Artificial Grass for Landscaping

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Brief Introduction

Tiger Lily Garden Produces All Kinds of Landscaping Grass

Tiger Lily Garden is the best artificial grass manufacturer for landscaping. After decades of experience in landscaping the artificial grass industry. We can provide a wide range of options of artificial grass for landscaping, including artificial grass for walls, artificial grass for gardens, artificial grass for pets, children…The pile height range from 15mm~50mm, yarn shape including W shape, C shape, Water wave, U shape, V shape, flat shape, stem shape, diamond shape…. etc. Colour combination including :3 colors, 4 nature colors or even 6~8  advanced grass colors.

No matter what you need, you can always find the right options in Tiger Lily Garden.




Each year at least 12 kinds of grass are designed to enrich options for your landscaping. We are never boring.


Unlike natural grass, artificial grass always looks new, full and fresh. Save your time on maintenance.


Artificial grass creates your home away from loam so that you don’t have to deal with dirt anymore.

Common uses

Artificial grass can be used for any landscaping area including Roof, gardens, balconies, walkways…No limit.

Saving water

Have you ever calculate your bills on water after installation of artificial grass? It saves you both m0ney and water!


Unlike the real grass comes in small pieces with dirt . Our grass comes in rolls, very easy to install .DIY is possible.

Why Tiger Lily Garden?

Your Reliable Manufacturer on Landscaping Grass

We know that there will be plenty of choices of knowledgeable, professional and competent factories of artificial grass for landscaping that are committed to serving their clients. We know that we are one of them.
The reason we think you should choose us is not that you have problems with your current suppliers or how incredible when we are vaunting or even how cheap our price seems to be. But:

  • Our experience can establish a bridge to combine your needs with the solution to settle your pains in the landscaping business;
  • Our product is able to achieve your desired view and performance;
  • Our market positioning matches yours and our commitment resonates with you;
  • Our professional knowledge of artificial grass for landscaping to work out a proposal that clears Your worries;
  • Our after-sales service and customer referral allow for your joined trust.


Artificial Grass for Landscaping modifies the visible features of an area of your land. Make your homes, offices, industrial parks, commercial buildings, parks and etc. more beautiful. Landscaping artificial grass will spring to life and make your land attractive all year round.

Artificial Grass for landscaping is the most widely used. It is mainly used in the below places:

  • Roof gardens
  • Patios
  • Balconies
  • Walkways, both permanent and temporary
  • Caravan and tent entrances
  • Outdoor staircases
  • Swimming pool surrounds
  • Children’s play areas at schools and nurseries
  • Pet-friendly areas, dog exercise runs, kennels
  • Conservatories
  • Garages
  • Exhibition spaces
  • Shopping centers
  • Showrooms
  • Garden centers
  • Offices
  • Industrial Parks

The benefits of artificial grass for landscaping.

  1. No need of watering your grass anymore! You save literally Millions of litres of precious water every year.
    Artificial grass doesn’t need fertilizers or pesticides. Your grass is always green without harm-causing products!

C.No mowing of your grass anymore. It reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption from lawn equipment and saves your maintenance cost.

  1. No more slippery, muddy areas, no more muddy shoes or muddy dogs’ paws to have to clean up!
    E. Non-allergenic. Fake grass doesn’t grow. Goodbye, grass pollen. Hello enjoying the green yard, no matter the season.

As we all know, nothing is perfect. 

The disadvantages of artificial grass for landscaping.

  1. You will have to pay a large amount of money at one time when installing artificial grass for landscaping. Costs include grass removal, ground preparation, materials and installation costs.
  2. Surface heat. Artificial grass for landscaping retains more heat than natural grass. And it is hotter to be touching especially in summer.

Our artificial grass prices for landscaping can be cheap at only $1 / SQM and can be high as $15 / SQM. It depends on the specifications of landscaping grass that you choose and your requirements. Please kindly Email us at sales@tigerlilygarden.com and tell us your detailed requirements. Let us recommend the most suitable artificial grass for landscaping for your reference and send you a detailed offer.

  • Measure the field
  • Remove the existing lawn of topsoil
  • Compact the ground
  • Lay sand or stone base
  • Place artificial grass for landscaping rolls
  • Roll out the artificial grass
  • Cut the edge
  • Join the edges together with the joint tape
  • Pin the artificial Grass down
  • Brush the artificial grass up and enjoy the landscaping.

Everything follows one simple rule: the most suitable is the best, not the most expensive one. Tiger Lily Garden always recommends you the most suitable artificial grass for landscaping which is widely welcomed in your market.

With more than 8 years of experience in selling artificial grass for landscaping, we are well knowledgeable about the customer’s preferences in each market worldwide. Once the customers’ buying habits are formed, it doesn’t change much. Therefore, our rich experience accumulation enables us to recommend the most suitable products for you and your market.

For example, in the Australian market, customers like darker green colours, high wide micron yarn, W shape yarn. They prefer high density at higher prices. The Middle East market mostly prefers the most cost-effective ones all the time. Lower Dtex value yarn (less yarn consumption) but achieves better fullness, stiffness, and softer feeling is most popular in this market.

With more than 8 years of experience in producing artificial grass for landscaping, Tiger Lily Garden has thousands of different types for you to choose from. We will take overall consideration of your market preference, your budget, your target customer groups, your company operation mode and etc to choose the most suitable products. Besides, we would like to customize the products just according to your samples or your requirements if we think it is workable for you. If we think it is not workable for sure, we don’t recommend you to do the products even if it is profitable for us. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we always stand by your side.

With our professionalism, you will be surprised next time when you look at your sales number after you start selling our recommended artificial grass for landscaping. Contact us here to check our advice about the most suitable artificial grass for landscaping for you.

Whether you are an established landscaping company or just another startup landscaping company starting out, whether you work at a 1000 sq ft corner office with a 100,000sq ft warehouse in the back or basement of your home, you’ll need to help your customers to do decisions on their landscaping projects. Be careful when helping your customers select the most suitable artificial grass for landscaping. Because the whole landscaping project depends on it.

As currently there are so many different types of artificial grass for landscaping in the market, determining the most suitable artificial grass for your customers’ landscaping requires careful consideration of:

–What will your landscaping artificial grass be used for? Will you be admiring its beauty from afar, or will you be enjoying it as you play games upon it and host barbecues? Will children and pets utilize the space?

–In what environment will this grass be utilized? Is it dry, or does it rain frequently?

–What is your budget?

–And finally, what colours do you like about artificial grass for landscaping? Do you prefer a stunning green lawn or a blend of varying shades?

These questions will help your customers to pinpoint what types of artificial grass will be best suited to their landscaping.

Here is the guide map for choosing the most suitable artificial grass for landscaping for your customers for your reference.

Customer preferences for artificial grass for landscaping differ between different regions. Here are some brief introductions about customers’ preferences for your reference. Hope it is helpful for your decisions.

For the Australian market, customers like darker green colours, high wide micron yarn, W shape yarn. They prefer high density at higher prices. For the dimension per roll, they prefer 3.8M*25M.

For the Middle East market, They prefer the most cost-effective ones all the time. Lower Dtex value yarn (less yarn consumption) but achieves better fullness, stiffness, and softer feeling is most popular in this market. For the dimension per roll, they prefer 2M*25M & 4M*25M.

For European Market, most customers prefer yellowish-green colour. They like the yarn to be very soft touching with fine fibres. They prefer smaller dimensions per roll like 2M*10M, 2M*15M, 4M*10M…

For the Southeast Asia Market, customers prefer darker green colours with fine and soft touching fibres. They are always seeking the most natural-looking landscaping artificial grass. For the dimension per roll, they prefer 2M*25M & 4M*25M.

welcome to tiger lily garden

Need More Help?

If you have any special requirements or any customized products that need our special attention, feel free to send us a message on WhatsApp:+8615969650622. We will be online 7X24 to serve.

Grass Knowledge

What‘s the difference in landscaping grass? They are just the same green colour outdoor carpet! If you think of it in this way, I have to say it is not correct. Artificial grass for landscaping is much more complicated than we thoughts. We have hundreds of green colours, and decades of yarn shapes, the formula is totally different either. Some clients want it to be soft, but your neighbour may hope her garden performs good after3~5 years which requires a good stand-up ability. You hope your garden brings the breath of spring but your best friend loves desert feelings….How do we realize that? Follow Tiger Lilygarden to know more knowledge about your grass.

What artificial grass for landscaping is made from and how does it produce?

According to the Synthetic Turf Council, artificial grass for landscaping has already evolved into the third generation. It has become the high-quality material we know today.

Artificial Grass for Landscaping generally is mixed weaving grass. It is the combination of straight yarn and thatch yarn. The straight yarn is comprised of a polyethene (short for PE) material, a common form of plastic that can be found in items such as plastic bottles or plastic bags. The polyethene comes in a solid pellet form and is heated down along with the colour masterbatch and UV-resistant additives.

The straight yarn is soft, stable, and long-lasting. The thatch yarn is comprised of a Polypropylene (short for PP) material, giving added support and cushioning to the landscaping artificial grass.

You may wonder how this beautiful artificial grass is produced. Come with Tigerlily garden to see the production procedures.

1. Mixing Material

2. Extruding

3. Twisting

4. Yarn Product

5. Turfing

6. Coating

7. Rolling / Packing

The Yarn Shapes of Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Landscaping artificial yarn can be created with so many different colours and various shapes. During the extrusion production process, much like the way you squeeze out play-dough with different shapes, several types of artificial yarn can be shaped. Each of these shapes serves a different purpose and creates a different effect on your lawn.

Mini C shape

This shape is most welcomed by different regions worldwide. It makes the grass looks more natural and very soft to the touch.

Diamond shape

Landscaping artificial grass with this shape is more durable and feels sturdier to be touching. They are very realistic and durable in high-traffic areas.

V shape

The shape looks like the letter ‘V’. It gives great support to the yarn and makes the yarn more durable. The turf can bounce back to its original state despite yarn weight.

W shape

The shape looks like the letter ‘W’. The blade offers multiple support points which allow for greater durability and a memory effect. It diffuses sunlight and absorbs less heat.

Spine Shape

This shape is the closest to the shape of real common grass. It makes the grass looks more realistic and creates a stronger blade core.

Flat Shape

This shape makes the yarn more durable and natural. And it is very soft to be touching.

How to maintenance artificial grass for landscaping?

  • No smoking,no fireworks
  • No oil and corrosive liquor
  • No spikes
  • No heavy machine and unnecessary traffic vehicle
  • Use clean water to clean the dirty on the lawn
  • Control the using frequency and flat the infills in time.
  • Do cleaning every month
  • No heavy machine and unnecessary traffic vehicle
  • Prohibited heavy goods piling up long time on lawn
  • Don’t puncture or cut lawn
  • Check the seaming cross in time

Purchase Guide

When you want to purchase artificial grass for landscaping, there must be a lot of doubts about where to buy it. Which items are most suitable for me? How can I avoid all these traps? How can I save my cost during the purchase?

There is so much knowledge when purchasing in China. Tiger Lily garden would love to share with you all of our experiences. Because you are the best client deserve all our heart.

How to find a reliable Chinese factory producing artificial grass for landscaping?

With the information more and more transparent current days, it is easier to find hundreds of Chinese factories producing artificial grass for landscaping. Here are the main channels:

1. From B2B or B2C e-commerce platform to find a reliable Chinese factory for landscaping artificial grass


Global sources

Made in China


2. From the international exhibition find a reliable Chinese factory for landscaping artificial grass. Such as:

The BIG 5 (in Dubai, Saudi Arabian, Qatar or Nigeria).

Domotex (in Cologne, Germany or Shanghai, China)

Canton Fair (in Guangzhou, China)


3. Search from Google “find the reliable Chinese factory for landscaping artificial grass” and then pay a visit to the factory before placing the order.

Maybe you have already listed hundreds of Chinese suppliers for landscaping artificial grass on your table with compensation for their company scales, production capacity, lead time, prices, services, … And finally, get confused to choose the most suitable and reliable factory. Are you headache about this now? If so, you are in the right place to solve this problem. It’s easier to work with us about artificial grass for landscaping. Why? Because:

1. Best services.

We are 24 hours*7 days. All time zones are friendly. We are always here to serve you. It will save you a lot of time waiting because of the time difference. And will leave you more time to stay with your family.

With more than 8 years of selling artificial grass for landscaping experience, we know how to choose the most suitable products at the best price for your market. We are sure your customers will rave about our recommended artificial grass for landscaping.

Our best services begin with your first Hi but never ended. We will handle all your questions efficiently.

2. Guaranteed Quality.

With more than 8 years of producing experience with artificial grass for landscaping, we can make sure our products are quality. Our artificial grass for landscaping is of high quality, fully sustainable and cost-efficient. The materials are durable, UV-resistance, and without heavy metal.

We will send you the pictures and video for the whole production process, the product inspection process, and the loading process. Let you see the quality and let you join in the whole process even if you did not in the factory.

3. Competitive prices.

We are not sure our price is the cheapest, But we are sure that our artificial grass for landscaping is the most cost-efficient one. With equal quality, our price is the most competitive one, which will save your cost and win more profit.

Since we have the product and you have the reach. Let’s make a big splash together!

The MOQ & Loading Quantity of Artificial Grass for Landscaping.

As artificial grass is produced by huge machines, once started, there will be around $800 machines startup cost one time no matter how much quantity produced. Besides, it is unavoidable to have around $200 yarn wastage no matter how much the quantity produced. Therefore, the more quantity produced, the cheaper costs. And that is also the reason why there is MOQ requested in the artificial grass industry. Our MOQ is 1000 SQM with a relatively higher price. In addition, we have products in stock, no MOQ request. Contact us here to check what we have in stock for you .

The dimension of artificial grass for landscaping is mostly 2M*25M or 4M*25M per roll in the market. We can customize the dimension just according to your requirements if you need. For example, we do 3.8M*25M for our Australian customer and do 2M*10M, 4M*10M, 2M*15M and etc for our European wholesalers. Besides, small dimensions such as 1M*1M or 1M*2M for the supermarket are supported.

The loading quantity in one exporting container is fluctuating with artificial grass specifications and roll dimensions. Generally, there are can be load around 4,000 SQM artificial grass for landscaping in one 20ft container and around 8,000 SQM in one 40HQ. Contact us here today, let us calculate the exact loading quantity for your reference.

loading artificial grass 02

The Trends of Artificial Grass for Landscaping

Artificial grass has come a long way since its origin in the 1960s. Due to the benefits of landscaping artificial grass, it is accepted by more and more people and become more prevalent all over the world.

The Global Artificial Grass Market was valued at $2,530 million in 2016 and is projected to reach $5,842 million by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 12.7% from 2017 to 2023.

Artificial Grass for Landscaping occupies a considerable market share and is still keep growing.

artificial grass quality control 09

How do we handle your orders of artificial grass for landscaping?

When you placed orders with Tiger Lily Garden, it begins our substantial services for you. That is the best chance to roundly show you our professionalism and reliability. We are sure you will like our service journey. We have broken the process down into thirteen basic steps:

  1. Prepare raw materials and arrange production schedule immediately when received your deposit.
  1. Check and confirm all the details with you. Including product details, packing details, documentary details, shipping agent details and etc. We will do just according to your requirements.
  1. Take pictures and videos of all the production process when in production and send them to you for your reference. We would like to comprehensively show you how we produced your products, how we control the quality. We have emotions with all our products. By sharing you the pictures and videos, you are well involved in all the progress. We are sure that you will have the same feeling as us about the products. These products not only bring you joyful feelings but also can make money for you.
  1. Book the most cost-effective ship around 10 days before products well finished. We can also contact your agent for the shipment if you need.
  1. Do product inspection and stick the shipping marks when the products well completed. Put all qualified products in the warehouse immediately.
  1. Prepare small samples if you need and put them in warehouse together with the rolls
  1. Do product inspection again before loading.
  1. Loading the goods and send you the Inspection Report of Loading for your reference.
  1. Do custom clearance and prepare all the documents you need.
  1. Update you the ETA and ETD. And send you all the documents when we have them all.
  1. Keep tracking the goods and send you the updated news. And remind you to pick up the goods when the goods arrive.
  1. Our upgraded services just begin when you well received the goods. We highly care about your feelings with the products you received even though we are very confident about our products. We will smile when you say you like the products very much. And we will carefully take note and find a solution out when you say you the products need to be improved. Your feedback is the driving force for our unremitting efforts.
  1. Send you detailed instructions for installation. We are always here for all your questions no matter it is related to the products or installation or any other questions. We will keep tracking the goods until it expires the warranty.
artificial grass test progress

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