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Artificial grass tiles for DIY and chain store.

Brief Introduction

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Garden Tiles with Grass

Are you afraid of getting a rough, uneven application of artificial grass when laying a giant roll? Artificial grass tiles can be a great alternative to using big pieces of synthetic turf. Artificial grass tiles are square-shaped garden tiles with grass.

Your Artificial Grass Tiles Factory Provider | Tiger Lily Garden

Patches of artificial grass attached to rubber tiles are referred to as artificial grass tiles. The grass is carefully pressed onto the tiles to assure their porous surface is functional. Widely purchased from homeowners these days, not having them in your home or shop is keeping you behind. Tiger Lily Garden has been a manufacturer of high-quality grass tiles for more than 10 years and we strongly believe the demand is not going down. One of many advantages, why grass tiles are preferred over regular rubber tiles, is their soft surface which creates a sense of luxury for the walker. Equipped with a drainage system that filters water to both keeps the surface clean and fresh at the same time.

What Kind of Customized Grass Do We Offer?

There are many more exciting products you could explore with Tiger Lily. The products vary from artificial turf for landscape, sports, and turf made specifically for indoors. However, artificial turf tiles cover all your needs while giving you the satisfaction that lasts almost a lifetime.

Synthetic Grass Tiles Applications

Where to Use Synthetic Turf  Tiles?

Living in urban areas with little or no access to the ground makes it difficult to maintain green space. Rooftops and balconies are difficult spaces to make green and give a greener look but with the help of our amazing fascinating artificial grass, we have in our factory. Growing natural grass to make these spaces green is almost impossible. We have found the best solutions you could ask for. This is called artificial grass and it is produced by our manufacturers in China. Come see them and we will show you why your customers will love them. Artificial grass is used in different forms and shapes but the artificial grass tiles are one of the most distinctive types of artificial grass we have.

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Artificial Grass Tiles for Balconies

Artificial grass for balconies is the best option if you wish to have a garden on your terrace or the rooftop. The artificial grass has anti-UV properties, so you do not need a shed over the area to protect the turf from the sunlight. The easiest way to have artificial grass for balconies is using interlocking artificial grass tiles. These tiles have drainage holes and hence do not retain water, and the grass dries fast. These tiles are replaceable, so you can remove a tile and replace it with another one.

Tiger Lily Garden produces great artificial grass tiles that are easily implantable for your roofs and especially balconies. Their porosity makes them ideal for roofing because of their construction. Water easily floats through the cracks amidst artificial grass tiles and their surface is designed to keep the tiles dry within a short amount of time after rain. Another reason why artificial grass tiles are great for roofs and balconies is their relatively small weight. You can replace with ease a tile if you have to. These artificial grass tiles make a home stand out.

fake grass tiles for balcony
artificial grass multifunction

Multiple Uses

Artificial grass tiles are adapted to various types of surfaces, therefore fulfilling numerous functions. Surfaces like wood, vinyl, plaster, soil, plastic, and cement do perfectly. Artificial grass tiles being attached to them make perfect seats, coverings or carpets, constructing pleasing décors. The decoration is not the only function these tiles can fulfil. Artificial grass tiles taking the shape of a cone are great to be used as pots for plants. If you are tired of your sofas or any other piece of furniture slipping, grass tiles are the solution.

Use of Artificial Grass Tiles on Playgrounds

Thanks to these artificial grass tiles, kids can safely enjoy roaming around happily, not having to worry about falling in the ground and getting dirt all over their clothes. The tiles come with shock-absorbing technology to provide kids with safety without missing the fun. Artificial grass tiles are made to deliver enhanced walking and playing experience for users. Tiger Lily Garden strictly followers the guidelines while producing new artificial grass tiles, which means these tiles in correspondence with EN 12616 maintain 250 mm porosity.

artificial grass tiles for playground

Artificial Grass Tiles for Walls

Green walls are becoming quite popular these days. They give a green, eco-friendly look to an otherwise dull room. For a natural-looking living wall, use artificial grass tiles for wall. The fake turf tiles are easy to install and provide a clean finish. Not to forget the minimum maintenance they require. At least you will not have to worry about watering your green wall.

Artificial Grass Tiles for Garden

If you have a small concrete, cemented, decked, or tiled space but want to convert it into a green, little garden of yours, you might want to try laying artificial grass tiles for garden there. You will need not use an adhesive to glue the tiles to the area. With the interlocking edge design, you can join the tiles and lay them on the hard surface without hassle.



Interlocking Artificial Grass Tiles Basic Function

Artificial turf tiles from Tiger Lily Garden function like any other tiles but are unique because they consist of patches of artificial grass. The patches are carefully attached to the rubber tiles to ensure that they provide the intended function.  Tiger Lily Garden is a renowned company that manufactures quality and top-notch artificial turf tiles you could ever find in the market.  We are a professional manufacturer of artificial grass and nothing should lock you out of the opportunity to explore our products, specifically the artificial turf tiles. The amazing product comes in different colours and fits your various need. Be confident knowing that Tiger Lily Garden has been around for more than 10 years and is a company based in China with the most qualified professionals at your service.

Artificial turf tiles have a variety of uses such as installation on rooftops, balconies, and pavements, with different specifications depending on their area of installation. We invite you to send us what you require and we will get back to you with a pocket-friendly quote.

Fake Grass Tiles Bring Convenience

What holds as important for artificial grass tiles is their application of them in your spaces. It matters that you choose the proper size and design according to the area. The best part about these tiles is that the maintenance needed to be done to them is no different than the maintenance process you follow with simple ceramic or linoleum tiles. Cleaning needs a simple vacuum or a broom.

Also, artificial grass tiles that Tiger Lily Garden produces are easily customized with the proper design that fits your space. Compared to other pieces of turf you might be using, artificial grass tiles are more practical to install and maintain thanks to their small weight. This goes especially for citizens who want their balconies or patios to be spotted for their green appearance regardless of how far they are from the ground. Having green spaces with the help of artificial grass tiles with minimum effort is quite beneficial.

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Artificial Turf  Tiles Advantages

Artificial turf tiles from Tiger Lily Garden are very easy to install, saving you the trouble of hard work while giving you more time to relax and enjoy the beauty that comes with it.
Artificial turf tiles are permeable to allow for a fast and easier water draining process. Your cleaning experience is less tiresome and you do not need to worry about rainwater flooding your turf tiles.

They have a flexible interlocking system(30cmX30cm and 40cmX40cm size) at the base to make it easy for you to install and remove. Therefore, artificial turf tiles are the best option for you, your pets, and your kids.

The edges of the fake grass tiles have an interlocking design, so you can join them without professional help. Tiger Lily Garden ensures the interlocking system of its grass floor tiles is sturdy enough not to break the spliced pieces apart with just a little pressure.

The water does not stay on the grass blades and runs down, making these synthetic grass tiles water-resistant. The synthetic turf tiles also have UV-resistant additives that help protect them from the sunlight, and the grass remains greener on your side… ALWAYS!

  • Interlocking System

    Now you do not need any adhesive, specialized grass nails, or another tool to secure your turf and the joints. Synthetic grass tiles have an interlocking edge design that allows easy splicing of the fake grass tiles.

    The interlocking artificial grass tiles are easy to remove and replace. If you plan to move things around or change the setting of your place, you can easily remove the tiles or adjust them according to the area. If you take proper care of your lawn, the interlocking artificial grass tiles will remain intact for a long time after installation.

  • Ideal for Small Spaces

    Outdoor grass tiles are ideal for creating small, lush green spaces such as balconies, and small patios. Tiger Lily Garden manufactures dense, thick yet soft, and flexible synthetic turf tiles ideal for kids’ and pets’ play areas.

  • Easy Cleaning

    Interlocking artificial grass tiles, once installed, are super easy to clean. You can use a power broom, a rubber rake, or a vacuum cleaner to clean the grass. None of these tools will damage the blades or fibers of the grass.

  • Proper Drainage System

    The surface of the fake grass tiles is also perforated and allows water to run through it, while the plastic base drains out the water. It makes the tiles very useful for installing in kids’ and pets’ play areas. If your dog pees on the grass floor tiles, it will drain down, so your grass will not stink.


Easy to install

Interlock design, no complicated progress. Even the kids can finish it independently.



30cmX30cm or 40cmX40cm/pc. No limit on the installation area.


Sense of design

Artificial grass tiles match things well. Wood, stone…It’s easy to have the good vision.



The drainage holes make the artificial grass tiles is permeable to water.


How to Install Artificial Grass Tiles?

Gardens are not easy to deal with, but with artificial grass tiles, the process becomes a lot easier. By shaping them into different sizes you can decorate spaces around swimming pools or other landscaped areas, as well as to create spaces for any recreational activity. Wonderful game boards can be created with artificial grass tiles for your kids to play on. Imagine how special your outdoor spaces would look after having applied artificial grass tiles in your infrastructure?! Even if you change your mind about the appearance, modifying it is fairly easy thanks to the lightweight.

It is very easy to install these artificial grass tiles together with the interlock. Let us show you how.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

Why Chose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Artificial Grass Tiles Supplier?

artificial grass tiles factory

Artificial grass tiles are highly preferred by homeowners because of their composure and their practical use. What differentiates the artificial grass tiles we produce at Tiger Lily Garden from other manufacturers is the dedication and time spent to make each of them.

High-quality layers of grass are put over the rubber of the tiles, glued carefully by our experts. Each artificial grass tile has a high porosity of over 250mm per hour ensuring the surface gets dry in a matter of minutes. Artificial grass tiles structure protects them from being damaged when falling to the ground. Tiles fit perfectly to any kind of roof, except the ones with PVC roofing.

Tiger Lily Garden is one of few serious artificial grass tile manufacturers in the market. We guarantee the quality of our products. At Tiger Lily Garden we use a combination of techniques to produce the perfect artificial grass tiles. Focused on optimizing the processes for maximum capacity, we use polyethene of high-density to produce artificial grass tiles suitable for kids, pets, and most importantly, artificial grass tiles that are not damaged from water due to their draining system.

The Certificate We Have

Artificial turf tiles are produced with material that makes them flame retardant for a safer environment. The product carries such and much more qualities that our professionals are willing to share upon enquiry. Our factory has gained praiseworthy certifications, including Rosh, Pony, and SGS. It is important that you know this to ascertain our strong presence in the market while making you comfortable when purchasing our product.

Tiger Lily Garden cares about you and your well-being and that is why we are committed to offering the best services you could get.

tiger lily garden certificate

More Advantages of  Tiger Lily Garden

Raw material

100% raw material assurance! Recycled materials bring harm to not only human beings but also the environment! With Tiger Lily Garden you have nothing to worry about.

Fast Delivery

Time is money. We chooses high-speed tufting machines and plenty of raw materials stock to make sure a faster lead time. 10~24 days to reduce your time waiting.

Open Production

No hiding, no secret! What you see is what you will get. We will report every detail to you until you disburden your mind! Honest is the basement for a healthy relationship.

Grass and More

Looking for grass but bothered by accessories? There will not be a headache when selecting us as your Chinese artificial grass supplier. A small quantity is available.


Price is very important. Tiger Lily Garden is focused on saving costs in a reasonable way to provide you with the perfect benefit products to save your hard-working earned money.

Customizable surface

From colour to yarn shape, V, W, C shape or even complex picture design. We provide customized service. There is no need to worried about that what you get is exactly like the others on the street.

Promotion Support

One of the welfare to be our partner is we provide promotion support on gift &on line link&post& joint exhibition. We love our clients and we’d like to do all to boom our business together.


We all use high-quality raw materials to finish the interlock on time. Our unique stick technology makes the frame attach to the grass tightly with a long life span. The quality will satisfy you.


Looking to have that elegant look in your home that mimics the appearance of ceramic tiles? Artificial turf tiles have the same use as ceramic tiles. The only difference is that the tiles are made of artificial turf. Artificial turf tiles have benefits including being easy to maintain and keep clean. Follow the article below to know the benefits including all you need to know about artificial turf.

Our team is ready and enthusiastic to serve and welcome you into a world of glamour with this amazing product. Please talk to us about anything else you would like to know and a professional will get back to you with everything else you need to know.

To install artificial grass on tiles, follow the steps below:

Step1: Gather all your supplies – drain cells, artificial turf roll, a heavy-duty cutter, or blade.

Step2: Clean the tiled surface before installing artificial grass over it.

Step3: Measure the area for installing the artificial grass.

Step4: Install drain cells on the tiles to facilitate water discharge and prevent water retention.

Step5: Lay your fake turf roll on the interlocked network of drain cells.

Step6: To fit the required area, you can simply cut the fake turf with any heavy-duty blade or cutter.

If you plan to lay artificial grass on tiles, Tiger Lily Garden offers a wide range of easy-to-install synthetic turf. All you have to do is follow the steps below:

Step1: Clean the tiled floor thoroughly, ensuring there are no mud, dirt, or stones on the surface.

Step2: Measure the exact dimension of the required area.

Step3: Lay the synthetic grass by rolling it out on the tiled surface. If the area requires more than a single piece of turf, make sure the leaves of different patches point in the same direction.

Step4: Fold the excess from the edges and cut it with a heavy-duty blade or cutter.

Step5: Glue the periphery of fake grass to the tiled surface using fake grass adhesive.

Step6: Once the glue has completely dried, brush your turf using a broom.

Step7: Enjoy the beauty of your fake turf floor!

Most people find it challenging to measure artificial grass against their spaces. Even with the help of professionals, spaces would have a deficit of grass or more grass than usual can be left. As this might not frequently occur, grass tiles are the best as they can be fitted similar to tiles without too much wastage.

Grass tiles can be laid on any surface including actual tiles. This is because they have been designed to fit on any surface so long as it is prepared according to the requirements. If you have a surface that requires installation, seek adequate help and guidance before deciding on the amount of grass tiles required.

Grass tiles have a standard size that people who have purchased the grass have known. The tiles come in different sizes and you can get to select the preferred size. Another option is getting the typical tile size and installing it in your space. Consequently, any size of grass tiles can be installed by a professional to properly fit your area.

Grass tiles come in different shades of colours. We would suggest that you get green shades for the pavement to blend in with your environment. Other shades can be installed at the playground, swimming pool areas, and other places. If you feel that you would wish to explore other shades, get a good décor advisor to end up with your preferred outcome.

Grass tiles are typically meant for installation on floors. You may get the idea of installing it on walls but it is better that you look for other types of grass suitable for walls. Either way, grass tiles can be installed on floors and if you wish to explore installation on walls, get a professional for assistance.

Grass tiles will not damage the look of your walls even after removal. The tiles are carefully removed and the adhesive used is friendly to the surface. Ultimately, grass tiles do not affect your floors during and after installation.

Yes. The turf can be cleaned using a vacuum or broom. Do not worry about damaging the fabric because the material used to make the turf can endure vacuuming.

Artificial turf tiles can be installed in each space whether big or small. The turf is easy to handle than big chunks of artificial turf. For this reason, you may install the tiles in small patios, balconies, and other spaces. If you live in the city and think artificial turf cannot be fitted in your apartment, try artificial turf tiles.

Artificial turf tiles can be installed on different surfaces. These include plastic surfaces, wood, plaster, vinyl, cement, and soil surfaces. The tiles can also be used for carpeting, covering your walls, and décor. That slippery floor that your furniture sits on can also be fixed by installing artificial turf tiles.

The issue with choosing other types of turf is that moving them to another location would require a lot of labour. This means that you have to resize the turf according to your new space. However, with artificial turf tiles, you only need to remove and place the tiles in a new area. Therefore, you should consider artificial turf tiles because of their flexibility to be moved from place to place.

Maintaining turf tiles is as easy as maintaining a carpet. Simply sweep or vacuum the tiles to remove dirt. You may also wash down the dust if the turf is installed in your backyard. Do not drag furniture on the turf tiles as it may damage the tiles.

Artificial turf tiles are friendly for kids and pets to play on. The material on artificial turf does not harm children’s skin. Most homeowners install artificial turf tiles in their homes in the children’s play areas to mimic the playground. So, artificial turf tiles can accommodate pets and kids.

It is impossible to know the number of tiles for your apartment. However, you may take the measurements with you when going to purchase. Another idea is involving a professional to measure and advice on how many tiles your space would require. This is easy because it will save you the DIY attempts that are not recommended especially if it is your first time installing artificial turf tiles.

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