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Brief introduction

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Tiger Lily Garden Provides You with The Best Artificial Grass Mat

Are you looking for something special? Are you tired of the traditional mats which are used for decades and that make you nothing special?

It’s time to have something new, why not give the artificial grass mat a shot?

Artificial grass has become a new way for people to enjoy the greenery with wonderful and relaxing benefits. They can be installed inside or outside the door anywhere on a flat surface, all you will get is a peaceful feeling of cold damp grass under your feet.
A mat of artificial green grass can be a lovely way to make a fresh start to your day. It allows walking barefoot on the realistic grass inside your home. You can also perform yoga and exercise on them, which will naturally increase your health benefits.

The artificial grass mats produced by Tiger Lily Garden are well designed with different patterns, safe material and a long life span. Whatever you need, you can always find suitable products in our factory.


Category of Artificial Grass Mat

An artificial grass mat is manufactured with various implemented procedures. It can be found in different colours, shapes, and quality with many other desired parameters. The overall outcome is fully tested before direct supply to customers or dealers, so there is a good trust factor available for all kinds of artificial grass mats.
Artificial grass comes in three main types of base raw material used inside them.

✧ Polyethene



Apart from that, we will be discussing the kind of artificial grass that is mostly purchased by customers as a widely used option.

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Artificial Grass Door Mats

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Grass Mat with Pictures

artificial grass carpet from tiger lily garden

Pattern Grass

General Applications

artificial grass mats form tiger lily garden

Sports Area

artificial grass mats from tiger lily garden

Courtyard Landscape

custom artificial grass


artificial grass mats from tiger lily garden 02

Customized Mat

artificial grass mat from tiger lily garden

Unique Landscape Area

custom artificial grass 06

Door Mat

artificial grass for wedding

Events Mat

custom artificial grass 07

Commercial Area


What Is the Need for An Artificial Grass Mat?

Unfortunately, with increasing urbanization, the leftover spaces with fresh green grasses are very hard to find. Even if you go to any public park, they are not safe for the environment, the air quality is low due to high pollution particles. Like this, there are so many reasons that will give thinking not to go out for exercise. You can now create your grass inside your home artificial grass mat creates an instant green space for your indoor activities.

Artificial grass mats can be used for providing an aesthetic view of instant greenery in any area. This adds a naturally vibrant green colour that gives a sense of satisfaction. There are various benefits of purchasing an artificial grass mat, which may differ from the type of requirement it will be used for.

In short – Natural grass is something that cannot be refused when it comes to its benefits. But they cannot be grown anywhere, for that purpose the artificial grass mat comes in. It successfully replicates and replaces natural grass with the comfort of instant installation in any area.

Benefits of Artificial Grass Mat

Artificial grass has revolutionized the way of installing naturally looking grass inside homes added with many other options to make great value in your daily life.
You can make a small playground for your children or make a personal garden on your terrace without the need for much space for installation. This will give the same beauty with vast benefits inside your home.

Easy to Modify and Repair the Damages

Small wears and tears on artificial grass mat can be instantly repaired with a sort of glue. Also, an easy modification can be done with different shapes and edges. With the use of a turf cutter, you can cut any design you want to make on the floor. It will give more freedom of achieving perfection when installing on the floor edges. Like this, you will get a perfect and clean Installation of an artificial grass mat.

Safe Raw Material

Nowadays due to the fierce competition in the market, most manufacturers are trying to low down the price which demands artificial grass mat companies change their process by adding chemicals to the raw material. But Tiger Lily Garden is an artificial grass manufacturer company that is leading to fulfilling the requirement with 100% safe raw material. This gives us an original artificial grass mat made with no harmful chemicals.

Always Gives Beautiful Look

For today or even after 10 years, an artificial grass mat will always look the same if maintained properly. Mostly these grasses don’t get damaged, but due to more foot walks on them, they get artificial grass mat starts getting weak in some years. Which will still give a great look but, in loss of some grass blades.
Artificial grass mat doesn’t get affected by natural reasons, like real grass, and hence has more run capacity for the long term.

Comes with Great Durability

In terms of durability, mostly artificial grass mat doesn’t give any sign of wear and tear for many years. But if you purchase artificial grass with bad quality, it may come with the bad quality raw material which will most probably fade away in some years. That is why it is highly recommended to purchase a good quality artificial grass mat like the one provided by tiger lily garden. It will stay durable on the high foot traffic and stay fresh for a long time.

Low Maintenance

The artificial grass mat inside your home or work doesn’t need so much to maintain. It is made of plastic, it can not dye with other colours. You must clean the carpet to remove the dust, it can be done fast with the help of a vacuum. Like this, it is very easy to maintain a neat and clean artificial grass rug.  Just save your time to do more significant things.

No Need of Water

The scarcity of water has changed the way for people that were doing gardening in their homes. Now due to the lack of time, space, and natural resources people are shifting to artificial grass mats where there is no need to water them for growth, but you will still get a green aesthetic long grass of your desired size. Thanks for the effort of caring for water.

Pets Enjoy

Artificial grass mat gives the same feel as natural grass that is mostly liked by your pet. They can enjoy rolling on the mat without getting any patch or cut on their skin. Artificial grass is pest-free,  which can not affect the health of your pets. Even if they chew the grass sometimes, it will not give any adverse results inside their stomach.

No Need of Mowing or Cutting

Artificial grass mat doesn’t need heavy machinery to get in shape upon a time, it will permanently save the cost of mowing. An artificial grass rug is made of soft plastic blades which don’t grow at all. That will save you a lot of time, money and energy. Just enjoy your free time with your friends and family.


How to Maintain An Artificial Grass Mat?

When we grow natural grass, we need many things to maintain it. While growing it one main important thing that is required from time to time are the fertilizers to control the pests.

Fertilizers are chemicals that create extreme harm to the environment. This requirement for fertilizers will be eliminated in the case of artificial grass mats. They will not require a periodic spray of fertilizers which also will save a lot of costs and work for artificial grass users.

  • You can use a broom or a brush to directly swipe the dust and dirt from the artificial grass mat…
  • Running spray water down the artificial grass mat will clean all the grass fibers and remove the dust particles accumulated. You can do this every week if the grass bears a high number of footsteps.
  • Sometimes you will have to add sand infills on the mat where there is high foot traffic. So that the flat look of the mat remains the same.

artificial grass mat

Why Tiger Lily Garden

tigerlilygarden the best chinese artificial grass manufacturer

We Are More Professional on Artificial Grass

Professional things need to be done by professional people. The energy of one person is limited, but many good people together can do a great job.
Tiger Lily Garden has been specialising in artificial turf for over ten years, we are customer focused and use altruistic win-win thinking to do our best to save our customers time and effort. You focus on the marketing and leave the rest to us, choosing Tiger Lily Garden as your partner will make you worry-free.

  • Professional and rich experience in production.

  • Service attitude and fantastic communication.

  • High efficiency and always a positive response.


 It’s a simple turf of synthetic fiber made with soft plastic standing blades to look like natural grass. This is widely accepted by global users and has successfully replaced natural grass in residential lawns and commercial uses.

If you can spend some money to feel an instant and natural style of artificial grass, then we would say artificial grass is the best. Otherwise, natural grass is free but needs time and maintenance for its perfect growth.

Artificial grass mat manufactured at Tiger Lily garden comes with UV protection. Which will save the color of artificial grass for long, even in the constant sunlight area. Tiger lily garden uses good raw material and has some quality standards, to provide a perfect artificial grass mat.

Artificial grass contains a drainage system like natural grass. The mat made at tiger Lily garden comes with perforated holes that allow the water to rinse from the surface to below the turf.
Some crust blends of Rock can be used at the time of installation, so to soak water below the turf in the future.

Inside homes people having pets have a problem with their urine and solid waste. The liquid waste will be flushed instantly from the drainage hole under the mat, and the solid waste can be cleaned the same way as in natural grass. Artificial grass doesn’t get stained if properly cleaned.

Artificial grass mats can be installed inside balconies, terraces, landscaped gardens, sports facilities, and indoor apartments. The artificial grass rug is so versatile and has multiple uses with easy installation.

No, there is no toxic material associated with the manufacturing of artificial grass, overall, no risk is there inside a properly installed artificial mat.

Debris-like dust and leaves from the rug can easily be blown with a blower. Other than that, inside small areas, you can also use a broom to occasionally clean the standing grass fibers. No maintenance is required other than cleaning the artificial mat.

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