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If you are thinking, what can artificial grass carpets do? Well, it serves a lot of purposes such as being a great addition to sports fields such as golf courses, hockey, football, and tennis, among other places. The grass carpet can also be used indoors and on walls. You may wonder about the difference between synthetic grass and other types of grass. Keep following to understand why and the different uses.

What is Grass Like Carpet Made of?

At Tiger Lily Garden, we manufacture our grass-like carpet with premium quality nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Different chemicals are added to these materials to make them wear, water, and UV-resistant.

Nylon artificial grass carpets are remarkably resilient and a decent choice for heavy foot traffic areas or sports grounds. However, nylon absorbs liquids to some extent. So, this surface is not ideal if you have pets at home that like to play on the turf.

Artificial grass carpets made of polyethylene are the most realistic-looking available. They are soft, flexible, and water-resistant. But polyethylene is heat and UV-sensitive material. We add stabilizers and UV additives to make these grass carpets heat and UV-resistant.

Polypropylene artificial grass carpets are the softest and the cheapest to manufacture. The material of these carpets is susceptible to wear and tear. Therefore, chemicals are added to give the final product resilience and UV protection.

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What are Some Important Applications of Artificial Grass Carpet?

Having an artificial grass carpet transforms a landscaping area. That being said, you can install it on almost any landscaping area to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Let’s dive into some of the applications of artificial grass carpets.

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Setting Up Artificial Grass for Hotels

Go for artificial grass if you run a hotel and want to give it that luxury look. The demand for synthetic turf by hotel chains and bed & breakfasts is increasing. Artificial grass for hotels can be set up in hotel bars, outdoor swimming pool areas, and rooftop gardens.

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Grass Carpet for Balconies, Terraces, and Patios

Give your balconies and outdoor terraces the elegance they deserve! You can take your home décor to the next level with grass carpet for balconies. Lay fake turf on the floor of your balcony or patio, or decorate the wall of your terrace. Tiger Lily Garden’s grass carpet will breathe life in those lifeless outdoor living spaces.

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Artificial Grass Carpet for Sports Fields

Since its introduction in sports fields in the 1960s, the popularity of artificial sports turf is on the rise. Because it’s almost maintenance-free and resilient, fake turf makes a perfect choice for many outdoor and indoor sports. Tiger Lily Garden’s sports grass can be used in most sports facilities, such as football and rugby pitches, tennis courts, indoor soccer field, golf courses, and hockey fields.

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Grass Carpet for Garden Landscaping

Tiger Lily Garden offers numerous varieties of grass carpets for your landscaping needs. It is a great idea to install synthetic grass carpet on your lawn instead of natural grass as it will stay green all season. Fake grass carpets are an excellent choice for outdoor front gardens. Spruce up your backyard with the most real-looking fake grass.


What are Some Advantages of Using Artificial Grass Carpets?

Artificial grass carpets hold several advantages over natural grass with various valuable characteristics. Let us have a look at some pros of using artificial grass carpets.

The Resilience of Hotel Artificial Grass

One of the main reasons why hotels use artificial grass carpets is the resilience and optimum traction of the grass surface. Many tourists and guests visit the hotels every day, which means only grass resilient enough to bear heavy foot traffic will survive in this situation. Unlike natural grass flooring, Tiger Lily Garden’s hotel artificial grass can efficiently resist and stands back like fresh after heavy foot traffic all day.

Weather-Resistant Artificial Grass Carpet for Balcony

The natural plants and grass on the balcony are exposed to the sunlight more than the ones placed indoors. Unlike real grass, Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass carpet for the balcony does not wilt or dry out under any weather condition. It is UV-stable, heatproof, and frost-resistant. The intense sunrays do not affect the colour of the grass. It stays green all year round.

Low-Maintenance Balcony Grass Carpet

The adornment of balconies of your house, apartment, or hotel with an aesthetic touch of natural grass often requires a hefty price of time, effort, and money. The time and effort needed to maintain the grass are way more than the cost of the grass. Artificial balcony grass carpet rids you of this hassle.

Fake balcony grass carpet does not require regular mowing, trimming, watering, or adding fertilizers to the soil. The grassy surface does not shed leaves or create mess everywhere. You can clean the grass with a brush or a broom.

Eco-friendly Synthetic Grass for Hotels

Natural grass flooring in hotels requires regular watering. A large area with a grassy surface means using gallons of water daily to keep it fresh and luxuriant. Besides, spraying pesticides and adding fertilizers for maintenance pose harmful effects to the visitors, especially the kids and pets, and the environment.

Since fake turf does not require water, installing synthetic grass for hotels saves a lot of water. Plus, you do not have to use dangerous pesticides or fertilizers, making fake grass an excellent eco-friendly choice for hotels.

Greater Safety

If you own a hotel and welcome visitors from everywhere, you must be concerned about the quality of the products you install in the adornment of your hotel. Now you do not have to worry about it. An artificial grass carpet is a safe option for improving the aesthetics of hotels and balconies.

At Tiger Lily Garden, our synthetic grass is designed to offer perfect traction in all situations. The materials we use in manufacturing our products are hypoallergenic, eliminating the chances of your guests getting allergies from the grass.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

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Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Artificial Grass Carpet Roll Suppliers?

When you start your search, you will find many suppliers claiming to offer high-quality artificial grass carpet rolls. However, most of them are not serious in their business. But we are! At Tiger Lily Garden, quality is our top priority because we know it’s yours too.

We offer direct competitive prices for we will be more than satisfied if you get the maximum benefit from our products. If you’re a distributor, we support you in producing under your label and also give you discounts. Reach out to us for a quote or guidance. Our professional team is always available. You will hear back from us within 2 hours.


Artificial grass carpet is made from synthetic products. The products are manufactured to survive UV light. This means that users or clients purchasing artificial grass are guaranteed up to 10 years of life span.

Artificial grass carpet looks green all year and does not fade. This is because the grass is not affected by any weather. Therefore, go for artificial grass carpets even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Artificial grass carpet is recommended for disabled or old adults. They do not need to maintain the grass. Other clients also purchase artificial grass carpet to install in retirement homes.

Artificial grass carpets cannot be spoiled by dogs or other pets. If you have an active pet, having the normal carpet would likely cost you because it will be spoilt after some time. You need artificial grass carpet for your pets because it will not tear when dogs and other pets play on it.

Artificial grass carpet has been improved over time to have specifications such as reasonable densities, and pile heights. The specifications make the grass look presentable when placed in hotel rooms, pool areas, and eating places. Most five-star hotels have started installing artificial grass to reduce maintenance.

Yes. The grass comes in various colours, density, yarn, texture, and other options for design. This means that you can shape it or install it according to your needs. Be sure to look for different design ideas to give you an idea of how you wish to customize your artificial grass carpet.

Artificial grass carpet does not require sunlight to remain to look good. It does not have the same material as natural grass because it is manufactured in an industry. Therefore, artificial grass carpets can be placed under a shade and remain in its natural form. The name artificial grass carpet also suggests that the grass can be installed indoors where it continues to look good for a long time.

Yes. You can add any colour of flowers that will match the colour of your artificial grass carpet. However, be careful not to put sharp-edged accessories on the carpet that may cause a tear.

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