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Brief Introduction

Tiger Lily Garden Produces All Types of Artificial Grass Roll

Choosing Tiger Lily Garden for your artificial grass rolls means selecting a leader in the industry, renowned for crafting high-quality turf. As a seasoned family-run business with 13 years of production expertise, we offer not just products but solutions, ensuring that each client’s vision for their perfect lawn is realized with superior quality and value. Connect with us to bring your dream lawn to life.

Are you planning to replace your natural grass with artificial grass? We bring you one of the cheapest and most reliable artificial grass rolls the market offers.

Our artificial grass roll is a mix of polyethylene and polypropylene. Polyethylene is non-porous so water will run down your artificial grass, and your grass will not retain any odor. It will also make your artificial grass UV and heat-resistant. On the other hand, polypropylene provides toughness to the grass blades and they will spring back to their original shape once you walk over them.

If you like your turf-dense, bushy, and luxuriant, our artificial grass roll has a pile height of 40 mm with a stitch rate of around 140. This means heavy usage will not destroy the look and lustre of your fake grass. These features also make our grass cost-effective so you can purchase it without breaking your budget.

The artificial grass roll comes in 3-4 colour tones to imitate natural grass. Thus, you can easily avoid the fuss of maintaining your lawn during the fall and winter season, and the mess all the wilted grass creates. Your grass will look the most real and lush green in every season.

Contact our sales team to customize your artificial grass roll according to your requirements and needs.


General Applications

Artificial Grass Roll Application

Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass rolls have countless applications. They are great for many indoor and outdoor, residential, and commercial purposes. For example:

Residential area, commercial landscaping, sports pitches, wall décor, balcony, terrace, rooftop, patio, courtyard, and backyards.

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Roll of Turf for Wall Décor

Bedecking walls with artificial grass have become a popular trend these days. A touch of green colour in your interior décor will exude calmness. Give a serene vibrant touch to your walls at home or in office spaces with a roll of turf.

You can also have an aesthetic artificial hedge backdrop for different outdoor and indoor events. It works great as a photography background for birthdays, weddings, photo booths, etc.

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Fake Grass Roll in Sports Pitches

Recently, fake grass roll has gained heaps of popularity in sports fields with grassy surfaces. Artificial grass surfaces for sports are designed to imitate high-performing natural grass sports pitches. They allow consistent playing speed and optimum bounce to the ball.

Football pitches, golf courses, indoor and outdoor multisport arenas, tennis courts, and many other sports have adapted to the growing trend of investing in weather-friendly, cost-efficient artificial grass rolls.


Roll of Artificial Grass in Commercial Area Landscaping

Let your store look attractive, inviting, and refreshing at the first glance! For commercial space landscaping, a roll of artificial grass is an economical solution to making the area look appealing to the eyes. If you have clients visiting your office, installing synthetic turf will turn heads without a doubt. You can set it up on the reception wall, entrance hall, or as welcome mats. Because of its environment-friendly materials, it is safe to invest in artificial turf in children’s playgrounds, community centers, and daycare and pet care facilities.

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Artificial Grass Rolls in Hotels and B&Bs

If you own a hotel or B&B and want to enhance the aesthetics but reduce the maintenance costs, artificial grass rolls are the real deal.

Fake grass rolls are perfect for hotel entrances, welcome mates, rooftop gardens, hotel balconies, exhibition areas, golf putting greens, and areas around swimming pools.

Roll of Fake Grass in Residential Area Landscaping

Make your front yard, balcony, patio, rooftop, and backyard stand out with a roll of fake grass.

Improve your short game at home with synthetic golf putting green. Artificial grass roll is the real-deal answer to all your residential landscaping worries. You can replace high-maintenance real grass with weed-free, low-maintenance fake turf on your lawn.


What Are Some Benefits of Using Rolls of Fake Grass?

Rolls of fake grass have tons of advantages over real grass rolls. Let’s have a look at a few of them.

Premium Quality Cheap Artificial Grass Roll

At Tiger Lily Garden, we create our cheap artificial grass roll keeping your budget in mind. But it does not mean we comprise on the quality of our products. We manufacture our artificial grass rolls with premium quality raw materials. With proper R&D, we are constantly developing and improving the quality of our product range.

Good Water Retention

With real grass, the water stays in the grass creating a pool of muddy water. Our rolls of fake grass have holes that do not let water retain in the grass but rather drain out efficiently, so your kids and pets can play on the lawn without splashing mud everywhere. With over thirty litres of water per hour seeping through our lawns, there is no need to fear the heaviest of rain.

Weather and UV-Resistant Fake Grass Roll

Does your natural grass lawn completely dry out during burning hot weather and die during the drastic winter season? You might want to replace it with rolls of fake grass. Tiger Lily Garden creates its roll of turf with high-quality polyethylene and polypropylene. These materials protect the grass from UV rays, frost, and heat.

Durability of Fake Grass Roll VS. Real Grass Roll

You can stomp on a fake grass roll without worrying about your grass getting flattened out or the grass blades shedding. However, if you do the same on a real grass roll, you might destroy it. The blades of artificial grass rolls are manufactured such that they stand back up as soon as you walk over them.

Economic Analysis of Fake Turf Against Natural Grass Roll

According to a field study, researchers found that having greenery in the office increases the happiness and productivity of the staff. Given that natural grass is hard to maintain, needs a lot of care, and is costly, using fake turf can make your office space brighter with little to no maintenance required.

Custom Artificial Grass Roll Size

Most artificial grass manufacturers offer standard artificial grass. But, with Tiger Lily Garden, you can order cut-to-size grass rolls. And not just that! You can also order products according to your business-related demands. From yarn shape to pile height,  colour to density, thickness, and Dtex, we are happy to fulfil your requirements.


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How to Install Artificial Grass Roll?

Installing an artificial grass roll can be tricky. But once you successfully do it, it will stay put for at least a decade. Here are a few steps you can follow to properly install a roll of turf:

  • Compress the soil of the required landscaping area.

  • Install the brick or concrete surface for the grass roll.

  • Roll out the synthetic turf on the surface.

  • Splice the seams with an adhesive.

  • Secure the edges with staples of adhesive.

  • Add rubber or sand infill if required.

  • Brush the grass with a powered broom or brush.

  • It’s time to finally praise the beauty of your completed project!

Why Tiger Lily Garden

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Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Fake Grass Roll Suppliers?

Whether you are an artificial grass distributor or a personal shopper, Tiger Lily Garden is your ultimate fake grass roll supplier. We have been in the business for more than a decade. With hundreds of satisfied clients worldwide, we understand your needs better. Our team of experts in every department is working hard to bring valuable solutions to your specific needs.

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help you with all sorts of information.


  • Artificial grass looks and feels natural and does not wilt, brown, or die.
  • Artificial grass does not require high maintenance.
  • Artificial grass does not become muddy or slippery due to rain.
  • You do not have to worry about getting allergies to artificial grass.

Most full rolls of artificial grass are 12 to 15 feet wide. The length can be cut up to 100 feet, according to the size of the lawn.

The best way to secure the edges of your artificial grass is by using galvanized nails. Drill galvanized screws downward, at a 45-degree angle, into the edging system of your choice.

You may also use artificial grass adhesive to bond your grass to the paved edges.

No, you cannot lay artificial grass directly on the soil. You must remove all the organic matter and lay a solid base before installing your artificial grass. Even a thin base will be strong enough to support your synthetic turf.

You can keep artificial turf down by anchoring the edges using landscape staples. If there’s infill added to your lawn, it will also function to keep your artificial turf down.

Yes, you need to nail down artificial grass. Use a rubber mallet to pound large galvanized nails into your artificial grass.

Most artificial grass rolls are up to 4.5 meters wide. The length can be cut up to 30 meters, according to the size of the lawn.

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