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Artificial grass is made of synthetic fibers called artificial grass yarn. Artificial grass yarn suppliers such as Tiger Lily Garden through a combination of these fibers give you what is known as the turf, or the surface you use to give your space the look as covered with natural grass. We use the same methods at Tiger Lily Garden to ensure the production of high-quality grass.

What Makes Artificial Grass Yarn So Important?

Without artificial grass yarn, we cannot have artificial grass. The final product is composed of artificial grass yarns and infills. The infills are the parts between grass yarn. Their function is to keep the yarn together. Infills are in direct contact with the ground and keep the yarn up in such a way it looks like real grass. Artificial grass yarn is important because it’s the part we are in direct contact with. It is the dominant part of the turf.

The yarn’s color is an indication of its lifetime. With years passing its color changes from green to blue and then gray. This means your artificial grass needs to be replaced with a new one. Choosing the right artificial grass yarn supplier to provide you with quality turf is crucial.

Grass Yarn Classification


Twisted Yarn

We were born for landscaping.


Thatched Yarn

More curly, more firm.


Monofilament Yarn

More yarn shape and low shine

Fibrillated Yarn

Low cost is always needed


KDK Yarn

Make your carpet special

Based on Grass Yarn Material


Polypropylene (PP)


Polyethene (PE)

Based on Grass Yarn Horizontal Shape

According to the horizontal shape of the artificial grass filaments. They can be divided into:

Monofilament Yarn
Extruded monofilament is classified according to the shape of the section: olive, spine (single and double rib), C-shaped, S-shaped, or W-shaped. Extruded monofilaments are of good quality, as the forming process is a one-off process, which causes little damage to the physical properties of the base material. This is why it is said that extruded monofilament has a longer service life than mesh or sliced monofilament.

Fibrillated Yarn
There are two types of fibrillated yarn: large openings and small openings. The process is to cut a certain width of the opening in a few millimetres wide plastic film with a hobbing knife to make the straw filament into a mesh.
Due to market perceptions, PE long grass is rarely used anymore, PP short grass is still mostly used.

monofilament artificial-grass-yarn-7

Monofilament yarn

Using a plate with small holes, we pass the fluid mass through resulting in the formation of yarns in a certain size depending on the hole of the plate. The holes’ shape gives the yarn a distinctive shape.


Fibrillated yarn

In this structure, we have the fluid mass needed to produce the yarn going through a film that cuts it into small pieces producing filaments in a honeycomb-like structure.

Based on Grass Yarn Longitudinal Shape

According to the longitudinal shape of the grass yarn. They can be divided into:

Straight yarn
The shape of the straight yarn is straight, there is no bending.  Fibrillated yarn and monofilament has both straight and curved wire.

Curly Yarn
Curly yarn means that the shape of the yarn is curly, just like permed hair. There are two processes for processing curly yarn.

1) KDK yarn
KDK yarn is made into a cloth-like knitted sweater, then deformed by high temperature, cooled and shaped. The final part of the process is dismantled to form the curly yarn. The curly yarn is well shaped and does not easily revert to straight yarn.

2)Air jet texturing yarn
Air jet texturing yarn means using hot air to heat and bend the straight yarn before cooling and shaping it into a curly yarn. This process is relatively simple and the processing cost is low, but the shaping effect is slightly worse, and it is easy to revert to straight yarn for a long time.

At Tiger Lily Garden as an artificial grass yarn supplier, we are committed to producing professional fibrillated and monofilament artificial yarn. We have been doing this for years, and we still make sure to maintain stable quality.

artificial grass straight yarn

Straight Yarn


Curly Yarn

Synthetic Grass Yarn Shape

What Are the Most Popular Shape of  Synthetic Grass Yarn?

When we talk about the synthetic grass yarn shape we are mainly referring to the straight yarn shape, as the curly yarn and fibrillated yarns are mostly flat, with only variations in size, thickness, colour and material but not much else in terms of shape.

The variety of designs these artificial yarn grass suppliers provide offers a unique look and makes it durable and flexible. At Tiger Lily Garden we create with the intention of having grass look as close as possible to the natural grass. Like many professional artificial yarn suppliers, we provide various designs. Blade technology is used to produce grass in different forms. Below we are listing the main types of designs you should know before deciding on the kind of grass you want to buy.

Artificial Grass Yarn Flat Shape
Synthetic grass diamond shape
Synthetic grass yarn W shape
synthetic grass yarn C shape
synthetic grass yarn D shape
Synthetic grass yarn W shape
synthetic grass yarn C shape
synthetic grass yarn S shape
Synthetic grass yarn spine shpe

More Details about the Shape of Artificial Grass Fiber

Artificial Grass Yarn Shape

What is the S-Shape Artificial Grass yarn?

S Blade Shape-designed grass gives the grass a more natural appearance compared to flat grass. The shape changes the way sunlight is reflected. The usual flat grass reflects more light thanks to the mirroring effect, making the grass look more white than green. Its shape makes the S Shape of grass softer.


What is the V-Shape Artificial Grass?

What makes V-shaped blades useful is high endurance and fast retrieval of the surface in the previous form after high pressure. The grass in V-shaped areas tends to stay straight, therefore, resembling more natural grass.


What is the U-Shape Artificial Grass?

The U blade shape  grass is highly valued by artificial grass yarn suppliers because of its permanence, its ability to recover fast after high pressure, and its lifespan. U Shape grass finds use in sports fields, playgrounds, parks, and other areas where high traffic is present. Nevertheless, it finds use in all kinds of surfaces. Strong and durable, but has a soft touch too.


What is the C-Shape Artificial Grass Yarn?

C-Shape artificial grass is the perfect choice if you have high frequented areas to cover thanks to its endurance and durability. Turf composed of C-shape artificial grass maintains its straight shape longer under pressure compared to other low-quality turfs. We can say C-shape and V-shape turfs have similar performances.


What is the M-Shape Artificial Grass yarn?

If you use M-shaped grass for your lawn you’ll be amazed how much it will resemble natural grass lawns. This is thanks to the light reflection from the grass which is similar to natural grass. M-shaped blades are put in yards and other prominent areas where it’s important to have grass looking as natural as possible.


What is the W-shape Artificial Grass yarn?

The industry of artificial grass is advancing with the invention of W-shaped and Double W-shaped blades. Artificial grass yarn suppliers are producing more of this model. It looks very realistic with high durability to use in heavy traffic foot traffic areas, such as playgrounds, corridors, and pet areas. Build to ensure the distribution of heat in such a way as to keep the turf 15 degrees down from the ambient temperature on hot days.


What is the double W-Shape Artificial Grass yarn?

Double W-Shaped grass has similar characteristics to the W-shaped grass, but compared to W-shaped blade grass is evaluated to look more natural. Durability is almost the same when used in areas that receive lots of traffic. Similar to W-blade-shaped grass, Double W-blade-shaped grass diffuses the heat for a cool surface.

Water Wave artificial grass yarn

What is the Water Wave Shape Artificial Grass Yarn?

The shapes we mentioned above were similar, but this one is completely different. The texture and shape is unlike other artificial grass blade shapes. The surface is smooth and structured in a way to diffuse and reflect light as the natural grass. Although flat, the blades resist high traffic perfectly. This type of grass has a high resemblance with natural grass and is preferred for residential lawns. Artificial grass yarn suppliers claim this one to be one of the most ordered from customers.


What Is Artificial Grass Yarn Made Of?

Two are the main components of which artificial grass yarn is made of: polypropylene and polyethene. In some cases, nylon is added. Other materials are added from the artificial grass yarn suppliers to increase the resistance and ensure high performance. At Tiger Lily Garden, we focus not only on producing high-quality artificial grass, but also in creating friendly grass surfaces risk-free for your health. Inert materials like polypropylene and polyethene don’t cause harmful reactions with other substances.

How Does ArtificialGrass Yarn Suppliers Distribute in China?

Not like artificial grass factories locating all over China. The artificial yarn factories are mostly located in Jiangsu Province. So if you are an importer who purchasing artificial grass yarn from China. That will be great. You don’t need to travel all over China from the North to the South part to do the factory evaluation. A business trip cross Jiangsu is more than enough.

And 90% of these factories are only made landscaping grass yarn or sports grass yarn. Unlike them, Tiger Lily garden has all types of artificial yarn including landscaping yarn(Twisted yarn), sports yarn(monofilament yarn), fibrillated artificial yarn, KDK artificial yarn also twisted fibrillated yarn with different colours which are our only patent craft.

After the Covid-19, we have seen that “made in domestic” will be a new trend. Whatever you need you can always find the right yarn with the right price in Tiger Lily Garden.

loading artificial grass yarn 01

Yarn China, Why Tiger Lily Garden?

tigerlilygarden the best chinese artificial grass manufacturer

The Best Artificial Grass Yarn Supplier in China

The blade shapes mentioned above are designed by artificial grass yarn suppliers to fulfil the requirements customers have while maintaining a professional quality. Durability, resistance, and close-to-natural-grass appearance are what we as artificial grass yarn suppliers intend to achieve. Our turf at Tiger Lily Garden perfectly covers both commercial and residential areas: playgrounds, parks, commercial spaces, residential lawns, and sports fields.
While it may be hard to decide what model better fits your space, a synthetic turf design consultant can help you with professional advice based on your requirements. Then, it is our responsibility to deliver the best turf we can produce to you.


Would you wish to know what your grass is made of to make a better decision during purchase? Artificial grass yarn is the key to producing different synthetic grass carpet products for installation both outdoors and indoors. You will be excited to know that artificial grass yarn can make any type of product and twist it to have various heights, densities or textures. Having an idea of the grass type by looking at the artificial grass yarn helps make informed decisions to get the exact product for installation. Check out the FAQs to understand more about artificial grass yarn.

Since artificial grass is produced from artificial grass yarn, you only need to know that polyethene and polypropylene are the materials mostly used to make artificial grass yarn. Nylon or other materials can also be added to increase the artificial grass’ quality.

Basically, there are two main types of artificial grass yarn which will be discussed based on their specifications. Although the strands’ primary monofilament yarn appears straight, the yarn is somewhat curly to produce the natural grass appearance. Fibrillated yarn mimics the structure of a honeycomb after production. The two categories are distinctly used in various areas.

It depends on where you intend to install your artificial grass. For instance, if you wish to install artificial grass for decoration, fibrillated yarn is the best option. Monofilament yarn can be used for landscaping due to its structure. A professional will better explain uses for other installation needs.

There are different artificial grass yarn shapes including the V-shape, C-shape, S-shape, and U-shape. However, for your grass to appear more natural-looking, we would recommend getting the S-shape. This is because the shape makes the grass feel softer and appear more natural from a distance. There are other numerous artificial grass shapes apart from the ones mentioned, that can be installed in different places.

Yes. Artificial grass yarn comes in different colours suitable for installation in different places. An example is where the twisted yarn has a deep green colour than thatched yarn whose green looks a bit faded. The different colours are suitable for installation in various places and sports fields such as football fields may interchange one colour with the other to form two strips of different colours.

Artificial grass yarn is important because it is the material used to make artificial grass. This means that you should know more about the yarn to make informed decisions when selecting artificial grass.

All types of artificial grass yarns are high quality. What you need to know is the specification of each yarn and where they are installed. This will help make better decisions since most clients use a different yarn for decoration and another for landscaping.

Flat Yarn refers to the straight yarn version of artificial turf, which refers to the cross-sectional appearance of the artificial turf when cut horizontally. When the cross-section is long and flat like a rectangle, we call it flat shape yarn.

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