Real Stuff:12 Things the Artificial Grass Factories in China Won’t Tell You When You Do QC

Beware that artificial grass in China is not created equal. Here are the most common quality problems that the other China artificial grass factories will not tell you and how Tiger Lily Garden did to avoid them.

1. UV Breakdown

As we all know, the materials for artificial grass fibers are PP or PE, which is a kind of plastic. If they are not qualified, the fibers will be easy with the colour fading and severely shedding problems, especially when exposed under the sunshine (UV).

The main reasons for artificial grass UV breakdown are:

  1. Using recycled materials
  2. Using unqualified anti-UV additive
  3. adding no enough anti-UV additive
  4. Anti-UV additive separated out when cooling the fibers in the fiber extruding production process, which lead to no enough anti-UV additive elements in the fibers.

Either of these factors can cause artificial grass UV breakdown. Every year we hear much bad news caused by the UV breakdown in the artificial grass market. Some importing companies were even bankrupt because of this.

artificial grass quality contral 06

We really do not want to see this. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, Tiger Lily Garden avoids this problem by using the best raw materials only and add extra anti-UV additives. We are very cautious about this problem. According to our laboratory data, our grass can reach 10 years warranty. But generally, we officially offered about 6-8 years warranty to guarantee your benefits as much as possible. Our grass is the most cost-effective. Contact us here to allow us to have the chance to show you about that.

2. Poor Tuft Bind

The tuft bind is the measure of force it takes to pull a blade of artificial grass through the backing system. It refers to how strong the turf glues holding the fibers onto its backing. Not enough glue, poor quality glue or not dry the backing sufficiently after coating can cause poor turf bind. With poor turf bind, the fibers can be easily pulled out and easily shed by the force of friction when playing on it.

How did Tiger Lily Garden do to avoid the poor turf bind problem?

  1. We use sufficient high-quality SBR latex & high-quality backing cloth to strongly hold each blade of the fibers.
  2. Our drying oven machine is over 100 meters, which makes the SBR latex bind with fibers sufficiently and dry quickly enough after coating.

The international standard for artificial grass tuft bind force is 30N. Our average tuft bind force is more than 50N. If you pull the fibers of our artificial grass by hand, The fibers can not be pulled out. Welcome to testing it by yourself. Please contact us here for free samples.

3. Color Stripes on Artificial Grass Surface

Colour stripes on artificial grass surfaces cause faults in the aesthetics of the placed grass. There are mainly two reasons that caused this problem:

  1. Did not mixing raw materials sufficiently, which makes the colour masterbatch distributed unevenly, which will lead to the colour difference of the fibers.
  2. In the production process, the straight fibers are not fixed sufficiently. In that case, the straight fibers will lay different directions after being installed.
  3. For landscaping grass, an inconsistent shrink of the thatch fibers will cause colour stripes.

One of the most important reasons for customers to install artificial grass is aesthetics. However, if with colour stripes, the artificial grass surface will not look beautiful as it should be. We well noticed that.

As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we want our end-users to have the greatest experience. We will avoid this problem during production. Our advanced mixing machine can mix all raw materials sufficiently. We well control and fix the straight yarn and control the curl yarn shrink during the yarn twisting and turfing and coating production process.

artificial grass quality control 07

4. Improper Shrink Rate of the Thatch Fibers for Landscaping

Another factor to affect the aesthetics of landscaping grass is the improper shrink rate of the thatch fibers. The shrink rate is decided by the coating temperature and how long it’s been coated during the production. The normal thatch yarn shrink rate for landscaping grass is around 30%-50%. With our automatic advanced coating machine and more than 100 meters oven, we can well control the temperature and time to make the perfect shrink, which makes our landscaping grass more beautiful.

artificial grass quality control 05

5. The Backing off the Slags and Rupture

One of the most serious problems for artificial grass is backing off the slags and rupture. This kind of artificial grass is of very poor quality and with no warranty. The reasons that cause this problem is:

The fineness (mesh) of Calcium carbonate is not enough or add too much Calcium carbonate.
Poor quality Latex.
The temperature for drying backing after the coating is too high or too low.

We know how the headache that poor quality artificial grass brings to you. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we will never let you burden that pressure. We do coating with high-quality material and well control the drying temperature at the most suitable range.

artificial grass quality control 01

6. Defectives of artificial grass backing

Have you ever complained about these defectives of artificial grass backing?

Cross stitches with catastrophic damage

When in the turfing production process, if the PP cloth is folded accidentally, there will missing some stitches that can not be tufted. And this kind of missing is not easy to be repaired. Generally, this kind of missing will be repaired by hand. If repaired by not skilled workers, the artificial grass will be like this as enclosed pictures.

rtificial grass quality control 10

Stains on the fibers

Stains on the fiber make the impossible sale of the product. As showed in the pictures, the fibers are contaminated by machine oil or SBR latex.

We know that these kinds of problems are so annoying. Even a small area of the artificial grass has these defectives, the whole roll will be affected. When installed, you have to cut these areas off and joint the fine pieces together, which will increase your costs.

artificial grass quality control 14

Actually, these kinds of defectives sometimes can not be avoided during production. But we insist on the idea that this kind of product shouldn’t show a customer’s hand. Honestly, we can not make sure there will never happen those kinds of problems during our production. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, What we will do our best is to control the probability as low as possible. Besides, even there appear those kinds of problems accidentally, our inspection department will pick the rolls out and deal with them by ourselves. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we will never allow this kind of defective artificial grass comes to your hand. We do not want you or your customers to experience any uncomfortable feelings with our products.

7. Patches and Wrinkles in the Backing, Which Causes Faults in the Aesthetics of the Placed Grass

These defectives mainly appear in high density or high Dtex artificial grass. Patches are the marks of repairing holes caused by the PP cloth broken when turfing. The way we avoid this problem is by using high-density PP cloth. The PP cloth mostly used in the market is around 100g-120g / sqm. But as your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, Tiger Lily Garden uses more than 135g / sqm PP cloth. Generally, for our artificial grass with low or medium specifications, we mostly use 135g PP cloth with 50g net cloth. For our high-class ones, we mostly use double layers 135g PP cloth, and some even with double layers 135g PP cloth plus the 50g net cloth to make the backing much stronger.

artificial grass quality control 11

8. Wavy Cuts on the Sides

Sometimes you need the grass edges to be cut. But it is generally can not be cut perfectly as a line because it is done by hand. We know that wavy cuts complicate the application of artificial grass. In order to cut the edge in a line perfectly, we generally did it by reserving extra at least 4 lines of artificial grass wider than needed and cut the extra lines between one gauge while rolling. In this way, we can make sure the edge is straight in a line. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we prefer to burden more wastes and costs, rather than let you have an uncomfortable experience.

artificial grass quality control 12artificial grass quality control

9. Shortage of Specifications or Dimensions

  • Why the mass production artificial grass I received is thinner than the samples that the supplier sent to me?
  • Why this grass pile height is about 2mm shorter than I request?
  • Why the stitches are less than I request in the order?’
  • Why the artificial grass size per roll is smaller than I request? The width and length are both not reach my requirements ?’
  • Why is my supplier cheating me on the specifications and dimensions?

Have you ever experienced these kinds of problems? As a wholesaler or distributor, you also burden great pressure from your customers. If your supplier cheated on you, you have to explain to your customers or even need to make compensation for your customers, which is a great risk for your reputation and profits.

We feel heartache for you if you have this kind of experience. We hate this kind of cheating and will never let you be under that kind of pressure. We believe that honesty is the top one important for business cooperation. All our data is transparent.

Artificial grass is produced by machines and workers, it can not be done so accurately as it’s needed. There are tolerance ranges in specifications and dimensions. Here is the range for your reference:

Pile hight: +1mm
Stitches: +2%
Dtex: +5%

In order to make the specifications and dimensions sufficient, as your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we always produce with the top tolerance specifications. Besides, for the dimensions, we produce an extra 5 cm wider and an extra 15cm longer than request per roll. Contact us here and let us surprise you more.

10. Dimension Instability and Seam Rapture

Pool quality artificial grass most likely will appear dimension instability and seam rapture after installation. It will be horrible to have these kinds of problems. The reasons are mainly as follows:

  1. Unstable shrinkage and uneven tension of the PP cloth, which lead to artificial grass dimension shrinking.
  2. Too much expansion of the backing in the coating production process and weak bonding when installing will cause seam rapture.

As you reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we use high-quality PP cloth for backing, which avoids dimension instability problems from the fountainhead. And we never expand the backing to make it wider, because we reserved enough dimension. Besides, with more than 10 years of artificial grass installation experience, we can provide you with very professional installation instructions in detail. Under our professional guide, the seam is strong enough and it never happened seam rapture. Contact us here for more details

11. Poor Packing

‘Oh, my god. The packing is so ugly. How do I sell to my customers with so poor packing?’ Have you ever have this kind of experience when you opening the container after waiting for around 58 days. No matter whether the goods under the packing are good or not, that is a really bad feeling when you see the poor packing.  Poor backing mainly includes:

  1. Bad quality packing clothes in ugly colours.
  2. sags and crests of both sides of the rolls.
  3. Packing clothes are broken during transportation

We know how important the first impression is. Customers’ feeling is what we most cared about. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, we are keeping doing our best to offer you the best experiences. We never use poor-quality packing materials to discount your feelings. And we have more than seven beautiful colours for you to choose the ones you like. To make sure the aesthetics of the roll size, we well control the machine tension force when rolling, makes both sides of the rolls look the same even. Besides, our high-quality packing clothes is not easy to be broken during transportation. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, Tiger Lily Garden always surprises you. We put extra 5-10 pieces packing clothes along with the goods in every container in case it is accidentally broken during the transportation.

Contact us here. Let us surprise you.

artificial grass on sale

12. High Heavy Metal Content

For end-user consumers, the most conceded problem is the safety of artificial grass for their children or pets. We know that the poor quality artificial grass in the market do content Cadmium, Lead, Mercury…and other heavy metal which threaten the health of human beings and pets.

Tiger Lily Garden always believes that business is after being a good person who has a contribution to society. Conscience is what we put in priority before business. As your reliable artificial grass supplier in China, all the materials we use are more than safe for human beings and pets. Here is our SGS RoHS test report for your reference.

China best artificial grass manufacturer certificate

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