Artificial grass for sale!

What we saved will be your profit.


small roll custom artificial grass

The Price of Artificial Grass Starts with $1!

Would you mind sharing your opinions about how much does artificial grass cost ?$4~20 each SQM? If there is anyone who tells you that he has a grass price is only $1, would you believe it or pay for it?
What is your impression of cheap artificial grass for sale? Recycled material? Bad coating with smell?Poor pull out capacity? Grass yarn failed after only 1 year?

Not exactly, as a responsible artificial grass manufacturer in China, Tiger Lily garden believes it’s our duty to low down the cost and design suitable artificial grass in the market.

There is no doubt that cheap artificial grass is always needed in the market.

For example, if you are a young couple with the grass wedding fantasy, the grass is only for the cheap artificial grass is absolute the best choice,8 years warranty has no significance.

Another example,if you want your rooftops to reflect the natural grassroots. The cheap artificial grass for sale is more than better. The top cover without treading on can last many years.

No matter how cheap our artificial grass seems to be, Tiger Lily Garden promises 100% virgin material!

Follow us to keep digging into what thing we are doing right to low down the cost under the premise of good quality.

General Applications

cheap artificial grass application

Project Barriers

tiger lily garden exhibition

Exhibition Carpet


Wall Grass

Artificial grass for Pets

Pet Disposable Training Mat

artificial grass on the roof


artificial grass for wedding

Wedding Grass

events grass

Events Grass

commercial display area

Commercial Display Area

THE Secret Of Being Cheap

Why Can We Offer You Some for Sale Artificial Grass with Such a Cheap Price?

The cheapness of the artificial grass for sale we present to the global market is because of several complementary factors.

Rich Marketing Research

We have a strong marketing and research team that ensures the design of artificial grass meets global quality demand. Tiger Lily Garden invest time and resources in researching the colour and feeling preference of global customers and finally decide to focus on 4 different yarns with different specifications. If the factory produces the yarn continuously, without stopping the machine or cleaning the screw with raw material the waste will be low down a lot and the price can be very very cheap.

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Good High-speed Artificial Grass tufting Machines

The capacity is very important for any factory. When we found the best input-output ratio, the price can be low down a lot. So we insist on only using the high-speed tufting machine to increase the daily output. So the cost of each square meter will be low down. That is the second reason for us can always to provide some artificial grass with good quality but very cheap on price.

Purchase Raw Material in Bulk Quantity

Being competitive, price and quality are 2 sharp weapons. We don’t want to provide cheap artificial grass by sacrificing the quality and our reputation. So what we should do is to ve a budget-conscious factory. Thanks to our big quantity of selling yarn and grass carpet that makes us use lots of PE, PP and Nylon. With a good quantity, we can always have a discount price. That’s the third reason for keep providing artificial grass for sale.

artificial grass manufacturer in China

Discount on Stock Grass Every Year

Each year we will have a very strong promotion activity for the stock grass. This is really for sale price. Those grass mostly in good condition. But how does the price can be so competitive? The reason is as follows:

  1. Usually, the factory needs a very good cash flow at the end of each year to pay for suppliers. So we will put the stock artificial grass for sale;
  2. Some grass is customized, we already prepare the stock but the clients are changing their mind ;
  3. When the big season comes, there is almost no room in our factory warehouse, we have to sell some grass carpet at a low price to make sure space.

More Benefits

We know price is not the only factor you are taking into consideration when import. The price-performance ratio of artificial grass for sale is the thing you are paying more attention to.

As your reliable artificial grass supplier, Tiger Lily Garden will show you all the real status of the goods. We promise there will be no boasting, no hiding, no pushy. Everything will be comfortable to work with us.

100% raw material

No recycled or chemical harmful material inside.100% virgin material from Sinopec.

Fast lead time

We usually have stock yarn of these types. So the lead time is usually 7~14 days. If urgent, we can make it even shorter.

Multi options

We have short carpets 6~10mm; landscaping 3~4 colours; spine &C &U shape options. Cheap but not boring.

More loading quantity

For short carpet, we can load 30,000SQM/40HQ. Landscaping roughly 12,000SQM/40HQ!

Fast moving

Artificial grass for sale runs faster than luxury ones. Our clients are keep ordering! You don’t need to worry about the occupy of stock or cash flow. Cheap price combines with good quality, most people love it.

Better profit

Usually, we thought Luxury grass has good profits because of the additional value. When everyone is going after expensive, we are looking a different way and turns out artificial grass for sale has more profit.

Easy after-sales service

When your customers search for artificial grass for sale, they already low down the expectation. The application for events, weddings or exhibition makes the after-sales service much easier for you.

Full products line

It’s better for you to complete the product line. Because the demands from your customers are various. People do not only use artificial grass for their gardens or for luxury purposes. More options, more chance.


Still have doubts? We understand that! To see is to believe, please ask us for free samples.

Free Samples

To see is to believe. We’d love to offer you free samples for you to check. We don’t have sample machines,so all samples are cut from the mass product.

Contact us for more details

If all of this information above is not enough for you to understand us. Please feel free to contact us for more information. You are warmly welcomed.


Tiger Lily Garden select all these critical questions I know these are all you are concerned about.

It means nothing if we only chose the questions that will beautify our company image. Because we are serious about artificial grass and we care what you care!

We can not give you an 8 years warranty. Usually 3 years. The life span usually is not a problem. Just for the application consideration.

Very various. Roof covering, indoor use, artificial grass for rent for exhibition or wedding, supermarket, wall decoration, a temperate place for the garden…

The Middle East and Southeast is the number 1 market. The USA is growing very fast. European loves the short carpet a lot.

Please kindly check our product list below. Because of the space limit, we can only display several items. For more options feel free to contact us.

We provide nonwoven and fabric options. All backings are used high-quality PP backing with UV additives. And the pull-out capacity is above 45N.

Sorry, that will be very difficult. Because the key to keeping the price down is to control the waste. When shart one yarn we never stopped the machines. So it is better to choose our regular options.

The least expensive artificial grass is the artificial grass produced by Tiger Lily Garden. For example, for the 7mm artificial grass we can make it starts at $0.99/SQM and for the 18mm landscaping grass the cheapest with $1 and we promised all with 100% virgin material.

There is a possibility that the weed grows through the drainage holes, That’s why we usually recommend some weed block membrane under the artificial grass during the installation when the basement is soil.

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