as your Chinese artificial grass supplier. A small quantity is available.


From colour to yarn shape, V, W, C shape or even complex picture design. We provide customized service. To be a different Chinese artificial grass factory.

Promotion Support

One of the welfare to be our partner is we provide promotion support on gift &on line link&post& joint exhibition. We love our clients and we’d like to do all to boom our business together.


Artificial Grass Carpet Roll Applications

You can choose to install artificial grass carpet rolls in places such as lawns, sports fields, and around the house, among other decoration ideas. Our professionals can further advise where to install artificial grass carpet rolls.

All you need to do to get the artificial grass carpet roll is enquire about the product and voila! Tiger Lily Garden will deliver.


Why Tiger Lily Garden

Chinese artificial grass factory

Company Capabilities on the Product

Tiger Lily Garden understands that most clients are busy doing the most important things and that work for their future. For this reason, artificial grass carpet roll is designed to make work and life easier thereby being one of Tiger Lily Garden’s convenient products. The company manufactures a large volume of artificial grass carpet rolls to satisfy clients’ needs and facilitate faster delivery.

You are assured of quality since Tiger Lily Garden has certificates such as SGS to prove that artificial grass carpet roll is manufactured from the recommended material in the industry. This helps assure you of getting your order as it has come from Tiger Lily Garden‘s factory.


Looking for a way to improve your home without breaking the bank? An artificial grass carpet roll may be the perfect solution for you! This affordable, easy-to-install option can give your home a new look in just minutes. Artificial grass is a great alternative to traditional sod, and it doesn’t require any watering or maintenance. Plus, it’s perfect for pets and kids! If you’re interested in learning more about artificial grass carpet roll, keep reading. We’ll discuss the benefits of this amazing product and show you how to get started.

Reach us at any time of day since we are also online-based to serve you better and faster. All Tiger Lily Garden products are easy to access even in the most urgent situation due to our emergency delivery period. Begin your first artificial grass experience and you will never regret it.

The turf is more durable than natural grass because it does not wither and has low maintenance. Artificial grass carpet roll can last up to 15 years when well maintained. Its durability also depends on the turf’s quality.

It is normal for your turf to get creases mainly because it has stayed rolled for a while. However, there are some tips to avoid this situation.

Before installation, the package is very important. The best way to remove wrinkles is to use the cardboard core wrapped around the artificial grass carpet roll. Apply pressure to your turf and press the cardboard core as you move it on your turf to remove wrinkles.

Another idea is during installation, use pins to pin down the turf to have a flat-looking grass carpet.

After installation, using the right amount of infill will help prevent creases from contraction and expansion of the backing.

The infill helps the roll stay in place. You should not be worried about contracting and expanding the roll. Once the turf is well installed, you will not experience the shifting of the turf.

No. Artificial grass has a specially made colour that cannot rub off your clothes or any other fabric.

Artificial grass carpet roll is made like a carpet. Underneath the carpet roll is a backing made of canvas with another latex layer. This means that moles can’t dig through. Therefore, you do not need to be worried about the carpet roll getting damaged.

We have all kinds of quality certificates such as SGS to ensure we only use the high-quality raw material. And the turf is mainly stored at a regulated temperature in the warehouse. This helps maintain its quality and original state before and during shipping.

The backing determines the quality of artificial grass. Backing layers include primary backing and coating. The primary backing is where the turf passes through while the coating locks the turf bind. This means that with two layers of backing, your artificial grass carpet roll will remain intact for an extended period. You also need to know that other blended specifications help the turf remain intact.

Some guidelines might help with the DIY installation of artificial turf. However, it is not advised that you install it yourself. The turf is already costly, and cutting it into the wrong shape would worsen the situation. Please seek professional help to ensure that your grass is well installed to last for more years.

Installing artificial grass requires enforcement at the edges to be firmly secured. Although there are many options to ensure that the turf is firm, U-pins are the best solution. You can also secure the carpet throughout the lawn to make it impossible for thieves to steal.

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