India’s 12 Leading Wholesalers and Suppliers for Artificial

India has grown where the number of artificial grass manufacturers continues increasing to cater to the client’s needs. Despite your installation requirements such as installation in indoors, sports field, landscaping among other areas where the grass can be installed, you should have an idea of the most sought for manufacturers in India.

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Artificial Grass in India

The more artificial grass increases in popularity, the more its demand from clients who seek the products. Despite there being various artificial grass manufacturers in India, you can hardly find a local manufacturer.

How much is Artificial Grass?

The cost of artificial grass in India depends on the size of your area including the materials used during manufacturing.  For this reason, PP and PE vary in price. PP shines more than PE which makes the grass different in price and material. The pile height also contributes to the price and it can also escalate if you request for installation services.

The expected estimated price in India is presented below;

PE ranges from Rs 28 per square foot to Rs 135 while PP can cost from Rs 20 per square foot to Rs 110.

Is Artificial Grass worth the Cost?

Although artificial grass costs more than growing natural grass, it is worth investing in because of benefits such as low maintenance and less use of natural resources like water. Check out why artificial grass is worth your resources;

  • Artificial grass is fade-resistant.
  • The grass is realistic and adds value around your home.
  • Artificial grass resists insects and dirt especially during rainy seasons.
  • You can enjoy customized services if you choose the right company.

Top 12 Artificial Grass Suppliers in India

Fyne Surfaces

Profile: Fyne Surfaces imports green artificial grass and has served clients for 10 years and over. The company also offers artificial grass for gardens with a ten-year warranty. Artificial grass from Fyne Surface comes at a 10mm, 35mm, and 40mm pile heights.

 Main Products: The company supplies 10mm, artificial grass, 25mm FG instant turf, and 35mm premium, economy, and super luxury synthetic turf.

Advantage: Fyne Surfaces offers unique services such as personalized designs, sending free samples, a 24-hour helpline, and home consultation.

The Sports Infra Company

Business Type: Supplier.

Headquarters: Vashi, Navi Mumbai, Dist. Thane

Profile: The Sports Infra Company specializes in manufacturing top-quality artificial mats and grass. Being established in 2017, the company prides in artificial grass for mats and other flooring needs.

Main Products: The company specializes in indoor and outdoor artificial grass, Crumb rubber infill, artificial grass for walls and sports. Artificial grass for lawn has a minimum order of 100 square feet with an approximate price of Rs 50 per square feet.

Advantage: The Sports Infra Company offers tennis court construction services among other artificial grass services. Most clients prefer the company because of the ease it provides to construct tennis fields.

Altius Sports

Profile: Altius Sports has branches in New Delhi and Kolkatta in India. The company specializes in indoor and outdoor artificial grass for purposes of decoration and enhancing the outlook in sport fields and schools. Tiger Turf is among the company’s products, making it trusted country wide

Main Products: The main products offered by the company include multisports turf and leisure turf. Multisports turf has a category of all-weather artificial grass used in schools in India, America, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Asia.  Leisure turf has categories available for landscaping and sports fields.

Advantage: The offered products from Altius Sports are widely known and used globally because they are affordable and durable. 

Progreen Sports Infra

Headquarters: Lohar Chawl, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Profile: Progreen Sports Infra was established in 2006 and is among the leading retailer, wholesaler, and trader of various sports turf. The company also offers balcony lawns and lawn carpet to its clients. 

Main Products: Progreen Sports Infra deals with football turf with a pile height of 60mm suitable for football fields. Other products offered by the company include Futsal Grass, Multi-sports turf, artificial grass for volleyball and Football Turf FIFA 2 Star. 

Advantage: Progreen Sports Infra allows for customized artificial grass according to the installation area. Clients do not have to buy excess grass, making the company competent in the industry. Progreen Sports Infra is also acknowledged by FIFA due to its quality products that qualify for installation in FIFA fields.

Chhajed Garden

Profile: Chhajed Garden supplies and sells artificial grass on wholesale while concentrating on being the top online gardening shop.

Main Products: Chhajed Garden offers products suitable for installation in schools, gardens, sports areas, and homes. The pile height varies depending on the installation area such as 30mm to 35mm pile height for artificial grass installed in hotels, playground, balconies, rooftops, and private houses. Artificial grass for such purposes comes in 50, 100, and 200 square feet. Artificial lawn for landscaping is also offered by the company and comes in 50, 100, and 200 square feet with a height of 20mm to 25mm. Chhajed Garden is easily installable and available in 78 square feet.

Advantage: Chhajed Garden offers a wide range of gardening items. This means that you can get products for sports, schools, homes, and other places.

Tulsiani International

Headquarters: Surat, Gujarat.

Business Type: Exporter, importer, wholesaler.

Profile: Tulsiani International was established in 2017 and offers different artificial grass products including artificial grass for walls, decorative artificial grass and plants, among others. The company directs their services and products towards customer’s expectations by providing quality and eco-friendly products.

Main Products: The company offers artificial grass products such as 25mm Supersoft artificial grass, 60mm Ultrasoft carpet grass, 15mm artificial turf, 35mm pure green artificial grass turf, among other varieties of artificial grass and turf.

Advantage: Tulsiani International provides clients with artificial green grass for walls and upholds moral business ethics and policies to remain transparent and maintain healthy relationships with clients.

Evergreen Bamboo India Private Limited

Headquarters: Lajpat Nagar III, New Delhi, Delhi.

Business Type: Importer, exporter, manufacturer.

Profile: Evergreen Bamboo India Private Limited is a renowned company that deals with artificial grass products among other products. The company was introduced in India in 1998 and has decorated many private and public sector offices, shopping malls, and residential places.

Main Products: Despite having other varieties of decorative artificial products, Evergreen Bamboo India Private Limited offers artificial 10mm premium lawn grass, artificial 50mm football turf, 30mm Futsal grass, and artificial landscape grass.

Advantage: Evergreen Bamboo India Private Limited’s artificial grass products last up to 15 years and are eco-friendly, affordable, does not discolor, and can withstand heavy foot traffic.


Profile: Elen is a trusted company in India that supplies one of the best quality artificial grass. The company has existed for 2 years with certification from ISO. 760, including other sellers of Elen grass.

Main Products: Elen has grass products such as E-turf with a 10mm to 65mm pile height. The company also deals with artificial grass applied in gardens that comes in different square sizes.

Advantage: Choosing Elen grass is beneficial because of the online discounts, a wide range of products to select from, and advice on measuring and installing the grass.


Profile: ILAN INDIA is considered a major artificial grass wholesaler in India. The company focuses on offering artificial grass for decoration with an achievement of installing over 8 million square feet of artificial grass.

Main Products: ILAN INDIA has a 10mm artificial grass with a packaging of a 538 square feet roll. The other product comes at 40mm which is lush green in color with a width of 2 meters.

Advantage: The company offers a ten-year warranty. ILAN INDIA offers product that are 100% safe for children and pets with affordable prices and samples for customers.

FieldTurf India

Profile: FieldTurf India is a company in India with over 30,000 installations of artificial grass in over 2000 sites. The company has clients like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Tata, and Siemens.

Main Products: FieldTurf India specializes on products such as Signature Series golf putting grass that comes at a 30mm pile height, PUR with a short pile, L-35 with a 2 tone color, and FieldTurf Outdoor Series.

Advantage: All products from FieldTurf India are lead-free and fire retardant. This means that they are safe for children and pets and come at affordable prices.

Surekha Exports

Profile: Surekha Exports has been around for 16 years and works with landscapers and supplies of fake grass. The company emphasizes on affordable prices and quality products.

Main Products: Surekha Exports offers products for volleyball courts, football fields, Cricket fields, Tennis courts, and landscaping purposes.

Advantage: The company guarantees high-quality products that meet international standards. Among the products offered by Surekha Exports their sports turf is acknowledged by FIFA standards.

Aavana Greens Private Limited

Headquarters: Kalkaji, New Delhi, Delhi.

Business Type: Manufacturer, Exporter.

Profile: The Company was established in 2018 and seeks to deliver the latest artificial grass trends to its Indian clients.

Main Products: Aavana Greens Private Limited offers products ranging from 35mm straight lush artificial grass, 40mm straight natural artificial grass, 35mm straight natural artificial grass, and artificial landscaping grass.

Advantage: The company has over 50 trained experts working in over 30,000 square feet warehouse and office. Aavana Greens Private Limited has over 18 years of experience and prides in brand building, brand establishment, and brand representation.

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