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Brief Introduction


Tiger Lily Garden is Your Professional Artificial Grass for Commercial Area Supplier!

Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, we have to admit that the designability of the commercial area is really so important.
A good environment is what makes people feel relaxed and happy, and it is what makes us more willing to stay in such an environment, to spend money, to buy products or services, right?
This is why many commercial areas, such as shopping malls, hotels, bookstores, cafes, restaurants, clothing shops and so on, do their best to make their shops look like an outdoor paradise. Artificial turf is an essential part of these arrangements.
Tiger Lily Garden has been manufacturing artificial turf for over 10 years and has provided commercial artificial turf production and selection services to many customers both at home and abroad. We have thousands of designs, market-proved products and 7×24 online professional service. You can reach us whenever you need us.

Let us be your professional turf selection consultant!

How to Chose the Suitable Commercial Grass?

The Factors You Need to Pay Attention When Choosing Artificial Grass for Commercial

Please think carefully about the type of artificial grass for commercial areas that will best meet your needs. After all, that choice will affect how your employees and customers feel about your business for a very long time.

Tiger Lily Garden manufactures many varieties of artificial lawns. Here’s how to select the type that works best for you.

Tiger Lily would love to share all our experiences selecting. We want to make sure the products you chose are the best fit for your requirements.

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What are the applications of artificial grass in commercial areas?

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Will it be hard to install artificial grass in your commercial area?

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Maintenance is much easier than ever.

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How much does it cost for your artificial grass for commercial areas?



The Applications of Artificial Grass for Commercial Area

There are three main uses for commercial artificial grass. They are:

  • Shopping malls. You will find artificial grass on floor mats and wall decorations.
  • Dog parks. Of course, canines will tear up and destroy any areas containing natural grass, so artificial landscaping works best in those locations.
  • Outside areas that people rarely use. Artificial grass beautifies the landscaping around your commercial establishment.

Businesses use artificial grass in many other locations, including hotels, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, exhibitions, and offices.

Kids will enjoy your restaurant’s indoor play area made of commercial artificial grass, or you can place it near an exhibition stand.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

pattern grass application

Floor Mat

fake grass for playground

Outside Areas

events grass

Wall Decoration

Particular Requirements


They are different depending on whether you plan to use the artificial grass for commercial applications on floor mats or dog parks, wall hangings, or outside areas. Think about four variables that affect the aesthetic appeal and wearability of your fibers.

Floor Mats and Dog Parks

They take a great deal of abuse, so choose materials accordingly. Your color choice depends on the appearance of the surrounding areas. Select a short, high density, diamond shape pile.

Outside Areas

Outside areas of shopping malls and other structures that people rarely use. Choose any natural-looking low-shine color that you like. The material should be from 30 to 35 mm high, with a density of between 40,700 and 60,800 strands. Select any shape you prefer. Tiger Lily Garden is a top manufacturer of these products and offers at least 12 shapes. We can combine four of them into one grass fiber.

Wall Decorations

Wall decorations. Choose a light green color, short, low-density pile ranging from between six and 15 mm. You can choose any shape.

Installation & Maintenance

How to Install Commercial Artificial Grass?


You have chosen the colour, type, and shape of your artificial grass. Now, how should you install it?

You might employ people who know how to put in imitation grass, but if not, we’ll tell you how to do it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to install artificial grass for commercial areas.

For dog parks, floors, landscaping, and doormats, you need only measure the installation area, cut the grass to fit, and lay down the material. If you’re worried that the grass will not remain in place, glue it down.

For imitation grass wall hangings, place wood under the grass to solidify the structure, and pin it up.

You’re done.

How to Install Commercial Artificial Grass?

You have now put in your artificial grass for commercial areas, but you still must maintain it. Don’t worry, it’s very easy.

How do you do that?

Simple. Just clean up the garbage that, unfortunately, will accumulate on your grass. Quickly remove the messes with a broom, rake, or hoover. Brush your grass to realign its fibers.

Unlike the normal carpet for the commercial area, the stain will not show that obvious on the surface of the artificial grass because of the special characteristic of plastic material. That’s the real save your time and energy.



How much Will Artificial Grass Cost for Your Commercial Place?

Some criticize low-density pile because they think it looks sparse. Nonetheless, Tiger Lily Garden recommends that you purchase it for decorative landscaping and wall hangings because it appears natural in those applications, and it’s less expensive than high-density material. Also, consider replacing your commercial artificial grass often, so your landscaping always looks appealing. That’s another reason cost is so important.

At Tiger Lily Garden, you’ll only pay between $1.50 and $3.00 per square meter FOB for low-density grass.

On the other hand, think about using high-density materials for floor mats and dog parks because they stand up well to the constant abuse these areas experience.

Since the high-density pile cost varies greatly depending on many factors, this article can’t list specific prices. Nonetheless, you can obtain current amounts from us or any other commercial artificial grass manufacturer.

You can now celebrate because you have selected and installed beautiful, cost-effective landscaping on time and within your budget.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

Chinese artificial grass factory

Now that you’ve decided on the best material for your commercial artificial grass, consider selecting Tiger Lily Gardens to manufacture it because we understand that you’re always entitled to exceptional landscaping.

We also offer all the colors found in nature, a large variety of shapes, densities, grass heights, and every tool you might need.

You can count on our friendly, knowledgeable landscaping pros to provide the finest products on time, every time.


Artificial grass for commercial area is affordable and not expensive. Think about maintaining natural grass, ensuring that the withered areas are replaced with new grass, watering, and other maintenance procedures. Such maintenance is time-consuming and way more extravagant than artificial grass.

It depends on how big your area is, but installing artificial grass should not take that much time. Although in some instances it might take longer to install artificial grass, it is worth it than growing natural grass due to the durable nature of artificial grass for commercial areas.

Most hotels and indoor play areas install artificial grass since natural grass can barely grow or thrive indoors. For this reason, it is suitable to install artificial grass for commercial areas indoors for a perfect appearance and comfort for your clients.

All our artificial grass for commercial area appears natural because of how they are manufactured. Despite the fact that they may all look like natural grass, there are some features to consider like pile height, and density. Thus, look for a pile height of 35mm and density of not more than 60,800

The quality of artificial grass for the commercial areas is measured in many ways. The most common ways include looking at the product’s backing and face weight. Face weight refers to the yarn weight per square foot. This means that artificial grass with a higher face weight is thicker than other grass types. On the other hand, places with less foot traffic might not require high face and backing weight to be of high quality.

Normally, artificial grass for the commercial areas is installed on the soil. There are no limitations to where one can install artificial grass. For example, artificial grass for commercial areas in malls is installed on hard surfaces like wooden and concrete floors. Glue or adhesive is used for hard surfaces, making it possible to install artificial grass for commercial on any surface.

The only way to know how much artificial grass is needed for installation is by measuring your area. No matter the shape of your landscape or interior, a professional will help add up the measurements to come up with the right size of artificial grass for installation.

Some clients love being handy with DIYs such as installation, which is not a bad idea. However, we do discourage installing artificial grass by yourself because it involves a lot of ground preparation and specialized techniques during installation.

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