Artificial grass for dogs

Dogs are one of our most important members. They deserve the best.




Who does not like to have a beautiful green lawn in his yard? Especially when you have dogs that love playing around. But our fluffy friends bring as much joy as they bring problems, when it comes to playing outside or inside. The best solution homeowners have found against muddy carpets and ugly lawns is called: artificial grass! Artificial grass is replacing traditional grass more and more because of its benefits. Low maintenance cost both in time and money, plus it’s excellent for pets. At Tiger Lily Garden we produce grass of the highest quality for your dogs, but firstly let us tell what you need to know before making a purchasing decision.

We understand your feelings that is how could we say no to these cute little faces and begging eyes? And we also know you have so many questions to choose the best and suitable artificial grass for your adorable friends. Please join the tour, let Tiger Lily garden shows you how to choose the best artificial grass for your loved ones.



Looks clean and natural

Keeping our lawn green is the goal, but sometimes with dogs digging around holes and bad weed, it becomes difficult. The turf we produce, as one of the most experienced manufacturers in the market(10+ years), has a striking resemblance with natural grass and different colors tones you can choose from that you think are the most realistic.

Harmless material

It is impossible to refrain your pet from sticking its teeth somewhere! With natural grass you need to be careful when using fertilizers or weedkillers, otherwise, you will harm your pet, but with artificial grass, you do not need to use toxic chemicals. And our grass is 100% raw material. Your garden will still pertain to the fresh green color and be safe for your pet.

No more ugly lawns

Well, no matter what you do, rabbits, cats and dogs’ greatest passion is to dig, which becomes disturbing when you see mud all over the home and a distorted lawn. Turf allows your pet to play without bringing mud in the house thanks to the strong turf. Your workload of cleaning is reduced a lot. Life can not be easier.

Easy to maintain

What can be better than having a green garden without spending even half of the time to take care of it. Your neighbours will envy you! Synthetic grass rarely needs cleaning. More time to spend playing with your pet.


Speaking of maintenance, artificial grass is easy to clean. Most of the waste will drain through the turf while the solid type of it is easily removable. Simply wash the surface with soap after.



The application of artificial grass for pets

Artificial grass doesn’t have to be only in outdoor spaces! Actually, we can say there are two major applications of artificial grass for pets: indoors and outdoors. Other than the garden, you can have carpets of artificial grass inside the home around spaces your dog stays the most. Indoor use of this grass is more useful when preparing young puppies for potty training. The other application of artificial grass for pets is in the gardens, where pets like to spend most of their playing time. Tiger Lily Garden produces large amounts of quality turf for pets, so their owners can spend more time with them, rather than cleaning their lawns.

  • Indoor use for pets training.

  • Outdoor use enjoy more fun.


What is the cost of artificial grass for pets?

Intuitively, an important question the answer of which varies because the cost is dependent upon the type and surface of installation. Let us not mention the cost varies from city to city and country to country.
In average, when importing the artificial grass for pets it usually comes with small rolls or cut into small pieces for indoor training, like 1MX 1M. So the cost should including direct material cost, labour cost, waste material and package. The price usually ranges from $3~$6/SQM(factory price directly without sea freight and tax.)

To have a better idea of the costs you can contact Tiger Lily Garden staff at any time and we will give you all the necessary information you need.


How to maintain artificial grass for pets?

Low maintenance is a strong point of artificial grass. You don’t need to use fertilizers or any chemical to keep bad weeds from growing, however there are a few minimal steps you need to take for having quality grass. With the passing of time, pieces of waste will gather on top of it. A simple broom or a garden vacuum can easily remove them.
Brushing the grass occasionally with a stiff broom is recommended to keep the fibers in good conditions. Doing this up to 4 times per year is more than enough.
Rain is an excellent cleaner, but if many days pass without rain, you can try cleaning the carpet with water.

What are the requirements for artificial grass for pets?

Almost all types of artificial grasses are appropriate to be used for pets, but not all of them have the same quality, and some do a better job than others. Since pets come in different shapes and sizes, the “best” option does not exist. The most suitable turf has considerable wearing strength, soft feeling and bright green color. C shape and flat shape yarn is the most used shape.

Always look for hard-wearing grass by verifying its structure. C shape yarn with a Dtex below 8000D is a very good choice. It is suggested you chose short grass for better resilience. The ideal height would be 25mm for indoor use. But if for outdoor,35mm is a perfect choice.
For the urine consideration, the breathable backing and more drainage holes are required

Synthetic grass diamond shape
Synthetic grass yarn W shape
Synthetic grass yarn W shape



Should I be Worried about the Chemicals in Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Artificial grass for dogs is among the safest turf. Unlike natural grass, artificial grass is not fed with harmful chemicals to reduce pests. Synthetic grass does not grow weeds. Therefore, there is no need to spray pesticides that could harm your dog.

Can my Dog Poop on the Grass?

Of course! Your dog is free to poop on the grass. You need to clean the poop manually because artificial grass cannot absorb and break down the poop. The best way to clean such a mess is to scoop the pop and dispose. Then, wash the remaining poop particle down with a hosepipe.

Will my Dog’s Urine Ruin the Grass?

No. Unlike natural grass that can be discolored with urine content, artificial grass does not discolor. The material used to make artificial grass for dogs can withstand urine and not wither. You only need to wash down the urine to prevent a foul odor. You could even use a little soap if necessary to keep the lawn fresh.

How can I Maintain Artificial Grass for Dogs?

It is effortless. Since dogs love laying and playing on grass, they may also poop and urinate. For this reason, you could get liquid soap, pour it on the grass, and hose it down with water. Also, make sure to clean urine, poop, and any other mess to avoid staining the grass.

Can  Flees Live in the Artificial Grass?

Flees breed in an environment that supports breeding. This means that it may be difficult for flees to live between the grass blades. However, flees can breed in an environment with leaves and debris. This makes it necessary to create a routine for maintenance, such as clearing leaves and washing down stained and dusty areas. Although you may not eliminate flees completely, maintenance reduces the possibility of flees on your artificial grass.

Is Artificial Grass Worth Investing?

Definitely! Artificial grass for dogs is the best way to ensure that your yard remains attractive and your dog gets a place to play. The turf lasts for twenty years and above and remains vibrant. If you wish to have low-maintenance and pet-friendly turf, artificial grass for dogs is the way to go.

Can my Dog Get Hurt by Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass for dogs is specially made to play, roll over, and relax. The material used is pet-friendly, and your dog cannot get hurt. As long as you have the required infill, the grass can sustain jumping and falling without injuries. You do not need to worry about your dog’s safety when buying artificial grass for dogs.

What is the Difference Between Artificial Grass and Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Artificial turf for dogs was made from artificial turf to address pets’ needs. Manufacturers have used different materials and backing to design artificial grass for dogs. This allows for quick draining of liquids such as pee to keep the grass dry and comfortable for dogs. Therefore, the difference between artificial grass and artificial grass for dogs is the material and backing that helps with quick draining.

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