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Brief Introduction

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Tiger Lily Garden Produces You the Luxury Residential Grass

“Life is more than the tedium before us; there’s also poetry and the faraway”.
The garden is part of life; there’s also poetry and the faraway.
Imagine a quiet afternoon with a cup of coffee and a book, a lush, flat patch of lawn in front of our door, our children playing on it and our dog chasing his tail around.
The leaves on the fence swayed gently in the afternoon breeze. There was no clutter, no noise, no hand wringing. Just peace, tidiness and cheerfulness. No need to go far away, our life has become a poem.

Tiger Lily Garden understands that you need this kind of relaxation, that you need this kind of beauty in your life, and that’s why we focus year after year on artificial grass, lawn yarns, Artificial hedges and Green walls. We sink our teeth into the most menial tasks and provide the best artificial grass to leave you with nothing but relaxation and happiness.

General Applications

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Courtyard Landscape

artificial grass for balcony


artificial grass for swimming pool

Swimming Pool

Artificial grass for Pets

Pet Turf

How to Choose the Right Residential Grass?

Selecting the right type of artificial grass for residential housing is one of the most important decisions you can make because that choice affects your experience for as long as you live in your house

Let Tiger Lily Garden tell you how to determine what type of artificial lawn to get.


What are the requirements for artificial grass for residential housing? That’s the first step for your garden solution.


We decided on the type, colour, shape and colour of our artificial grass. How should we install it?


After installation,that’s not the end. We still need to do some simple maintenance.

The Requirements

The Height

If you prefer the appearance of freshly-cut grass, can select pile height of between 25 and 30 millimeters. On the other hand, if you are a fan of natural-looking grass should choose a lawn that is between 30 to 38 millimeters.

Tiger Lily Garden provides artificial grass for residential housing with various options. For example, the pile height can range from six to 60 millimeters. No matter how picky you are you, you will find a solution to your artificial gardening needs in your residential area with us.

Fresh cut grass


More Natural Looking


The Colour


After choosing the material and height of the artificial grass for residential housing, let’s consider the colour of your new lawn.

There are many colours to choose from because real grass contains many shades of green. Since natural grass changes colour depending upon the time of year, you must decide the season you wish your artificial grass for residential areas to display before choosing the colour of your lawn.

You should also consider the amount of shade that covers your landscaping as well as the seasonal colour of your grass. If your garden is shaded and dark, you might prefer a lighter colour artificial grass to accent your garden.

After all, is said and done, many people end up choosing a colour that most resembles their current natural lawn.

As the most professional artificial lawn manufacturer, Tiger Lily Garden has colour options from single to 6-colour artificial grass for residential areas. Tiger Lily Garden will make you feel close to nature.

The Shape

We already talked about the pile height and the colour. It is now time to discuss the shape of the yarn!

As we know, natural grass comes in many shapes, so no two-grass blades are the same. That is the main reason why Tiger Lily Grass designs so many shapes on artificial grass that appear so natural! Because Tiger Lily Gardens has invest years in the development of our materials, the grass yarn shape not only looks great, but functions well, too.

Because of the characteristic and requirement of artificial grass for residential housing, Tiger Lily Garden suggests that you consider these yarn shapes:

  1. For entertainment, it’s better to choose a very unique yarn shaped like a W, U, C, or water wave.
  2. Since the play area, is the most frequently used place in your house, consider choosing a good stand up ability yarn, such as Diamond shape, D shape, and Spine shape. Mini C shape is not a bad choice, either.
  3. For pet friendly grass, choose flat or C shapes because they are very soft. However, please keep in mind that you need excellent drainage to deal the urine.

Synthetic grass diamond shape
synthetic grass yarn S shape
synthetic grass yarn C shape
Synthetic grass yarn W shape

The Density

Now it’s time to see how to make grass density decisions when purchasing artificial grass for residential areas.

Artificial grass becomes plusher as pile density increases. Unfortunately, low-density artificial lawns often appear thin and sparse.

You should consider a thick pile material containing between 16,250 and 18,000 stitches per square meter for heavy-use areas.

For grass that receives little foot traffic, consider a lawn with 17850 to 23100 stitches per square meter, because that costs less than a thicker pile.

Also, if you are an MR or MS Perfect, then you should take the product’s viewing angles into consideration. To examine the hose, look at the grass from the patio and a higher elevation.

If you’re budget-conscious and will not spend much time on your lawn, you can save money by purchasing a thinner density material ranging from between 12600 and14700l and still enjoy your garden’s aesthetics. That might work because from the right angle; a low pile lawn can look thick and plush.

Please check the options below to select the right artificial grass for your residential area.


How to Install Artificial Grass for Your Residential House

Usually, there will be a professional team near you to provide you with professional installation services. But if you are a DIY person, then let’s start! Prepare the material list. Start with joint tape nails, artificial special glue, a brush, and a knife. Please examine the accessories described below. Tiger Lily Garden provides one-stop shopping for all these accessories. Let’s begin.

1. Remove underground hazards, including electrical lines and water pipes, before installing the artificial grass.

2. After removing the hazards, it is time to prepare the area to install artificial grass for residential housing. Start by thoroughly spraying the area with a weed killer for at least two weeks before laying down the lawn.

3. Remove the topsoil from the area, install sufficient drainage, lay down a bender board, create a border, and install a weed barrier if desired.

4. You have now completed the preparations, it is time to lay the base. Install the sub-base using a shovel or wheelbarrow. Now, add sand. Install 10 to 15 mm of sharp sand using a sand spreader or shovel.

5. After that, water down the entire area, but do not overwater the sub-base.

6. Now, employ a plate tamper or compactor to push down the stones.

7.  level the surface. Upon completing this task, the preparation for installation is complete.

8. Roll on the lawn, but first, make sure that it is the correct size and shape. To do that, roll out the grass on a flat surface other than the installation area. Cut the grass so that it will fit into the installation area. Now, roll the lawn up and move it to where it belongs.

9. You are now ready to roll out the lawn on the installation surface. After placing the artificial grass for residential housing in the desired location, put together the grass pieces.

10. After that, spike the nails so the lawn will remain in place.

After you finished all these steps, you can finally relax and are ready to enjoy your pretty home garden.

Believe me, nothing is better than the joy after your hardworking relaxation.

If you find this difficult to understand, check the installation video:  (Video from Youtube)

You’re Not Alone. And We are Here to Help!


How to Maintain Artificial Grass for Your Residential House

Now that you have installed your artificial grass for residential areas, you need to maintain it. Here is how:

Be prompt. Don’t let stains get old and hard. For mild stains, use a towel or kitty litter to clean up spilt liquid. Employ a mixture containing mild dishwashing detergent and water to rinse off the area.

For tough stains, employ mineral spirits. Other than that, use the same techniques used for the mild stains.

For sticky dirt, use dry ice or a refrigerant to freeze the mess and then scrape it off your artificial grass for residential areas.

For pet stains, allow solid waste to dry and then remove it. For urine, simply hose it off.

For general maintenance, you will need a hose, leaf blower, and rake. You will use those tools to clean the grass, rinse the lawn, and brush it out.

After finish all these maintenance job of your artificial grass for residential area.It is now party time. You can put your lawn furniture out, invite your best friends, crack open the champagne, and enjoy a well-earned feast.


Why Tiger Lily Garden

Chinese artificial grass factory
  • More than 10 years of rich factory and export experience;
  • Very professional from the raw material to final products, we do all in the house;
  • Serious attitude, we care about our clients and will take good care of every single detail;
  • Good communication, you can always get a quick reply 7X24, no delay and no pushing sales;
  • Reliable after-sales service, we will completely communicate about all notes before order and you will always get a positive reply after sales which brings you a good experience and ongoing profit;
  • Full certificate for any requirement of your products.


Artificial grass has different uses which include residential and commercial. Now that we are concentrating on residential, you need to understand that not all types of artificial grass can be installed in your residential area. The best type of artificial grass for residential should have a pile height ranging from 6mm to 60mm, depending on your preference. Other features to consider include the colour and density which will be advised by a professional during selection.

Well, it all depends on how you wish your landscape to appear. For example, you may opt for a lighter or darker shade of green to blend in with the background. Therefore, there are various shades you can choose from, as long as they will bring out the desired appearance of your landscape.

The beauty behind artificial grass for residential is that it is low maintenance, no matter the pile height, shape, or density. You do not need a manual for maintaining the grass because of the different features. All types of artificial grass for residential areas are maintained using the same routine like avoiding direct heat such as fire, cleaning using pipe water or raking the leaves. Compared to how natural grass requires attention, this is low maintenance that reduces cleaning time by half for artificial grass.

Not much effort is required because artificial grass for residential comes with a natural-looking appearance. However, professionals recommend a pile height that ranges from 30mm to 38mm.

The material used to manufacture artificial grass for residential is high quality to prevent it from melting under hot conditions. You should be cautious not to have direct heat like fire because such heat will cause it to melt. With that in mind, no need to worry about hot sunny weather melting your grass.

The only effect that your dog’s urine will have on the artificial grass for residential is the smell if it is not washed down. Good drainage will allow for rapid dryness after cleaning out the urine or even during heavy rains. Therefore, enjoy your artificial grass without being concerned that your dog’s urine will discolour or damage the artificial grass.

Artificial grass for residential places is long lasting because it is made from durable material. So long as you also maintain it according to the required simple standards, you are good to go for years without thinking about replacement.

The shape of artificial grass matters a lot when it comes to texture. We recommend that you get a C or flat shape to achieve your desired softness since such shapes carry the softest texture.

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