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Artificial grass nails generally refer to the U shape artificial grass nails (also called artificial grass sod staples) or artificial grass straight nails that are used for bonding artificial grass in the installation progress. They are generally made of hot-dip galvanized steel wire with high-gloss features, which make them durable, economical, and environmental friendly (no pollution to the soil), long service life, and can be reused. They are featured as the ‘glue’ that holds your project together.

But what nails do I use for artificial grass? And how do I nail artificial grass?… Those are the questions we frequently get from our customers about artificial grass installation. Tiger Lily Garden loves these questions and does have the answers.

Nails Option

u shape nails from tiger lily garden
U Shape Grass Nails
straight artificial grass nails from tiger lily garden
Straight Nails for Grass & Floor

U Shape Nails


What is the Specification of  U Shape Artificial Grass Nails With Top Flat?

Normal Size: 100mm*40mm*3mm; 150mm*40mm*3mm (Mostly used); 200mm*40mm*3mm

Package: 100 pcs / bag, 10 bags / carton

(It can be customized just according to your requirements)

Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel wire with the high-gloss feature.

What is the Advantage of Artificial Grass U Shape Nails?

Shape design – Trapezoidal designed artificial grass nails help add additional tension to the soil, a quick and secure way to mount into the ground.

Easy to install – The only tool you need is a hammer. The artificial grass nails can insert deeply into the ground with sharp shape ends, and easily penetrate artificial grass and heavy soil with the hammer.

How to Choose the Perfect Type of  U-Shape Artificial Grass Nails?

There are mainly three different types of artificial grass U shape nails based on different crafts. Here is the comparison that will be helpful for your decisions.

Artificial grass U-shape nails size 150mm*40mm*3mm is recommended, which is strong enough to bind artificial grass.

Galvanized Artificial Grass Nails

galvanized grass nails

Advantage: The cost is not expensive.

Disadvantage: Do not match the green colour of artificial grass. It may be seen if the artificial grass has a short pile height or low density.

Galvanized & Nailhead Painted

artificial grass u shape nails

Advantage: ①Moderate cost; ②Strong enough for preventing rust and increasing durability. Green paint can make the nail head blend into the grass.

Disadvantage: The green paint will come off a bit.

Galvanized & Plastic Spray Nails

artificial grass special nails

Advantage: ①It can fully prevent rust and increase durability; ②And the green colour of artificial grass nails matches the artificial grass colour, which is a perfect blend into the grass.

Disadvantage: The price is a little higher.

How Do Artificial Grass U-shaped nails Been Produced?

Knowing how the products you are purchasing are made of is the most fun part of the whole progress. The craft is very simple and interesting, please kindly check the video to see the whole progress.

If there is any information you also want to know, feel free to contact our service team at any time. It is our great honour to serve you.

Artificial Grass Straight Nails


What Types of Artificial Grass Straight Nails Do You Recommend?

Generally, 6-inch artificial grass straight nails are mostly used in landscaping artificial grass installation and 3-inch artificial grass straight nails are mostly used in putting green grass installation.

Material: Hot-dip galvanized steel wire with high-gloss features

What are the Advantages?

  • Durable – solid metal and galvanized surface make the nails not easy to rust and can be reused for the long term.
  • Shape Design – The spiral design firmly fixes the grass on the ground, keeping the grass edges in place tightly and safely.
  • Flexible – Artificial grass straight nails can be put where is necessary for the easiest way.

How to Use Artificial Grass Straight Nails? Are there any Tips?

Artificial grass straight nails firstly are used in the floor area. Because it is hard, it can even penetrate the concrete. So it can also be applied on very hard surfaces.  You must be very curious about how to use artificial grass straight nails.

Actually, it is very easy all tools you need is just a hammer!

Let’s watch the video together to find out.

(Video from Youtube)

Why Tiger Lily Garden

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  • More than 10 years of rich factory and export experience;
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  • Serious attitude, we care about our clients and will take good care of every single detail;
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You can use hot-dipped galvanized U-shaped nails or heavy-duty straight nails for artificial grass. Our grass nails are made with sturdy metal and coated with a thick zinc layer to protect from rusting. These nails are 3-6 inches long depending on the specifications of your artificial grass.

You can nail down your artificial grass by pounding the U-shaped or straight nails in the grass with a hammer. The nails are hammered all along the perimeter of the turf 4 to 6 inches apart. Make sure the head of the nails lies on the backing system and stop right there. Once you add the infill, the nail heads will hide underneath.

6-inch-long artificial grass nails should be used if you are installing your turf for landscaping. For the instalment of putting green, 3-inch-long artificial grass nails should be used because the grass is short and dense. If you use a longer nail for putting green, it will either be visible or you might nail it down to the point it leaves permanent indentations.

Yes, you can use a nail gun for artificial grass. The artificial grass needs to be stretched and secured around its edges during installation or repair. Special heavy-duty, industrial-grade staple or nail guns are used for this purpose.

Depending upon the surface upon which you are laying your imitation grass, there are a couple of options to fasten down your artificial grass.

  1. If you are installing your turf on soil, use galvanized artificial grass nails to secure the edges of your artificial lawn.
  2. Use an artificial grass adhesive if you are laying your turf on a solid surface The staples or the nails will not prove effective when fastening your artificial grass down on the concrete.

You can secure the edges of artificial grass with the help of grass nails or staples. 3-6 inches Galvanized U-shaped or straight nails work fine for edging the fake turf on the soil.

If you intend to install fake grass on a hard surface, such as concrete patios or decks, it is wise to secure the edges of the grass with a heavy-duty artificial grass adhesive or glue.

Timber frames are used as a preferred method to secure your artificial grass and prevent its movement. The framework is made from treated timber to avoid rot. The framework must be secured to the ground using wooden stakes.

With timber frames, there are various options by which you can secure the edges of your grass. The best one is to cut the edges of the grass and fix it to the timber frame using grass nails 5 to 10 inches apart.

You can use a couple of different options to hold down artificial grass. If you are laying the turf on a concrete surface, fix your grass using artificial grass glue or adhesive. However, if the surface is soil, a wooden deck, or there are timber frames installed, hold the turf down with grass nails.

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 The Function of Artificial Grass Nails.

The U shape nails and straight nails have the same function in artificial grass installation—fixing. Here are how they work in detail.

1. Fixing the geotextile, which prevents the natural grass from growing.

2. Fixing the joint tape. In installation progress, if you use joint tape & glue to seam two parts of artificial grass. It is better to nail down the joint tape before putting glue on it. In this way, the joint tape will not move accidentally.

3. Fixing the grass temporarily, after rolling out the grass and putting it in place, is better to fix it temporarily to avoid moving accidentally when you are doing other work.

4. Fixing the grass around the perimeter and where necessary keep your grass flat. Artificial grass straight nails are mostly used for this fixing. They are generally installed every 8cm to 15cm alongside the perimeter and around every 60cm on the centre of the site. The quantity of nails used depends on the on-site usage frequency.

5. Seaming two parts of artificial grass. Seaming can be done by joint tape and glue, and also can be done by artificial grass nails. Seaming by nails is an easy, quick and low-cost option.

Generally, U-shaped artificial grass nails are recommended for seaming. Because its trapezoidal shape help adds additional tension to the soil, quick and secure way to mount into the ground. The U shape of artificial grass nails needs to be installed two to three inches just like a zipper seaming artificial grass.

However, the artificial grass straight nails sure can be used for seaming artificial grass, too. Put the straight nails around 1inch from the edge and leave around 4 inches to put the next one alongside the edge. Do it the same way for another edge. But should be in a diagonal pattern like an enclosed picture. And spike on each side of both ends of the seam.

The Five Details That You Need to Know About Nailing Artificial Grass

  1. When cutting the grass perimeter edges, please keep in mind that better to leave extra grass about 1cm longer at flat edges and about 3cm longer when applying the subgrade bend boards. In this way, the artificial grass will match the site perfectly.
  2. When seaming two parts of artificial grass, make sure all of the rows are aligned in the same direction. Besides, pay attention to the distance between the stitch rows (the gauge). For example, for landscaping artificial grass, the gauge will is 3/8 inch. When nailing, be sure to maintain that same 3/8 gauge inch doing. So that will prevent the bunching effect that creates a noticeable seam. Seeming artificial grass is equal parts skill and arts. A good seam is one you don’t even know exists like those you can not see in these yarns.(Picture from Google)


3. If strikes at a rock and get stuck, pull it out and find another place near it that will work.

4. When hitting the nails into the ground to bind artificial grass, leave around 3cm from completion. So that you can adjust the spot if it is unfitting. If all is ok, then pick the yarn or blades away from the top of the nails allowing the nails to disappear down into the grass. Make sure the artificial grass nail heads do not catch any of the grass.

5. Nail around the perimeter and seam and where necessary keep your artificial grass flat. Make sure to secure your artificial grass firmly.

Can I Nail for Putting Green Artificial Grass?

Generally, Tape and glue are used for seaming and putting green. 3-inch artificial grass straight nails can be used along the perimeter and around the cups. However, 6-inch nails are not recommended for putting green artificial grass, because the 6-inch nails’ heads can not be hidden in the short pile height, high density putting green grass.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Installing Artificial Grass by Nails.

It is the easy, quick and cheap way to install your artificial grass.The nails may come loose over time, the seam will not be as robust as a seam done with tape and glue.
Environmental friendly. Artificial grass nails are no pollution to the soil.The non galvanized artificial grass nails will rust over time. That is why we recommend the galvanized ones.
Safe for pets and children.There is a chance that installers may get hurt when hitting the artificial grass into the ground.
Artificial grass nails are strong enough and can be reused.Last but not least, Artificial grass nails not only can nail artificial grass but also have so many functions. Such as securing groundsheet, netting, garden pipe, weed fabric, landscape fabric, bark coverings, hoses, cable, polythene sheets and so on.
Artificial grass nails can be put where is necessary in the easiest way.

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