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Tiger Lily Garden Provides You with the Best Golf Grass

Artificial Grass for Gold is also called “artificial putting green.”Golf is one of the sports that come with numerous benefits and it is of no surprise why in recent years it has become popular. Golf passionates are loving the new trend of being able to install their own putting greens in their backyards, thus getting rid of the necessity to sign up for club memberships and wait for the scheduled days. Artificial Grass for Golf is making all this possible. This type of turf made of synthetic grass is not affected by weather and it helps you and your clients reap the joy of playing in your backyard or wherever you have space without having to worry much about maintenance or other costs.

Tiger Lily Garden was being a professional golf grass supplier since 2011 and serves many professional clients all over the world. Whatever your requirements are, you can always find the proper golf products in our factory.

Why Use Golf Grass?

The Advantages of Golf Grass

Grass for Golf! Easy to install and customize, it helps you create your own golf field in your own backyard! No need to rely on weather conditions or tight schedules you cannot follow. Artificial Grass for Golf comes with several characteristics that facilitate the way golf is played completely.
Some of the advantages of using Artificial Grass for Golf:

  • Our putting greens ensure high performance in any setting.

  • Turf that looks and behaves like natural grass.

  • The ball speed is the same as in natural grass.

  • Improve your game significantly.

  • Turf is used by tour players, golf professionals, teachers, and various facilities.

  • Different types of designs fit the requirements of any golfer.

  • Natural look and real grass playing experience.


What Kinds of Artificial Grass Do We Use for Golf Area?

Artificial Grass for Golf is firstly classified into two main categories: Artificial grass for putting green and artificial grass for the rough area. Both of these types are suitable for various uses.


Bi-colour thatched grass is the most popular used in artificial grass for golf which ensured the speed and the direction of the golf ball.


A proper selection of the landscaping grass as one of our rough grass is very necessary to make your golf area looks real.

Golf  Putting Green

Artificial grass for golf putting green is one of the special artificial grass that different from the one you used for your lawn. Usually, playing golf requires speed and the smoothness of the surface. So the textured yarn with a short blade will be a good option for your fairway area. With the choice of artificial grass for golf from Tiger Lily Garden, you will get the amazing realistic experience, whether you are the professional or amateurish player. Not mentioned how nature it looks on appearance.

But what is the application for artificial grass for golf putting green? Let’s keep reading.


Small Patch for Training and Competition

Our Artificial Grass for Golf with infill is perfect for training and practising your golf game skills. Whether you have indoor spaces where you would like to situate your putting greens and turn it into and turn the place in a comfortable environment to train and be close to work or sleep, or you have free outdoor spaces, this is going to completely change the way you train for excellent wins at the next golf session you are about to participate in.

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Professional Standard Patch and Large Area

Standard patches of Artificial Grass for Golf are implemented in large golf fields where more than one golfer plays. Golf Clubs prefer to use this type of Artificial Grass for their Golf puttings since it has a low maintenance cost and it is appropriate for golfers of any level, from beginners to professionals. Infilling Artificial Grass for Golf provides different driving ranges and is easy to be installed with the infill of your choice. You or your customers are going to love the various types of turf we have with different infill.




What is the Best Artificial Grass for Golf Rough Area?

Different factors give advantages to rough grass of Artificial Grass for Golf. Rough grass, is more like our artificial grass for landscaping. The purpose of rough grass is decoration.
For this part, we usually chose something taller and straighter. It will be installed outside around the putting green which gives your golf green a real natural “real golf cause” appearance.

There are many options, usually, we will choose from our landscaping grass. Something taller and sofer with the nature flat or C shape will fit nicely. If you have more thoughts, please contact our professional team to get the best solutions.


Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Artificial Grass for Golf?

Tiger Lily Garden provides you and your customers with professional customized Artificial Grass for Golf and Artificial Grass for other spaces. Tiger Lily Garden provides professional Artificial Golf Turf for its customers and partners. All golf enthusiasts have the opportunity to play and practice golf without leaving their homes. 9 years in the Artificial Grass industry have told us what makes a perfect piece of Artificial Grass for Golf!
Get to play golf at your own convenience, without having to worry about the weather or wait for the scheduled time to play at your golf club. Contact us today – and our staff will assist you!

Serious Attitude

Not like the landscaping grass, artificial grass for golf grass requires very professional knowledge and serious attitude. We are more responsible.

Full Experience

Tiger Lily Garden focus on the artificial grass and artificial grass yarn for more than 10  years, we know how to produce your required artificial grass for golf.

Competitive Price

Tiger Lily Garden knows the market and would like to support our clients to try our best. We promise the most competitive factory price all over the world.


The use of Artificial Grass for Golf in golf courses has increased in recent years. Although the majority of people like the feeling and appearance of natural grass they know it has high maintenance costs and sometimes it can even bring problems to the game because it is easily affected by weather conditions. A crew of specialists to mow and clean the rolls greens is needed to take care of these surfaces. Prevent these costs together with equipment costs by installing Artificial Grass for Golf in your spaces.

According to the market prices, our Tiger Lily Garden produces putting greens that are sold from our partners in different parts of the world. Depending on the material, design, quantity and professional service offered, the cost of Artificial Grass for Golf (buying in bulk)on your surfaces can go from $4to $20 per SQM.

After installing Artificial Grass for Golf putting greens on your surfaces you need to maintain it properly. Follow these simple steps:

1. Use are rake to brush it frequently. Dog leavings or fallen leaves needs to be cleaned regularly otherwise the amount piles up and it would seem impossible to clean later.

2. Rinse it with water. Although we said that the turf does not need water to properly grow, rinsing and hosing it once in a while helps to keep the surface clean and make it look as natural as possible.

3.Brighten up the Turf blades with a Broom. As a result of pressure from foot traffic, the resilience of Artificial Grass for Golf might fall and the appearance is less vibrant, Use a Power Broom to quickly restore it to its previous state.

For Artificial Grass for Golf to perfectly fit your spaces, it is required that you prepare a base layer of the soil composed of at least 35mm of compressed sharp sand. Also, depending on how the level of your base surface is, you may need to remove a certain amount of topsoil. Before you lay the sand and then the turf, make sure the surface is clean, fixed, and even.

While installing Artificial Grass for Golf the infill is very necessary. This is due to several reasons. Infill is important one of the most reasons is that it gives putting green excellent stability and cushioning, allowing the golf ball to roll smoothly without bouncing or veering off and it also protects the Artificial Grass for Golf from being split, cracked, or breaking to pieces due to intensive movement and changes in seasons. Infilling Artificial Grass for Golf with the help of infill will last longer since it will not move due to high temperatures or degrade from UV light.

The best artificial grass is the one that comes with a good quality sand infill. There is a fair chance of mildew and molds growing under the fake grass, which can be prevented by adding infill. At Tiger Lily Garden, we have several artificial grass varieties available best for golf and at-home putting green. Our best artificial turf for golf is made with 100% polyethylene. It is soft, natural, resilient, UV-stable, and most importantly, affordable.

Grass for golf needs a lot of care. It is frequently trimmed short before golf sessions for the game to run without a hitch. Besides, rains can impede play, while extremely hot or cold environments kill the grass. With artificial grass, you can enjoy many golf sessions on the course as and when you like. Premium quality artificial grass is designed to mimic natural golf grass sans heavy maintenance so that the ball rolls smoothly over it.

Tiger Lily Garden is your first choice for the best artificial putting greens. With more than a decade in the business, we know what makes an artificial putting green the finest. Our artificial turf imitates real golf grass; the ball rolls just like it would on natural grass. Order your customized synthetic turf from us for installing putting green in your home or any commercial area.

A pile height of 15-25 mm is best for putting green. The pile height of leisure putting green should be around 12-20 mm, while that of a professional one should be around 25 mm. A high pile height interferes with the speed and movement of the golf ball. Besides, always make sure your artificial putting green has a dense pile. The denser the pile, the more robust will be the putting green.

Yes, you can practice your putting game on artificial grass. Unlike real grass, artificial putting green does not require overwhelming efforts to maintain it.

You can make your golf putting green at home using a few simple steps:

  1. Determine the location where you want to install your putting green.
  2. Sketch a design for its size and shape.
  3. Now outline the desired area and dig out dirt from the area removing all the weeds.
  4. Spray a weed killer and spread a landscaping fabric over the area to prevent weed growth in the future.
  5. Mark points to make holes for water drainage.
  6. Prepare the base for putting green by spreading crushed rocks in the dug area.
  7. Lay your turf in the required area. Using a sharp knife, cut out your turf according to the shape and size of your area.
  8. Secure the edges of the putting green.
  9. Enjoy your golf green!

A backyard putting greens is worth your time, money, and effort. There are several benefits of having a backyard putting green.

  1. Installing putting green in your backyard enhances the landscaping of your house and increases the value of your property.
  2. By putting green, you can give your backyard a luxurious look without spending a lot of money.
  3. A backyard putting green lets you practice and improve your putting game.
  4. Your backyard putting green will become a family retreat. You can enjoy time with your family in your backyard without leaving your house for a trip to a golf course.

Artificial putting greens are resilient and made to last. A properly installed putting green lasts for more than a decade with minimal maintenance.

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