Artificial Grass Products

Tiger Lily Garden is famous for its artificial grass products around the world. Tiger Lily Garden is not just the traditional meaning of the artificial grass factory in China. We are the gather of the most fashion and design-oriented artificial grass!

Artificial Grass Features

Artificial Grass Products Features:

High-quality, super affordable artificial grass products for indoor and outdoor décor

Do you love indoor and outdoor vegetation, but feel overwhelmed with the high maintenance that follows having a natural plantation? We present you with our artificial grass products that will save you from taking care of your lawn constantly and also save you a lot of bucks.

Made from polyethylene and polypropylene, a combination that makes your artificial grass products soft yet sturdy so you can have them for heavy usage. Also, your grass will never wilt again during hot weather as these products are UV and fire-resistant and will still last at least 8-10 years.

For you to enjoy the most real and natural artificial grass experience, these artificial grass products are manufactured with both straight and curly yarn. These products come in 3 to 4 hues of color, so they feel soft and fresh to touch and look natural to see.

Our artificial grass products provide a safe surface for your kids and pets and are environment-safe.

To save money as well as time, ask for a quotation from Tiger Lily Garden or contact our team for any guidance and support.

Artificial Grass Products Application:

Artificial lawn, sports pitches, commercial spaces, grass doormat, grass surf beach mat, pets’ grass, kids’ grass, backyard, courtyard, terrace, patio, and balcony.

fake grass for playground

About Us

Why Choose Us As Your Reliable Artificial Grass Supplier in China Over Others?

You have the choice of numerous professional, knowledgeable, and competent artificial grass suppliers in China committed to serving their clients. We are one of them. Listen to what our existing clients say about why they choose us and decided to stay with our company.

Tiger Lily Garden believes every client who comes to our family is an angel to that we should be grateful. In a sufficiently competitive market, It would be our great honour and luck to have you choose us as your reliable artificial grass supplier among hundreds of companies in China. Every trust deserves our best efforts with all we have. Our mission is through our professional consulting services to recommend products best suited to your need. We focus on ensuring our deliveries arrive punctually, in perfect condition and ready to install. And we also provide customized personal and individual marketing support. We will be the final stop to end your cost of trial and error. Be our clients as your reliable artificial grass supplier in China and let us “spoil” you.

Reliable Chinese Artificial Grass Factory

Tiger Lily Garden is an artificial grass manufacturer and supplier from China. We provide various options of artificial grass including economic, classic and luxury levels. Our product range covers artificial grass for landscaping, artificial grass for sports and customized artificial grass rugs. With the ambitions to be the best Chinese artificial grass supplier, we have at least 200 styles for your selection, what’s more, our factory designer designs at least 12 new collections every single year.

As a cooperative artificial grass factory in China, Tiger Lily Garden understands the price will be the most advantageous weapon in an era of fierce competition. We provide not only the best Chines artificial grass factory direct price but also the competitive price all over the world under the premise of quality assurance.

Raw material

100% raw material assurance! Recycled materials bring harm to not only human beings but also the environment!

Open Production

No hiding, no secret! What you see is what you will get. We will report every detail to you until you disburden your mind!

Raw material

100% raw material assurance! Recycled materials bring harm to not only human beings but also the environment!

Fast Delivery

Time is money. Our factory chooses high-speed tufting machine and plenty of raw materials stock to make sure a faster lead time. 10 days~24 days to reduce your time on waiting.

Grass and More

Looking for grass but bothered by accessories? There will not be a headache when selecting us as your Chinese artificial grass supplier. A small quantity is available.

Promotion Support

One of the welfare to be our partner is we provide promotion support on gift &on line link&post& joint exhibition. We love our clients and we’d like to do all to boom our business together.

Basic Knowledge

The Specification of Artificial Grass

You might well familiar with all the specifications of artificial grass – Pile Height, Stitches, Density, Dtex, Gauge.

But do you know that there are many artificial grass suppliers that mark exaggerated specifications than the actual data? Especially for the Dtex. Because it is not very easy for buyers to test it. We hate that and we never do that. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we are honest. We do what is right. You can test all our specifications at any time.

Actually, it is easy to test Dtex if you know the test method. Dtex means the weight of 10000-meter yarn. Here are the test instructions for your reference:(In order to test more accurately, at least 5 groups of data has to be collected and take the average as the final record.)

Carefully take at least 5 stitches of artificial grass fiber from different areas of your tested artificial grass. Put them separately and test them one by one.

Clean up all the SBR latex on the yarn

Count the total numbers of fibers. Write down the numbers and how many fiber types. (such as a totally of 12 fibers-4 straight fibers (mark as No.1)with olive green color, 4 straight fibers with emerald green color (mark as No.2) and 8 thatch fibers with olive green color (mark as No.3)

Weight the No. 1 fibers, No.2 fibers, and No. 3 fibers of each one stitch separately and records them.

Measure the length of each fiber. Calculate the total length of No. 1 fibers, No.2 fibers, and No. 3 fibers in one stitch separately and records them. For the thatch fibers, please straighten them by hand when measuring them.

Calculation. Dtex= weight of No. 1 fibers / total length No. 1 fibers *4 + weight of  No. 2 fibers *4 / total length No. 2 fibers + weight of No. 3 fibers / total length No. 3 fibers*8. Calculate the other 4 groups data, and take the average as the final record.

Hope this will be helpful for you to test the Dtex of artificial grass. If you have any questions, please kindly contact us here.  We would like to explain more to you.

Raw Material & Production Process for Artificial Grass

Nylon mainly used for golf mats due to its high burn tolerance. But it is very easy to be oxidized. So only a few artificial grass factories can make qualified products. But we can do it perfectly with our advanced equipment.

Polyethene, short for PE, widely used for producing mono-filament yarn because it is soft, stable, and long-lasting.

Polypropylene, short for PP. Usually used for producing the thatched yarn, gives added support and cushioning to the artificial grass.

You may wonder how this beautiful artificial grass produced? Come with Tigerlily garden to see the production procedures.

Mixing Material



Yarn Product



Rolling / Packing

Artificial Grass Equipment & Production Capacity

As one of the leading and professional artificial grass manufacturers in China, Tigerlily Garden is with a highly modernized and automatic artificial grass factory.

Here is our equipment for producing high-quality artificial grass.

6 extruding machines for mono-filament and thatched yarns.

2 fibrillated machines. One for high dtex and another one for low dtex.

24 KDK flat knit machines.

5 tufting machines

1 coating machines

The advanced equipment not only enables us to make customized, safe, long-lasting, good looking, and good quality artificial grass for you. But also bear large production capacity enable us to deliver artificial grass very fast for you.

With more than 5 million SQM artificial grass production capacity per year, generally, we can deliver one 40HQ container around 14-18 days according to the regular order schedule. We would love to put your order in priority. Please kindly contact us to check the exact fast speed delivery we can do.


What is the Best Material to Put under Artificial Grass? 

The best material to put under artificial grass is granite dust. When damp, it binds your artificial grass and becomes rock hard once it dries. It allows water through it, creating a drainage system for your turf.

How Do You Install Artificial Grass on Dirt? 

You cannot install artificial grass directly on the dirt. You must remove all the organic matter and lay a solid base before installing your artificial grass. Even a thin base will be strong enough to support your synthetic grass.

Can I Put in My Own Artificial Grass? 

Yes, by following proper guidelines, you absolutely can put your artificial grass. It will also cut down the turf installation cost.

What Thickness of Artificial Grass is Best? 

A thickness, or pile height, of around 20-30 mm is considered the best for a natural, freshly mowed grass look.

What Artificial Grass Looks the Most Real? 

The following features make an artificial grass product look the most real:

  • 100% nylon-free
  • Made of polyethylene
  • Consists of at least two yarns – straight and curly yarns
  • Monofilament grass blades

How Do you Maintain Fake Grass? 

The best thing about fake grass is that it only requires light maintenance. Apply weed killer, brush it only now and then, and remove pet waste. Avoid using high heat sources directly on your artificial grass products.

Can Dogs Pee on Artificial Grass?

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass does not get damaged when a dog pees on it. Dogs can pee on artificial grass and it will drain away like rainwater. However, dog faeces will have to be removed and cleaned up.

How Do You Prepare the Ground for Artificial Turf?

  • Remove existing grass or other organic matter
  • Apply weedkiller
  • Water the soil and then turn it over
  • Level the ground by flattening it out and removing any pebbles and debris
  • Compact the soil and make the ground compact
  • Your ground is prepared for artificial turf

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