16 Most Preferred USA Grass Manufacturers

Most clients currently prefer artificial grass due to its low maintenance and long lasting features that make it better than natural grassMost homeowners have adapted artificial grass including industries that require an outdoor organic environment.

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Artificial Grass Manufacturing Industry in the USA

Artificial grass is not new to the market since it has existed from 1964.The first installation was done in a school in Rhode Island and since then, various types of artificial grass have been manufactured to cover each need including making the grass suitable for pets among other uses. Technological innovation has enabled improved synthetic and artificial grass products to resemble natural grass. For this reason, some varieties of artificial grass can easily be mistaken for natural grass.

Most companies worldwide have engaged in manufacturing and producing synthetic grass. Below are some of the companies operating and based in the USA.

16 Most Preferred USA Grass Manufacturers

X Grass

Profile: The company is run by family and focuses on synthetic turf in Dalton Georgia. X Grass was launched in 1960s and has passed to three generations while existing for approximately 60 years.

Main Products: The company offers various types of synthetic grass for lawn, sports fields, playgrounds, pet needs, and landscaping.

What Makes them Different: X Grass focus on providing accessories for artificial grass such as adhesives and infill along with its main product which is artificial grass. The company’s main products are complimented with their grass product known as X Grass Fiber that mimics natural grass.

Mega Grass

Profile: Mega Grass is an Ecogreen company subsidiary in the United States of America. The company has upheld selling eco-friendly turf with their main operations in Nevada. Mega Grass formulated the Strip Blade product that marked its beginning as a synthetic grass dealer

Main Products: Mega Grass provides artificial grass for various applications with widths top to 15 feet and lengths up to 100 feet.

What are The Advantages of Them: Mega Grass has artificial grass guaranteed to last for 25 years and is accompanied by free shipping. The company also supplies custom-sized grass.


Profile: SYNLawn is a widely known company located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Residential and commercial clients can access synthetic turf with different specifications that suit their needsMain Products: The company offers various synthetic grass products for professional sports such as golfing and in playgrounds. Their best products include SYNTipede, SYNRye, and SYNAgustine in addition to their premium and platinum lines for sports, particularly golf.

What makes them Different: SYNLawn has an artificial collection which is the first one to be manufactured from plant materials, making it a bio-based product. This is advantageous since the synthetic grass is 100% recyclable.

Easy Turf

Profile: East Turf supplies different synthetic grass products and is located in Calhoun, Georgia. The company is fairly new to the market since it began its operations in 2000.

Main Products: Easy Turf’s products ranges from DIOY, golf, and residential. They specify with residential turf with unique product lines as per the requirements of residential grassing.

What makes them Different: Easy Turf handles each project as unique while utilizing their MaxxFlow technology for efficient drainage. Further, using different grass blade colors facilitates a realistic appearance on their turf.

Forever Lawn

Profile: Forever Lawn specializes in synthetic turf in Louisville, Ohio. The company’s origins are in New Mexico with offices across different states in the U.S.

Main Products: Forever Lawn tailor makes products to suit water based activities, pet care, and sports needs. Their Splash Grass, Sports Grass, Bocce Grass and K9 Grass provide a realistic look for lawns.

What makes them Different: Forever Lawn is a Christian-based company with different innovative ideas to meet client’s artificial grass requirements. Their customer portfolio involves significant names in the entertainment industry including Disney, Universal, and Google studios.

Astro Turf

Profile: Astro Turf is a well established company with offices distributed across the United States. The company has been supplying artificial grass since 1964 with headquarters in Dalton, Georgia.

Main Products: Astro Turf’s most common products include Rhino, Diamond, RootZone 3D, Conversion Series lines and LigaTurf.

What makes them Different: Being the original synthetic turf inventors, Astro Turf are highly identified in American athletics and have also supplied their services and products to different household names within the sports industry.

Turf Factory Direct

Profile: Located in Resaca, Georgia, Turf factory direct provides indoor and outdoor artificial grass. They provide various range of products such as artificial grass for commercial, residential and also for sports. Main Products: Turf Factory Direct has a variety of grass to select from, for landscaping, and sports.

What makes them different: Turf Factory Direct Concentrates on directly supplying well-priced artificial grass for DIY made in the US.

Synthetic Turf International

Profile: Founded in 1995, Synthetic Turf International deals with synthetic turf for outdoor and indoor installation. The company is reputable because of its putting green sector that attracts many clients.

Main Products: Synthetic Turf International deals with artificial grass for sports application such as golf courses. The company also supplies products for purposes such as play areas and lawns. Synthetic Turf International deal exclusively with NP50, SoftLawn products, and EZ Tee products.

What makes them Different: Synthetic Turf International has established networks in countries such as Europe, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. The company also offers free sample shipment to its clients. They also have one of the heaviest turfs in the market.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse

Profile: Synthetic Grass Warehouse directly supplies a wide range of artificial grass products as an outlet in Orange County. Their main clients include businesses, installers, individual customers, and contractors.

Main Products: Synthetic Grass Warehouse has a wide range of products including custom-made and tailored products. The products vary from Color Turf, Tiger Turf, and Putting Green.

What makes them Different: Synthetic Grass Warehouse discourages middle men to provide clients with affordable rates. All products are safe for use due to the IPEMA certification. This makes their products suitable for children and pets.

Global Syn-Turf

Profile: Global Syn-Turf is a manufacturer of artificial grass that distributes their products for both indoor and outdoor purposes in commercial and residential area. Their headquarters are located in Pleasanton, California with various warehouses in the Southern US including branches in more than 10 states in the US.

Main Products: Global Syn-Turf deals with approximately 75 products for home décor, outdoor landscaping, and other needs.

What makes them Different: The company has various quality synthetic grass with same day shipment for ordered products.

Pro Green

Profile: Pro Green manufacturers all kinds of artificial grass products to distribute to its clients. The company prides being in service for 40 years while being located in Georgia, Alabama.

Main Products: The products offered by the company include home and office uses, and landscaping purposes.

What makes them different: The ProFlow invention from Pro Green with a non-perforated grass that increases drainage by up to 100%. Pro Green’s grass installers are also required to undergo training to meet the company’s standards.

Turf Tek USA

Headquarters: Greenlawn, New York.

Profile: Turf Tek provides high-quality grass for long-term purposes. This is a worth investment due to the remarkable synthetic fiber materials used in manufacturing artificial grass.

Main Products: The company offers artificial grass for landscaping needs, pets and play, and sports such as golf. The products are natural and realistic, suitable for heavy traffic, and can be used in multiple places due to its natural look. Sports grass has 5mm padding with different color options.

Advantage: The company offers a long-life guarantee with layered infill combined to provide excellent drainage.

US Turf

Headquarters: 4050 W Harmon ave, Ste 1 Las Vegas, NV 89103.

Profile:  US Turf is the leading artificial turf company with many years of experience that handles different projects.  The company’s goal is bringing affordable solutions to clients such as turf installations.

Main Products:  The main products include Crystal turf at $ 6.00 per square foot, Lush at $ 7.00 per square foot, Bamboo at $ 6.85 per square foot, Putting Green at $ 8.00 per square foot, Platinum at $ 6.85 per square foot, among other products.

Advantage: US Turf was mentioned as the Best of Las Vegas in landscaping. The company also provides maintenance packages after installation.

Best Miami Turf

Profile: Best Miami Turf provides artificial grass installation using premium quality turf for sports, commercial, and residential purposes.  The products are eco-friendly and economical and have been used in prestigious sports arenas.

Main Products: The company concentrates on sports, residential, and commercial artificial grass with features such as UV-resistant, without the need for watering or spraying for weeds.

Advantage:  The company provides products with an eight-year warranty. Products from Best Miami Turf are produced by Astro Turf, the number one seller and founder of artificial turf in the world.

Top Turf Miami

Profile: Top Turf Miami maintains high standards as their priority with a professional support staff. The company strives to be the most recognized dealers that install artificial grass in Florida.

Main products: The main products include pool grass, grass walls, driveway turf strips, front and backyard turfs, playground artificial grass, and other products. Different products have various specifications to suit their installation areas.

Advantage: The company has the most innovative synthetic products available in both its locations in Orlando and Florida.


Business type: Installers.

Profile: Novaturf has existed since 2011 and assures its clients of quality products at affordable rates. Novaturf’s products seek to prevent odors and bacterial accumulation thereby being safe for children and pets.

Main Products: The company installs grass products such as pet-friendly and multi-use artificial grass, artificial grass for pool decks and walkways. Novaturf also assures its clients of manufacturing artificial grass using sustainable products to help save natural resources.

Advantage: The company offers free services to consult about the turf you require to make informed decisions.

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