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What is Multi Sports Turf Meaning?

Multi-sports turf meaning is that a synthetic turf surface is designed in such a way when installed, multiple sports can be played on the same field. Multi-sports turf is built to meet the athletic needs of small sports clubs and schools that wish to host various sports but do not have enough space and budget to install different sports pitches.

A few pitches and sports fields happen to function as playgrounds for more than one type of sport. These spaces need to be equipped with Multi-Sports Turf which is suitable for hockey, gateball, running track and other sports that are to be played upon. Tiger Lily Garden provides professional Multi Sports Turf at competitive market prices for its clients in various industries which finds use in community centres, sports clubs, universities, hotels, and health centres. Multisports turf enhances the quality of leisure and sports activities offered in these places, together with the visual and aesthetic side of them.


What Are the Types of Multi Sports Turf?

After talking with so many people, Tiger Lily Garden totally understand that your field is better be suitable for multi-purpose. The field in your community is limited, so one turf for more than one sports program is very necessary. With our multi-sports turf, it will be easy to meet your requirement. One field can be used for a soccer place, a hockey field and also a tennis court. What’s more, it can be also used as a running track or basketball field. Is it great?

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3G Multi Sports Turf

As the name indicates, 3G multi-sports turfs are third-generation systems with both sand and performance infills. The performance infills make 3G multi-sports turf popular among sports clubs, schools, and leisure centres.

The infill gives the turf proportional shock absorption, a firm grip of athletes’ shoes on the grass, and high resilience. The ball rolls naturally on the pitch, enhancing the playing experience of the athletes. Rugby and football pitches generally use this type of turf system

3G systems allow the play of various sports. The term itself means this turf is regarded as Third Generation Turf. This type of Multi Sports turf uses both sand and rubber infill, joined by a layer of artificial synthetic turf. The height of these surface piles goes from 35mm to 65mm. These surfaces are mostly used for sports such as Football, American Football, Rugby or Lacrosse, but are suitable for other activities as well.

Non-Filled Multi Sports Turf

Thanks to its exceptional design, the non-filled multisports turf does not require sand or rubber infill. Instead of the infill, this turf type contains a thatch layer with high-density, textured fibers. The absence of rubber crumbs filling makes it an easy-to-install, environmental-friendly, and safe product.

Non-filled multi-sports turf often called the 4G turf system, is the next generation of turf that the sports governing bodies have not endorsed yet. Indoor football fields and small sports pitches often use non-filled multisports turf.

If you do not like having infills in your turf, there is a solution. Non-Filled Multi Sports Turf is the turf of the future! Infill is replaced by a thatch layer made of turf fibres added to enhance the protective performance of the turf. A system used by soccer clubs and community pitches. Clubs and maybe later on stadiums are heading to adopt this type of Multi Sports Turf since it gives a professional appearance.

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multi sports grass 02

Sand Dressed Multi Sports Turf

Sand dresses multi-sport turf is the dense type with a short pile height of around 15-24 mm. The turf has advanced XT polymer technology giving the surface strength and rigidity. Sand dresses multi-sport turf is an ideal surface to play hockey or tennis.

Sand is used excessively on turf pitches. One of our turf products is sand dressed which combined with XT polymer tremendously improves the durability and ensures the turf lasts longer. With texturised tape yarn with the height of the pile going from 20 to 24mm, this turf has way more fibers than the normal Sand Filled Turf and less sand which better absorbs shock from a fall. Clubs choose this type of Multi Sports Turf mostly for hockey because the ball slips with ease but is perfect for other sports too.

What Are the Applications of Multi Sports Turf?

Our Multi-Sports Turf is appropriate for different sports. We provide professional turf for the surfaces listed below but not only. Our turf is appropriate for other surfaces as well.

We believe the benefits Multi Sports Turf offers make it worth considering for both customers and resellers. Our team of expert designers, assisted by a wonderful team of workers and excellent customer service works hard to maintain the same quality of service for our customers. Feel free to contact us.

  • Designing Soccer pitches
  • Rugby pitches
  • Hockey pitches
  • Netball pitches

  • Multipurpose pitches
  • Cricket pitches
  • Used in Tennis court conversions
  • Playgrounds

  • Landscaping
  • Putting greens for golf
  • Rooftops
  • Indoor or outdoor spaces


What’re the Options You Have for the Multifunction Sports Turf?


For the main part, we highly recommend 1 or 2 or 3 full green. Red and blue are also common colours. It matches the fast-speed character of the sports court. More colour will distract the players


100%  texturized yarn is the most suitable for multi sports turf. Considering both speed and cushion. The surface should be firm and flat. So there will be a perfect filed for all sports.


Usually, the pile height is around 15mm~30mm. The stitch rate is usually above 280 ~300stitches. Yarn dtex roughly between 4000~6000D.That is the best combination of firm and cushion.

One of the biggest challenges before implementing Multi Sports Turf in certain areas is the selection of the appropriate design and material that solves the client’s needs. Playability needs to be taken into consideration, as well as the installation of shocking pads. At Tiger Lily Garden we prepare a Multi Sports Turf that is adaptable to different clients’ needs. All sports possess some kind of risk, in different degrees, therefore the main goal of our turf before we pay attention to design and appearance, is the strength, durability, and other traits that make it non-slippery to prevent players from getting hurt.
We have a variety of products at our disposal. Before deciding on the type of Multi Sports Turf for a particular space, some data needs to be gathered about the place. From this data needs to be identified the number of sports that are to be played and most importantly at what percentage each of them is going to be played. The surface will then be customized to follow the requirements. Multi Sports Turf may seem complicated to take care of, but after the installation process, you will not need any special expertise to clean and maintain it. It may not be the cheapest option in the market, but, as many of our customers say, the cost will justify itself. More matches can be played and more activities can be organized because the turf does not require time to recover between matches.
Our Multi Sports Turf can be classified by colour, yarn shape and other characteristics on which you can rely before choosing.


What Are the Advantages of Multi Sports Artificial Grass?

Multi-sports artificial grass is becoming quite popular among schools, universities, and sports clubs because of its numerous advantages. Let’s have a look at a few benefits multi-sports grasses have to offer.

If you are into the retail industry, you are missing big if Multi Sports Turf is not on your products list. The reasons why Multi Sports Turf is suitable not only for sports pitches but also commercial areas are numerous, starting from the factors we mentioned above related to the resistance from weather conditions and foot pressure, but not only. Sports clubs and real estate project managers are charging premium prices for spaces with Multi Sports Turf because their value is soaring thanks to the functionalities they provide. Business centres and commercial areas can now offer more in less space. Tiger Lily Garden manufactures Multi Sports Turf with designs that are to be loved by clients. Our experience of more than 9 years in the industry has taught us where to focus and what to avoid. Ensuring the turf is of top quality, we take care of the production process from the beginning. No turf production happens outside of our factories. From yarn to the final product, we take care of it all.

Multi-Sports Turf  is Resistant

Weather conditions are no more a problem that could cause a match to stop. Our Multi Sports Turf is resistant to foot pressure from players and suitable for all weather conditions. The Multi Sports Turf Tiger Lily Garden produces is perfect for pitches of different sports such as basketball, hockey, running tracks, American football, netball, rugby, badminton, golf, cricket, volleyball, korfball, and lacrosse. Spaces with our Multi Sports Turf are loved by customers for the green and almost natural appearance that withstands the test of time.

Multi-Sports Turf Means Lower Costs

Other reasons why you need to consider Multi Sports Turf for you or your customers (if you are willing to become our business partner.) include the low maintenance costs and the possibility of offering the spaces to players of different sports which means more revenue. Multisports turf creates spaces perfect for various activities for all ages and prevents many bruises caused by hard falls after a rainy day since the synthetic material does not have the same slippery effect you would find on a surface made of natural grass.

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Maximum Space Utilization with Multi Sports Turf Grass

Having separate dedicated fields for different sports in a sports club demands tons of space. If you have limited space, multi-sports turf grass allows utilization of maximum area. With lines and markings for different sports on the same turf, multiple games can be played in the same stadium.

Low Cost and Maintenance Sports Multi Turf

With a multi-turf for your sports arena, you can save a lot of money. Plus, artificial sports pitches require minimal maintenance. You have to seldom wash the turf, and there is no need to trim the grass. Besides, the fibers of the artificial sports turf are made of UV-stable materials, so the turf colour does not fade under the Sun, and the grass remains intact too.

All-Weather Multi-Purpose Artificial Sports Turf

Nowadays, a growing number of educational institutions, community centres, and sports clubs are employing multipurpose artificial sports turf because it stays put all year long, whatever the weather. Matches and tournaments are not called off due to bad weather conditions.


Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Athletic Turf Supplier?

 Do you want a quick response to your turf needs? Do you want reliable multi-sports turf installed in your sports facility? Choose Tiger Lily Garden as your responsible and trustworthy Athletic Turf Supplier. We import our athletic turf products to over 50 countries. Our ever-growing clients prove our sincerity and genuine interest in fulfilling all your needs related to artificial grass.

Market Proved Quality

Best Artificial Sports Turf Supplier in China

Tiger Lily Garden is one of the best artificial sports turf suppliers across China. Whether you are a sports turf distributor or direct buyer, we care about you. With competitive market prices, we are here to meet all your sports turf requirements, not earn profit over them.

Unlike others, our professional team will never ignore you and is always ready to help you with all your questions, 24/7. Contact us to get a quote for artificial sports turf, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

With Tiger Lily Garden, always buy the best sports turf for sale price!

We do not overcharge you by taking advantage of your sports artificial grass needs. We have efficient, high-speed tufting machines that work continuously to yield high-quality sports turf. We do not believe in compromising on the quality to lower the prices, and therefore, purchase all the finest quality raw materials in bulk. It is why our prices are the lowest on the market.

Competitive Sports Turf for Sale Price


There are three main types of turf you can choose from:
Nylon Artificial Turf.
Polypropylene Artificial Turf.
Polyethene Artificial Turf.

Multi Sports Turf and other types of turf are entirely composed of synthetic material which facilitates the maintenance process since the yarn does not have the same requirements to be maintained as natural turf. No watering or trimming is needed. Tiger Lily Garden produces Multi Sports Turf that is easily distinguished from our competitor’s thanks to its quality.

The endurance of Multi Sports Turf depends on various factors, the main of which are: the type of material and foot traffic. If you regularly clean the surface from harmful substances that might end up there by mistake and debris, your turf can last for at least 20 years.

Keep your Artificial Grass surfaces clean and shiny by brushing the surfaces and more importantly by watering and hosing them. After you have finished watering all the surfaces let them get dry for at least 48 hours, Keep kids or pets away from stepping on them during this time.

The life expectancy of a football turf is 8 to 10 years. Do not buy used football turf for sale if it is older than that. Even though used football turf can be cost-effective, if it is smaller than your football pitch, you will have to buy more that may or may not match your used turf.

A better choice is to buy new football turf. When you order a certain quantity, you can enjoy discounted sale prices on Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass products.

Schools and other educational institutions often choose multisport artificial turf pitches. They may save money and space by using only one surface for multiple sports rather than building separate facilities for each sport. A multi-sport artificial grass field is a rational and environmentally safe option.

For sports clubs and schools, artificial turf for sports offers long-lasting, all-weather sports fields that mimic the top features of high-performing natural sports pitches while minimizing the downsides of real grass fields.

A multi-sport synthetic turf allows maximum use of space for sports. A single playground hosts more than one sport. It saves space, time, and money. Nowadays most sports turfs are installed for multiple sports.

A multi-sport turf field can have line markings for different sports such as football, running track, netball, etc. You can play football, rugby, or soccer on a single multipurpose sports turf. You can also have a multisport surface installed for different level programs for the same sport.

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