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Brief  Introduction

Tiger Lily Garden Provides the Best Artificial Grass for Sports.

When we think of artificial grass, we most often think of artificial grass for football fields. In fact, artificial grass for sports can be used on many sports fields. For example, it can be used for tennis courts, tracking areas, tennis courts, golf courts etc. With the development of technology, Artificial Grass is becoming more and more scientific and designed to meet the needs of sports. Artificial Grass is becoming more and more scientifically designed to meet the needs of the sport and is also becoming more and more widely used on the sports field. Artificial Grass for Sports came to the attention of sports activity organizers and business owners during the 1960s. Using Artificial Grass for Sports seemed reasonable due to its advantages over natural grass. Various sports venues adopted it, creating a trend quickly followed by stadiums and other significant indoor or outdoor spaces where sports are played. At some point, rooftops were added to stadiums to enhance players’ performance. The new infrastructure of these spaces didn’t allow full exposure to sunlight, essential for natural grass growth. This made the use of Artificial Grass for Sports mandatory in stadiums.

The Story of Artificial Grass for Sports Fields.

Are you curious about the story of artificial grass for sports fields? Let’s start the bus to history.

Europe was the first country to produce the first turf. The main component which is still used today in Artificial Grass for Sports is Polypropylene(PP). The first patches of turf were made of nylon, but later on, nylon was replaced by PP because of its effect on absorbing the shock after a fall. Manufacturers intended to produce Artificial Grass for Sports that resembled natural grass in appearance and enhanced the game of players.

Tiger Lily Garden is always adapting to changes in technology and always has the best Artificial Grass for Sports on the market.

General Applications

Sports Played on Grass

Why choose artificial turf, let’s start with the application, sport is so important to us and we are paying more and more attention to it as our concept of health and fitness is strengthened. However, natural grass in a natural environment has many drawbacks, in contrast, artificial turf can be adjusted through parameters, length and width dimensions set worker various types of professional long-term and area use. Artificial turf can be used in basically all areas of our sport, such as outdoor golf courses, tennis courts, basketball courts, runway grass etc., indoor gyms, badminton courts, indoor football etc. As a professional sports grass manufacturer.

Tiger Lily Garden is willing to provide better products, better prices and more efficient services to make your sports experience unlimited.


Golf Courts

Football artificial grass

Football Field

artificial turf tennis courts

Tennis Court

non infilling indoor soccer

Non-infilling Indoor Soccer

track area artificial grass

Track Area

basketball artificial grass

Basketball Area

hocky artificial grass

Hocky Field

fake grass for playground

Multi-function Area

Advantages of Artificial Sports Grass

Artificial sports turf is easy and quick to maintain. Natural grass is also not conducive to many competitions in unfavourable weather conditions, whereas artificial grass is not, and many adverse weather conditions are not a problem. Artificial grass has a very good drainage system, does not accumulate water, is sun-proof, does not lose colour, is resistant to decay and is made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. It almost has the feel of natural grass. A wide range of artificial turf styles and lengths are available for all types of facilities and areas.

There are many obvious advantages of artificial grass for the sports field.

 less Maintenance

Compared with the natural grass. We don’t need to water, disinsect or apply fertilizer. They are convenient. That’s why artificial sports grass is also called easy grass.

 More Safty

Some research shows that artificial grass only produces very less friction which is good news for the players. What’s more, it reduces the risk of falling caused by rain and mud.

No Weather Limit

No matter whether hot or cold, summer or winter, day or night, dry or wet, we can play on artificial grass for sports whenever when want. What a big fun.

Artificial Sports Turf Options

What Types of Artificial Grass for Sports Field Do We Provide?

There are three main types of Artificial Grass for Sports: Artificial Grass for Football, Artificial Grass for Golf, and Multi Sports Turf.

Tiger Lily Garden provides you with Artificial Grass for Sports that meets your customers’ expectations. We manufacture Artificial Grass for Sports of any type.

What is important about this turf: we take care of the production process from the very beginning. We do not purchase pre-made turf and assemble it. We start with raw materials and build the turf until the final step when it is ready for shipping.

For more details, feel free to communicate with us.

artiificial grass for football

Artificial Grass for Football

Recently, we have seen an increase in the use of synthetic turf in football pitches. Before the implementation of Artificial Grass for Football the natural grass required meticulous maintenance which meant an increase in cost or leaving the surface to deteriorate. Also, natural grass withers causing the green color to be lost. The only way to prevent the natural grass from withering, other than replacing it with Artificial Grass for Football is by using infrared lighting which is very expensive as a process. Low maintenance costs and lasting green stadiums and pitches are ensured thanks to the implementation of Artificial Grass for Football.


Artificial Grass for Golf

Golf is an amazing sport for both the mind and body. The problem is that often we do not have the commodity of visiting golf clubs. It would be time-consuming and more costly than you think. Putting greens made of our Artificial Grass for Golf help you recreate the space and experience of playing in a large field inside your office. Both for indoor or outdoor use, we provide putting greens and chipping mats to help you advance your golf game. Strike the ball with confidence while you take a lunch break!

artificial grass for multifunction

Multi-Sports Turf

Leisure centers, business facilities, concert halls, and different types of landscapes need to have surfaces of grass on which can be played more than one sport and able to handle different types of activities. Multi-Sports Turf is the best type of turf to be used on these occasions. Durability, flexibility, and suitability to different amounts of foot traffic are what you will get after installing Multi Sports Turf in your spaces.

WHY Tiger Lily Garden?









If Tiger Lily Garden is not competitive enough, how dare we disturb the perfect clients like you. Let’s start with history:

Tiger Lily Garden started our own yarn production in 2012. We focus on raw material for so many years by OEM for many well-known brands. Our artificial yarn has approved by many certificates. And then we start to produce artificial grass for sports in 2017 and get lots of good feedback from our clients.

Factory History

Rich Experience

Artificial grass for sports not only requires on appearance and anti-UV ability but also require safety and very professional knowledge. We know how to set the degree of the twist to protect the player’s health, we use the proper formula to reduce the friction so it decreases the injury caused by the sports grass surface…If that is still not good enough for you to make a decision. Let’s talk about attitude.

Tiger Lily Garden cares about the benefits of our clients. We don’t push, there are no convincing sales girls in your working team. We just serve and provide the most professional advice. Any questions will be replied to within 2 hours though we have a time difference. And all progress will be shown to you directly by video. Your inspection will be here though you are not here in person.

Professional Attitude

Want to Be A Partner?

Tiger Lily Garden is one of the few manufacturers you will find in the market, with certified products and amazing customers who testify about their quality. We have been producing Artificial Grass for Sports for more than 10 years and we know what it takes to face low-quality turf and angry customers. We guarantee its quality and we have a staff of employees working in the customer service department to answer all the questions you might have. Do not hesitate to contact us!


Before installing your Artificial Grass for Sports you need to be sure you have laid the base surface. The base surface needs to be installed in order to ensure the Artificial Grass layer is stable and functions properly. This can be composed of crushed stone with the size of 3/8” equally distributed in the area.

If you are applying Artificial Grass to your spaces, you need to have a strong base laid before you start with the turf layers. This layer needs to be deep enough to keep the grass well-attached. Usually, for domestic spaces, the depth should be at least 50mm (2”). Leisure centres and other large areas are recommended to install a sub-base which goes from 75mm to 100mm (3” to 4”).

Sand is one variety you might need to use on your artificial grass puttings or patches. This means the answer to the question is a Yes. Silica sand is the one we best recommend at Tiger Lily Garden. Recently, there has been a development of “non-infill” artificial grass that does not need infill such as sand, but we still do recommend you install Artificial Grass for Sports that need infill because this is what makes your surfaces feel as natural and possible.

Artificial sports grass is among the most popular type of grass you could come across on a football field, golf course, and other sports areas. The stability of players, especially during rainy seasons, is important. Natural grass attracts mud and wet spots that could cause serious injuries to the player during a fall. Therefore, artificial sports grass is preferred because it does not attract dirt or become swampy. The turf is also maintenance-friendly because it does not require watering, saving a lot of water annually.

Yes, it is. Although the turf is made from plastic or nylon material, it is very friendly and soft to prevent serious falls. Previously, people had complained about the rubber infill on sports fields. However, experiments have revealed that recycled rubber is not carcinogenic. People who do not want to use crumb rubber have many other options for an infill.

The first option is the crumb rubber infill. This type of infill is commonly used for sports fields and landscaping. Durafill is made from sand, making it safe for players. The other option is Silica sand which is cooler on sunny days than rubber infill. There are many different options, but infill is most common for sports fields.

This is the weight measured by one square yard of artificial sports turf. Sports grass is also measured according to the face weight to determine its durability. This is because artificial grass with dense fibers and heavy-duty backing is high in face weight. Therefore, you should consider face weight when shopping for artificial sports grass.

Installing sports turf is similar to installing other grass. The difference comes because some fields could be bigger, therefore, needing excess work. You need to level your ground and add turf padding. Next, roll out the turf on your field and trim the edges to fit. Spread your infill with a rake to cover the surface. Your grass is ready!

It is not recommended to place artificial grass over natural grass. This will lead to poor drainage and weed growth, making the turf appear disorganized. Therefore, dig the natural grass and lay the foundation flat for artificial sports grass.

Cleaning sports turf is unnecessary, especially if there are no trees around. However, you may put on the sprinkler for an hour or so to clear the dust.

Not at all. Although it is possible for artificial turf to melt under very hot conditions, the sun would not emit heat of up to 200 degrees. Artificial sports grass is designed to endure the heat of 200 degrees, and the sun can’t reach such temperatures.

Concrete and asphalt surfaces with drainage slopes are the best choice for laying sports grass. If such a surface is not available, the soil can also be compacted and the slope planned.

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