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What Is an Artificial Hedge?

Artificial hedges are foliage sheets that can be installed easily for decorative purposes. It’s like a real hedge plant used for enhancing greenery for both indoor or outdoor areas. You can easily install them on any wall, or cover them to turn boring spaces into something beautiful and unique.
Unlike real hedge plants, artificial hedges don’t have to grow particularly, you can easily buy them from China artificial hedge suppliers.

Artificial Hedges comes in a variety of sizes and textures and has various options in quality. It is a great idea to install artificial hedges inside your home, where you don’t have to worry about its maintenance and other things.

artificial hedge supplier

Artificial grass and artificial hedges make a great partner. They both exist in where the real plants are not suitable.



Tiger Lily Garden Natural Appearance

A high degree of simulation, distinct layers of leaves, natural colour transition, close to real plants.

Details 1

Adequate materials, excellent design, attention to details

Details 03

The colour is bright as if covered with little dew

Details 02

Thick film, firm connection and the leaves are not easy to fall off

Details 04

100% raw materials, safe for your health, soft and fleshy leaves

Rich Selection of Accessories


Real plants need a lot of water, sun, and love to stay happy and healthy. If they don’t get what they need, they get sad and stop growing. Our fake hedges from China are different. They stay looking good all the time because they are made with strong stuff that lasts a long time without needing plant food or water.

Minimal Maintenance

If you grow a plant, you have to take care of it a lot. It needs the right light, water, and air to grow big and strong. Our fake hedges don’t need any of that. They are always green and pretty because they are not real plants, so they don’t need the sun or rain to stay looking nice.

Easily Customizable

Real hedges can only grow so high, and then they stop. They have their own rules for growing. But our fake hedges can be as high or as short as you want them to be. That means you can make them fit wherever you want and make them look exactly how you like.

Applied Anywhere

Real hedges need the sun’s light and rain to grow up. They can’t grow anywhere. But artificial hedges can be put up anywhere you want, inside or outside. You can put them in the kitchen, living room, or any place that doesn’t get much light, and they will make the place look nice and green.

Attractive Designs

Our fake hedges can be put up on walls, around your yard, on the ground, and in lots of other places. They are great for making boring spaces look lively and green. They come in designs that are really pretty and can make any room in your house look more cheerful and inviting.

Installed Instantly

It takes a really long time for a real plant to grow from a little one into a big one. Sometimes it can take five years for a hedge to grow all the way. But our fake hedges are quick to put up. You can make any place look green and full of life right away without having to wait.

General Applications

artificial hedges application

Artificial Hedges are widely used in many applications for both commercial and residential area, it brings green colour and vibrant to our lives.

  • Balcony

  • Privacy Fence

  • Home Decoration

  • Wedding Decoration

  • Shopping Mall Background

  • Landscape photography

  • Rooftop Deck

  • Patio

  • Noise Reducing

Why Tiger Lily Garden

Features of Hedges Supplied by China Artificial Hedge Suppliers

Tiger Lily Garden as one of China’s artificial hedge suppliers produces a great quality artificial hedge. The supply of this product is shipped worldwide. At such a big level we must make a good and strong artificial hedge. Everything is pretty decided and planned by experts, about the research, production, and testing of the product. All the hard work returns in the term of best quality artificial hedge.

Production Progress

Tiger Lily Garden Hedge Options
The Certificate
Production Area

Tiger Lily Garden’s Advantages

Manufacturer of Artificial Hedges

As a reliable artificial hedge factory, our price is competitive and our products’ colour is bright, What‘s more, customized products are available.

SGS Certification

100% raw materials, no recycled material, non-toxic and harmless to the human body, soft hand feeling, no colour change after long-term sun and rain.

Rich Design

With a variety of designs and colours, no matter what kind of natural style is pursued, we can always find suitable products here.

 Over 10 years Export Experience

A proven high-quality manufacturer has rich experience in packing, loading, shipping, and customer protection. We are always the backup for our clients.

  • Not like the other China hedge suppliers. The hedges supplied by us are realistic looking and made with fully natural raw material. A spray coating is applied by the manufacturers on the artificial hedges, giving extra life to these green panels.

  • There’s no need for maintenance and to continue looking aftercare. You just have to use a simple damp cloth or spray of water to clean the artificial hedges occasionally, that’s all. No need to worry about watering it, or cutting regularly for maintaining a design. Artificial hedges come in pre-designed panels. All you have to do is just install them properly.

  • As one of the best China artificial hedge suppliers, our products are very easy to install. These artificial hedges come in panels or sheets that can be assembled on walls by anyone. With some easy steps, you can resemble the idea of your imagination. The panels of artificial hedges can be applied in any configuration you want.

  • Tiger Lily Garden is a very responsible Chinese artificial hedge supplier who is very concerned about our products’ safety. Proper research and testing are done before development. These manufactured artificial hedges can be used for a long time and are 100% lead-free. Which makes them safe for every purpose of use.

  • The best work of artificial hedges respects the beauty of nature. If we as hedge suppliers are resembling the greenery in the environment- then a responsibility to maintain the health of it also comes. For this purpose, Your best china artificial hedge factory Tiger Lily Garden uses an eco-friendly raw material that is 100% recyclable.

  • Artificial hedges also create a shadow and protect you from damages caused by the sun’s UV rays. So, you can easily hang out with your friends under the sun on warm summer days. A peaceful satisfaction with the beauty of greenery will be given by artificial hedges. Your professional artificial hedge suppliers in China Tiger Lily Garden promises at least 4 years of full UV warranty to make sure your outside place looks amazing all the time.

  • While you start worrying about artificial hedges being exposed to natural sunlight, dust pollution, and extreme weather conditions- will get an impact over time. Then, we must tell you that a China artificial head supplier as Tiger Lily Garden always produce a fade-resistant material that keeps up the same greenery over time. The designs are very specific to maintain the natural view of hedges irrespective of outer conditions.

  • China Artificial hedge suppliers take inspiration from the designs and the beauty of nature. This gives ideas to create more realistic designs of artificial hedges. The colour pigments used are of good quality which gives a realistic green colour to artificial hedges. If you will ask your guests about the hedges you installed, they probably will get confused to recognize them as real or fake plants. Feel the realistic greenery inside your home only with artificial hedges.

  • Different artificial hedge suppliers in China have different products. That’s why artificial hedges come in multi shapes, designs, and multi-size sheets or panels. In Tiger Lily Garden, we have our own designer, that’s the reason why we always provide new products to the market. All of these will help you to customize any place as you dream.

  • In today’s world, the scarcity of water is a big issue. Where we should all save water for our future generation. Growing a real plant will need to feed water for it. By applying artificial hedges, the problem of watering plants will be removed, and you will never run out of greenery. This is a smart decision that can save so much water, which just wasted good looking purposes.

  • With artificial hedges, You can create a private space that truly appreciates your privacy by making the area sound reductive. The thickness of the artificial hedge will absorb some sound and make the areas noise-free. The material used for such products is specially designed to have minute blocks inside sheets. Which will give this feature of sound reduction. Now relax and enjoy your space more without being affected by the outer world.

  • When we are making an alternative to any natural resource, we must take care of all the amenities we have. With this idea hedges supplied by your China artificial hedge supplier, Tiger Lily Garden comes with weather-resistant material that can withstand any extreme conditions of hot and cold.

Lead Time Estimation

Package and Delivery

Stock Products Lead Time

For our artificial hedges, we always have stock for regular products, for example, the woodbox item. These are usually 50X50 CM. And there is no MOQ requirement. The artificial hedges will be sent immediately once the order is confirmed.

artificial hedge factory

Production Lead Time

Artificial hedges are very different products ,this industry belongs to the Labor-intensive industry.  The lead time usually will be longer than artificial grass products. It still depends on different items and the order quantity. Usually, the lead time for the new order is around 28~40days based on different designs.

artificial grass shipment

Delivery Lead Time

Plastic plants share the same character that is: Large size and small weight. So it will be better for us to delivery the mass products by the container. Usually, it takes 10 days to South Asia country and 20 days~30 days to the Middle East, 30~40 days to European and USA market.


How to Install Artificial Hedges?

A Simple and Short Guide on How to Install Artificial Hedge Walls

Walls of artificial hedges can be seen in malls and offices. It gives a pleasant look to the indoor environment if applied inside your kitchens and homes. You can also do this by yourself.

Follow these simple steps:
Please kindly check the installation steps below to finish your artificial hedge installation.

How to install artificial hedges 1

Common Method One

If the wall is tiled, marble, glass, etc., directly use the foam board to fix the ground buckle

    1. Apply the nail-free glue and glue gun evenly to the required places;
    2. Paste the foam board on the wall;
    3. Splicing several pieces of plant wall together;
    4. Put the plant wall on the foam board;
    5. Fasten the foam board with a fixed buckle;
    6. Installation is complete.

Iron net Installation

Common Method Two

For large-area engineering assembly, use iron wire mesh as the base, and fix it with cable ties.

  1. Prepare the buckle and place it on the wall;
  2. Fix it with a hammer;
  3. The buckle fixes the grid display;
  4. Use cable ties to splice the plant wall together;
  5. All the plant walls are tied to the wire mesh with cable ties, and they can be fixed;
  6. Installation is complete.

Wall Installation

Common Method Three

For large-scale engineering

  1. Large-area engineering assembly is directly fixed on the wall with a nail gun;
  2. If it is a brick wall or cement wall that cannot be nailed with a nail gun, the wood board needs to be bottomed and then fixed.

What Else Do We Need to Know?

Here are the steps to install an artificial hedge on a glass, tiled, or marbled surface.

  1. Use a glue gun to paste a foam board to the surface.
  2. Snap panels of faux hedge together.
  3. Now put the connected artificial hedge panels up on the foam board.
  4. Fix them to the board using a staple gun.
  5. Install the artificial hedge to the entire desired area.

Attach an artificial hedge to a wooden fence by following the steps below.

  • Step1: Measure the area of your wooden fence with a measuring tape.
  • Step2: Start with a single hedge panel and staple it to the top corner of the fence.
  • Step3: Splice another hedge panel to the pre-attached one. Then staple it to the fence.
  • Step4: Repeat until the desired fence area is covered with the artificial hedge.

Artificial hedge panels come with a snap-to-lock system. All you have to do is connect them by snapping the tab into the holes. You can use a heavy-duty staple gun with galvanized staple pins or a nylon plug and washer to install artificial hedge panels to any solid surface.

Follow the steps below to make an artificial hedge.

  1. Clip hedge panels together using the snap-to-lock technology.
  2. Create a wooden frame and, on top of it attach a wood board to install a hedge.
  3. Paint the frame green to give natural look.
  4. Now staple the hedging to the wood using a heavy-duty stapler.

You have now created your artificial hedge.

To make an outdoor artificial boxwood hedge, follow the steps below:

  • Step1: Make wooden frames by screwing lumber together. Make as many to fit in the space.
  • Step2: Measure and cut outdoor plywood boards and add them on top of the frames. Use glue and nails to hold things together.
  • Step3: Paint the plywood green using spray paint. This way, the hedge will look dense, lush green.
  • Step4: Boxwood hedge panels often have snap-to-lock at the back grid. Use them to snap the panels together.
  • Step5: Use a staple gun and staple the boxwood hedge panels to the frame. Make sure not to leave any corners and gaps.
  • Step6: Now fix it onto your fence. Sit back and enjoy!

For a DIY or personalized project, you can buy artificial hedge fences from local garden supplies stores. Or, you may purchase it online from reputed artificial grass and hedge manufacturers such as Tiger Lily Garden. If you are artificial turf and hedge distributor, there are tons of products and the most reasonable rates available for you at Tiger Lily Garden.

If you are searching for ways to attach your artificial hedge to your Colorbond fence, here’s how you can do it without drilling holes.

  1. Take a galvanized iron wire mesh. Measure and cut it according to your desired area.
  2. Use double-sided hooks and slot the longer sides into the outer corners of the wire mesh.
  3. Now slot the smaller sides of the hooks into the rail of the Colorbond fence.
  4. This installed mesh will now act as the canvas to fix the artificial hedge to your Colorbond fence.
  5. Connect different hedge panels using the eye-and-hook system.
  6. Splice hedge panels to the installed wire mesh with plastic cable ties.

The artificial hedge is now attached to your Colorbond fence without a single hole drilled.

The best thing about an artificial hedge fence is that it lasts for several years and requires minimal maintenance. An artificial hedge fence has an anti-UV additive that inhibits biodegradation under sunlight.

Artificial hedges are not made equal. The life span of our artificial hedges can be last for more than 10 years because we use the first-class raw material and BASF uv-additive granules.

All Plastic things fade colour in the sun. But different products perform differently. If without high-quality raw material. The artificial hedges will fade within 1 year.

Tiger Lily Garden provides 3 years full warranty. We promise the colour won’t fade within 3 years and after 3 years the colour will fade gradually. The life span will be more than 10 years.

Unlike artificial grass, artificial hedges involve a lot of labour. All these leaves stick on the panel are all made by hands. So Usually if the order for our regular products, the lead time usually 20 days. But for custom 3D series, our lead time usually needs 30~40 days. You can also email us for the new lead time.

Usually, we make 50CM X 50CM size of the artificial hedges. And 12 PCS in each carton. The size of the carton is different so the loading quantity is different. We load assuming 3000~3700 boxes in a 20ft container and 7300~9300 boxes in a 40HQ.

You can attach the artificial hedge to a brick wall in a few easy steps.

  • Step1: Measure your space.
  • Step2: Gather all the supplies – artificial hedge panels, drill, hammer, plastic plugs, and washers.
  • Step3: Using help, put your panel up against the wall. Mark the points where you need to drill.
  • Step4: Using an electric drill, drill holes into the marked points on the wall.
  • Step5: Place the plastic plug through the washer and put it through the drilled holes, ensuring that the washer is over part of the grid.
  • Step6: Hammer the washer to fix it into the wall.

Your boring wall is now transformed into a beautiful hedge wall.

Installing an artificial boxwood hedge on your wall is super easy. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step1: Gather your boxwood hedge panels and a heavy-duty staple gun.
  • Step2: Hold a boxwood hedge panel against the wall and check if the snap-to-lock tab is facing towards the end where you need to attach more panels.
  • Step3: Staple the panel to the wall using a staple gun. Make sure you staple across the plastic mesh on the back of the panel.
  • Step4: Keep snapping other panels one by one while stapling them into the wall.

You can also snap some panels together, and snap them to the pre-attached panels, then staple them into the wall.

  • Step5: You can cut all the extra parts with a pair of scissors if necessary.

Your artificial boxwood hedge is installed

Here’s how you can install an artificial hedge on the wall:

  • Step1: Use a measuring to measure the wall.
  • Step2: Cut metal grid fence panels according to the size of the wall.
  • Step3: Fix the grid panels to the wall using an electric drill and expansion screws.
  • Step4: Take artificial hedge panels and attach them with a snap-to-lock system. Make sure the foliage of all the panels points in the same direction to give a natural look.
  • Step5: Fasten the hedge panels to the grid panels using plastic cable ties.

You now have the artificial hedge installed on your wall.

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