Artificial Grass Small Garden Ideas

The ideas to make special gardens.

Private courtyards are closely related to our lives and carry many activities in family life, such as walking, dining, drying, gardening, outdoor gatherings, sunbathing, playing, etc., which need to meet the needs of people. This is a place for people’s daily recreation and needs to continue to bring joy to people and become a place of emotional sustenance. The plant landscape design of a private courtyard should have the following characteristics:

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1. Plant design should highlight functions and use plants to create a comfortable living and leisure space.

Private courtyards have many functions, and plant design should also be designed for the purpose of fulfilling functions and serve our lives. Choose suitable plant types and planting forms according to needs to ensure the efficiency and comfort of the small courtyard. For example, choose a lawn that is resistant to stepping on for children to play; use tall and dense plants to form the boundary of a small courtyard to maintain the privacy of home life.

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2. Use plants to interpret a personalized space

The style of the private courtyard can be diversified. The dominant factor is the preference, temperament and actual needs of the family members, and the second factor is the style of the building and interior decoration. Plants are an important expression element of individualization. With their special shape, colour, fragrance, cultural connotation and other characteristics, they can create a unique space and atmosphere of the small courtyard landscape, such as the bamboo-based “bamboo garden” and the fragrance Gardens featuring plants, etc.small garden design ideas 06

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3. Plants create a warm atmosphere

The small courtyard should create a cordial and warm atmosphere. Therefore, the shape, size, and colour of plants should be cordial and pleasant. Small flowering shrubs and scented plants are good choices.family garden design ideas 08

4. Use plants to create change

The seasonal changes and growth changes of plants are used to bring changes to the landscape of the small courtyard. Therefore, the plant layout must pay attention to the seasonal landscape. Moreover, plants should not be arranged too full or too rigid. It is necessary to leave space for people to manage, develop, replace, and change.

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5. Plant design should be easy to maintain

Most private courtyards need some plants that can grow naturally and have good resistance as the protagonist of the plant landscape. Our requirements for garden plants are not only to be pleasing to the eye from time to time, but also to save water, spray fewer pesticides, fertilize less, and have better ecological stability. A small natural courtyard uses local plants and long-term introduced plants as much as possible to match the natural and regional environment and reduce maintenance.

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6. Plant design should reflect the fun of participation

Plant design should consider the family practices of gardening enthusiasts, such as proper plant replacement, pruning, and trimming. In the small courtyard, fruit trees can be planted in the small courtyard, and a small vegetable plot can be opened, which is in the same line as the function of the traditional courtyard and realizes people’s pastoral dreams. It is also a charming landscape.

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If you find it too difficult to choose suitable landscape plants, you can try artificial plants. The ground can be laid with artificial grass and used with artificial decking or paying. The combination of wood, stone and lawn will not only increase the sense of liveliness but also provide your Children’s pets have a sense of participation when they play.
Wall fences, artificial hedges, and tall artificial trees increase the privacy of small gardens and also bring colour design changes that natural plants do not have. Not to mention that artificial plants are not squeamish at all, and do not need watering, spraying, fertilizing, and other manual maintenance. It is the best choice for your courtyard.

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