South Africa’s 13 Leading Companies for Artificial Grass

Need to find artificial grass in South Africa? The list provides a few manufacturers and suppliers in South Africa where you can choose one or more for reference.

You should not drain your pocket while decorating your house because a little work and creativity can turn your house into a dream home. Including artificial grass in your space depending on your colour choice will leave people thinking that you brought professionals who achieved the amazing look.

artificial grass of south africa

South Africa Artificial Grass

Most people have adapted artificial grass in their spaces to suit both commercial and residential purposes in South Africa. This is evident in places such as swimming areas, sports fields, schools, private homes and parks. For this reason, it is better that you learn about the best artificial grass companies in South Africa that manufacture quality grass to withstand the harsh sun in Africa. Here are some places where you can get the best artificial grass in South Africa.

Artificial Grass Dealers in South Africa


Business: Suppliers.

 Main Products: The company’s artificial grass products are suitable for installation in any place. The products come in various colors and are easy to maintain. Synsport also has durable grass that meets the requirements of commercial sports including soccer, indoor sports flooring, Synthetic Multi-Sport Courts, and Athletic Track Surfacing.

Advantage: Synsport’s grass has passed numerous tests and is termed suitable for official tournaments. The company has also established facilities in schools across South Africa and has installed turf covering approximately 2 million square meters in 150+ sports fields.  Synsport has over 21 years of experience with a certification of artificial grass in Rigby, FIFA, and ITF.

Belgotex Grass

Belgotex Grass manufacturers have a range of artificial grass for landscaping purposes such as playgrounds, homes, and gardens. The company also deals with recreational sports such as cricket and golf.

Main Products: Belgotex  Grass utilizes its recreational skills to produce natural-like grass that is non-toxic thereby being pet and child friendly.

Advantage: Belgotex Grass offers unique grass solutions that withstand extreme climate changes in South Africa. Their grass is exclusively made in South Africa with a ten-year warranty.

Synthetic Lawn

Business Type: Installer and supplier.

Headquarters: East Rural, Cape Town, South Africa, Graceland Farm, Pelican Walk, Joostenbergvlakte. Years of Experience: 27.

Main Products: Landscape artificial grass from Synthetic Lawn comes in different specifications and categories. The company has a range of sports grass for installation in mini courts and backyard cricket pitches. Synthetic Lawn also offers Eco Grass that comes at a shorter height including a specific type of artificial grass that caters to pets.

Advantage: The company provides an eight-year warranty on artificial grass that is safe for children and pets. The grass is also UV-resistant, fade-resistant and non-toxic.


Profile: Quickturfs manufactures artificial grass for landscaping. Customers from South Africa can also enjoy the installation services offered by the company.

Main Products: The company makes products from top-quality yarns for individual and business purposes. Pets and children can use the grass due to its soft, dense, and bright nature.

Advantage: Every installation from Quickturfs is performed by professionally trained individuals to provide quality maintenance, installation, and repair services including an eight-year warranty. The installers are also certified to provide the company’s user-friendly synthetic grass.


Business Type: Installer, supplier, trader.

Headquarters: UK

Profile: Easigrass is among the most influential installers and manufacturers of sports and landscaping artificial grass worldwide. The company has partnered with HTA, RIBA, and SALI to indicate that its skills and materials are top-notch.

Main Products: Easigrass has different specifications in its grass variety including pile height, colour, stiffness, and yarn fiber shape. The company also offers high-foot traffic grass and low-impact grass for landscaping. Their grass does not also cause mud build-up and is UV stabilized and porous.

Advantage: Easigrass continues to manufacture unique grass copied by most manufacturers. An example is the “dead grass root zone feature.” The company is also an award-winning manufacturer that offers an eight-year warranty for child and pet-friendly grass.


Business Type: Installer, supplier, designer.

Headquarters: Unit 105, Gateway Park 53 Berkley Road, Ndabeni, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

Profile: EasyGrasse offers installation and renting services in addition to other artificial grass uses such as residential and commercial.

Main Products: EasyGrasse products cater to home, business, and landscaping uses. Their artificial grass products are soft thereby being pet and child-friendly.

Advantage: The company allows for renting out artificial grass during special events. The grass comes with an eight-year warranty with the company acting as both a manufacturer and artificial grass installer


Business Type: Distributors, installers, suppliers.

Headquarters: 135 Romney Ave. Chartwell County Estate, Gauteng, South Africa.

Profile: Ecograss is a distributor and also installs artificial grass for various uses such as domestic, business, and sports activities.

Main Products: The company has various products suitable for installation in public places such as parks among other landscaping areas. Pile heights range between 13mm to 40mm depending on the type of grass. Ecograss has a quality management certificate under ISO 9001: 2000 and has certifications from IAAF and FIFA.

Advantage: The raw materials are carefully selected to exclude toxins such as zinc and lead. Ecograss also has a five-year warranty with its products lasting 15 years.

Artificial Grass Wholesalers

Business Type: Wholesaler, installer, supplier.

Headquarters: Unit 1, Building 7, Riversands Boulevard, Riversands Outlet Park, Fourways, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Profile: Artificial Grass Wholesalers specializes in supplying synthetic grass with many years of experience. The company has consumers with residential and commercial needs.

Main Products: The company focuses on artificial grass for landscaping with a density of up to 35mm. Products from Artificial Grass Wholesalers are high quality including multi-sport grass that can withstand less foot traffic such as golf fields.

Advantage: The company has a free sample service of up to six samples with an eight-year guarantee.


Profile: Turfscape is among the first synthetic grass manufacturers in South Africa that innovates products to improve their services and attract more clients. The company has existed for over 25 years with new grass features to enhance the artificial grass experience.

Main Products: The company specializes in sports and landscape turf with different shades of green such as the Cricket Oval 13mm, Synscape Lux 35mm for playgrounds and gardens, and Synscape Eco 20mm for rooftops.

Advantage: Artificial grass from Turfscape comes with an eight-year warranty with customized installation services at an affordable cost.

Arturf Africa

Business Type: Importer, distributor.

Profile: Arturf Africa deals with a wide range of sports and landscaping grass with considerable experience in selling and installing artificial grass.

Main Products: The main products from Arturf Africa include artificial hedges, landscaping and sports turf. The products vary in price depending on their features such as pile height, density, and size. However, all products are affordable and of high quality for commercial and domestic purposes. The company offers artificial grass that is soft, and UV-resistant to protect children and pets.

Advantage: The company has a walk-in warehouse for customers to take their time and select their preferred grass products. The experienced professionals address the most complicated installations to meet the client’s needs.

Universal Turf

Profile: Universal Turf Specializes in synthetic or artificial grass for use in businesses, schools, and homes.

Main Products: The most sought for products include one-off event grass, and high and medium-quality grass. The one-off event grass helps keep traffic off and can be installed and re-installed for parties such as weddings, parties, and conferences. High-quality and medium-quality grass only differ because of specifications and price.

Advantage: The most unique thing is that the company’s high-end grass comes with a five-year warranty and is affordable and durable.

Alpha Grass

Headquarters: 28A Meridian Dr, Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, 4319, South Africa.

Profile: Alpha Grass is one of the leading suppliers of artificial grass made with quality material and is maintenance-free. The products also ensure high foot traffic and are friendly to children and pets.

Main Products: The company specializes in sports and fitness, commercial, and residential artificial grass. Products from Alpha Grass do not attract stains on children’s clothes and are good for recreational areas.

Advantage: Alpha grass offers drought-resistant artificial grass making it unnecessary to water during hot conditions. The team is also efficient and professional enough to handle any type of installation.


Profile: Homein1 deals with different décor products including artificial grass for indoors, outdoors, and events. Despite its online presence, the company has various locations in South Africa to cater to clients in different locations. The company’s hospitality nature allows for top-notch customer service which has made an impact on its service and product delivery.

Main Products: Homein1 offers artificial grass for installations in schools, businesses, homes, and for events. Products range from artificial grass with 9 tiles, artificial grass with 8mm, 2 tones artificial grass of 30mm, and artificial grass with 50mm, among others. The company also has installation services for all their grass types.

Advantage: Homein1 prides in offering event services where clients can get artificial grass for events and purchase event management and décor services.

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