10 Suppliers in Philippines that Deal with Artificial Grass

Most people enjoy a colorful lawn with a distinct green that enhances their space’s appearance. However, not everyone is a fun of natural grass as it needs too much care that consumes a lot of time. The invention of artificial grass came to save such situations where you no longer need to work very hard for a green lawn.

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Philippines’ Artificial Grass Industry

The Philippines is popular in artificial grass manufacture and distribution for home and business use For this reason, there are many suppliers located in Philippines which call for the need to identify them for easier reach. Below are some of the places where to buy artificial grass in the Philippines.

Philippines’ Top 10 Suppliers for Artificial Grass


Business Type: Supplier.

Headquarter: Unit 3201 A East Tower PSE Building, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

Profile: Winturf supplies artificial grass that withstands all weather for installation in places such as landscapes, decoration, playgrounds, and sports. The company supplies artificial grass while providing installation services to its clients.

 Main Products: Winturf’s main products focus on saving time and resources required to maintain natural grass. This makes their products durable, eco-friendly because of the lack of chemicals, and affordable.

Advantage: The company’s product advantage is that it is suitable for all weathers and seasons while being able to survive high foot traffic. Winturf offers an eight-year warranty with soft, muddy free artificial grass.


Business Type: Supplier

Headquarters: 1605 Exchange Rd, Ortigas Center, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila, Philippines.

Profile: Decotruf installs and supplies artificial grass trimmed at different heights to suit settings including playgrounds, balconies, and gardens. The company takes pride in its eco-friendly products for all landscaping needs.

Main Products: Thee UV-resistant grass products from Decoturf mimic natural grass because of being manufactured with unique material.

Advantage: Decoturf supplies artificial grass that is 20 to 30% lighter than other turf types. The grass is also fade resistant with uniquely shaped fibers.


Business Type: Distributor.

Profile: Luxdezine’s artificial grass products look like natural grass and can be installed in any outdoor setting. The company has received satisfactory comments from over 6000 clients to imply a 99% satisfaction rate. Luxdezine are among the best distributors of artificial grass including top-notch customer service.

Main Products: Artificial products from Luxdezine are manufactured from high-quality material for sports, rooftops, gardens, and playgrounds. The grass has an eight-year warranty and has a UV-protection feature in addition to being fire retardant.

Advantage: The company specializes in advanced production technology of fabrics that are fire retardant.


Business Type: Supplier.

Headquarters: Brgy Culiat Tandang Sora, Quezeon City 1116 Metro Manila.

Profile: Cubesystem has existed since 2011 and supplies artificial grass to its Philippines clients. The company concentrates on sustainable synthetic grass with top clients including Sheraton, Esda Shangri-La Manila, and Shell.

Main Products: Cubesystem supplies grass products preferable for installation using silica sand infill. The company also provides artificial grass for sports and other landscaping needs. Artificial grass from Cubesystem  is also easy to maintain and is affordable.

Advantage: Clients can use Cubesystem’s drainage layer in the artificial grass to harvest rainwater. Choosing Cubesystem implies that you support eco-friendly practices by the company.

Design Trends

Business Type: Distributor.

Headquarters: Ortigas, Pasig City.

Profile: Design Trends has premium artificial grass products in the Philippines for playgrounds, sports fields, indoors and outdoors. The company also has artificial grass with different pile heights to your various needs.

Main Products: Design Trends install non-toxic artificial grass indoors and outdoors with pile heights ranging from 10mm to 35mm. The company’s products sports grass to landscaping grass with different specifications.

Advantage: Design Trends offers delivery by a distribution leader in the industry with products manufactured from durable materials. The grass is also brightly colored and authentic-looking with a wide range of indoor and outdoor uses.

Missi Garden

Headquarters: Garden Center, Quezon City, Philippines

Profile: Missi Garden offers quality artificial grass products that are natural-looking, weather proof, and easy to maintain. The company serves clients from Philippines while offering unique services and products at affordable rates.

Main Products: Missi Gradens deals with products such as Putting Green, Korean and China artificial grass, among others. The grass lengths range from 10mm to 45mm.

Advantage: Artificial grass from Missi Garden comes with an SBR coating with UV-resistant features.

Green World Builders

Headquarters: 268 El Grande Avenue, BF Homes, Las Pinas City 1740, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Profile: Green World Builders is an artificial grass company that offers landscaping solutions to its clients including other services. The company prides in installing quality and durable artificial grass products.

Main Products: Green World Builders offers grass for landscaping on patios and decking, garden spaces, driveways, and other indoor and outdoor decorations. The company provides artificial grass products that add value to your spaces.

Advantage: The company has qualified professionals specializing in landscaping to build stunning outdoor spaces for you to experience a green outdoor living.

Acezekiel ‘n Abigail Artificial Grass

Business Type: Suppliers, installers.

Headquarters: Quezon City, Philippines.

Profile: Acezekiel ‘n Abigail Artificial Grass are suppliers and installers of artificial grass. The company also offers décor services for clients to benefit with the advantages and beauty that comes with artificial grass.

Main Products: Acezekiel ‘n Abigail Artificial Grass offers landscaping grass with various specifications and types such as grass mats, ordinary thick and ordinary medium artificial grass, and tropical mats. The company also deals with Korean and China premium brands.

Advantage: Acezekiel ‘n Abigail Artificial Grass has supplied grass to various clients in the Philippines because of the company’s advantage of being installers.


Headquarters: Unit 2309 Prestige Tower, F, Ortigas Jr. Rd. Ortigas CBD, Pasig City, Philippines 1605

Profile: OBI distributes international brand products including artificial turf for all your décor needs. The company was incorporated in 2012 and strives to bring the major world brands into the local market.

Main Products: Although OBI has other products for decorations, the company also supplies artificial turf with various pile heights. Most artificial turf products are meant for landscaping for indoors and outdoors due to their simple maintenance and a stable anti-UV property.

Advantage: The company has enabled clients to get a quick quote through their website for easier management of clients. OBI also adheres to environmental standards that dictate sustainability.

China Carpet Manufacturing Corporation

Profile: China Carpet Manufacturing Corporation offers a wide range of flooring products including artificial grass made to appear like natural grass.

Main Products: China Carpet Manufacturing Corporation deals with various carpeting products particularly artificial grass carpets for indoors and outdoors. The carpets are used for commercial and residential applications including sports fields.

Advantage: China Carpet Manufacturing Corporation manufactures its products and offers installation services despite the appearance of your space at an affordable rate.

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