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Want to avoid the tiresome maintenance of natural grass and have a beautiful tennis court all year long? Artificial turf tennis courts are the products for you. The turf comes in different lengths to fit your area and remains in good condition despite different weather. You do not need to be concerned about the players running around or sliding on the turf. This is because artificial turf tennis courts are designed to withstand rough games. You can also install the turf in your backyard and play tennis with your friends and family.

Tiger Lily Garden is a more than 10 years artificial grass manufacturer we serve many clients with tennis products and get very good feedback. We’d love to share whatever you want to know. The page will give you some of the best ideas and information when installing artificial turf tennis courts.

How Much Does the Artificial Grass Tennis Court Cost?

It depends on what specifications you want. However, the turf ranges from $ 8 to 25 depending on your specification choice.

How Long Does My Artificial Grass Tennis Court Last?

The turf lasts long depending on how you maintain the court or how you use the turf. However, turf can last up to fifteen years and more.

General Applications

indoor tennis court

Indoor Tennis Courts

If you do not like your games interrupted by rain or harsh weather conditions, you can use our tennis turf for creating an indoor tennis court. They are often found in tennis schools and gyms.

outdoor tennis court

Outdoor Tennis Courts

Most commercial courts made for professional play are outdoor tennis courts. Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass tennis court surfaces provide durability, play consistency, and aesthetic elegance.

residential tennis court

Private Residential Tennis Courts

These days, people are more interested in tennis court surfaces for their private residences as artificial grass courts are cost-effective and require little to no maintenance, all while giving your residence a stately luxury look.

tennis grass

Padel Tennis

Padel is getting quite popular worldwide. Consider it a simpler, more fun, and rather portable version of tennis. With our turf, you can build commercial or private padel courts for spending joyful time in solitude or with friends and family.


High-Performing with Regular Ball Behavior

For a high-performance play, the ball-to-surface interaction has to be natural and adequate. Tiger Lily Garden’s tennis court artificial grass provides consistent ball speed, bounce, and spin.

Efficient Drainage System

The artificial grass has an efficient drainage system. After the rain, the artificial grass tennis court surface does not stay wet for long since the water drains out, and the surface dries quickly making the court available for the game fast.

A Robust Surface

A synthetic grass tennis court has impressive durability due to hard-wearing raw materials. This means the surface of the court will remain even for years before starting to wear off. The materials also make it an all-weather surface.

Low Maintenance

The surfaces of natural grass courts must be cut at least three times a week, watered regularly, cleaned, and dried thoroughly. With synthetic courts, you do not have to trim the grass to 8 mm for optimum play. The turf does not need to be watered ever. The only maintenance needed is cleaning the surface to remove dirt and litter.

Players’ Safety

Tennis is a tough sport for your body. An artificial grass tennis court surface is deemed safer for the players as it provides optimal traction for the game. The substructure or the backing system reduces the impact on players’ knees and ankles, thus lessening the chance of getting their joints injured.

All-Weather Surface

You cannot expect to play on real grass surfaces throughout the year. While, in synthetic courts, you can play under the scorching sun or during freezing cold weather. You will never have to worry about the grass drying up in the hot or cold season. Also, rain or any kind of water drains down the surface really fast and dries up quickly.

Why Tiger Lily Garden?

tigerlilygarden the best chinese artificial grass manufacturer

Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden for Artificial Grass Tennis Court?

At Tiger Lily Garden, we are greatly concerned about climate change and its drastic effects. It’s why we use high-quality, environmental-friendly raw materials (polyethylene and polypropylene) for manufacturing our grass tennis court surfaces. We make sure our products do not contain heavy metals such as lead.

We manufacture our artificial grass tennis court surfaces purely according to your requirements – whether you want the surface for commercial professional courts or amateur games, fast or medium-paced games, we understand your demand and make it accordingly. Just hop on the call or fill in the form to share the details with us. We will get back to you in no time.


Yes, tennis can be played on artificial grass. A premium-quality artificial grass provides a great surface for a high-performance tennis game. Tiger Lily Garden provides a handful of options for choosing the right synthetic tennis court surface according to your requirements.

Clay is often considered the best surface for a tennis court. The surface is soft and hence allows players to slide smoothly, reduces injuries, and lets players improve their game. It is an eco-friendly surface, made of crushed bricks and minerals. The construction of clay courts is cheaper than other tennis surfaces.

Perennial Ryegrass is regarded as the best grass for a tennis court. This grass seed works best in countries with a temperate climate. It allows several games before showing signs of any wear and tear.

Artificial grass tennis courts are also called synthetic tennis courts. These courts have artificial grass surface that does not require a lot of maintenance such as regular watering and trimming. The surface is made similar to the real grass surface so the ball bounce and speed are not much different from that of a real grass surface.

No, Wimbledon is played on real grass. Since 2001, the courts of Wimbledon are sown with 100% Perennial Ryegrass, which is a hard-wearing grass seed. The Wimbledon courts require a lot of effort to maintain the natural grass surface.

During the game, the pile height of the grass in a grass tennis court for optimum play survival is maintained at 8 mm. During the playing season, the grass is cut every other day. Off-season, it is kept at around 15 mm, and cut around three times a week. The grass is watered regularly to grow firm.

To clean an artificial grass tennis court, remove dry leaves and debris from the surface. Brush the grass regularly and sweep away all the dirt sitting on top of the turf. Do NOT use a pressure washer on your grass as it will wash away sand infill which will cost you money to replace. Also, pressure washing can damage the seams of the turf.

Poor drainage and organic matter such as dry leaves and drink spills cause moss and mould growth. As a result, the synthetic grass tennis court surface becomes slippery. A few measures can help you get rid of moss on the turf surface. Spray a moss and algae killer chemical, powerful enough to kill the moss and its spores. Do not rinse it afterwards, as the chemical will inhibit future moss growth. You can also apply diluted vinegar and bleach solution to treat the affected surface and then thoroughly rinse the area.

Natural grass may become thin because of being exposed to too much heat. This means that it needs a consistent maintenance schedule to prevent the players from injuries. However, artificial turf tennis courts provide a safe environment because of their softness and density. The turf also has low maintenance than natural grass.

Firstly, get a professional to assist with the installation. The professional will help with measuring your area and removing the old grass. Use a rake to make your surface even. You could also spray a weed killer before putting a weed barrier and then lay your artificial turf tennis courts. If you have excess turf remaining after laying, trim it using a heavy-duty scissor.  Add sand infill to the turf and dig holes to fit the tennis poles. You can seal the holes with concrete to ensure that the posts are stable.

You should avoid sharp pointed objects such as furniture or spike heels. Make sure to use a leaf blower to avoid fallen leaves and tree needles. Do not use chewing gums or smoke cigarettes on the turf. This will help keep the turf in its original state and make it last longer.

Remove any trash after a game such as bottles or cans that could damage the surface. Ensure that you maintain a routine of checking the joints and edges of the turf and removing weeds. Check whether the sand infill is uniformly spread across the turf and brush the tennis court twice a week. You should note that when it rains or becomes wet, you should not use a brush because you might move the sand infill in one place more than in other places.

The turf is mostly made from polyethylene or polypropylene. This is because the materials can withstand UV light to protect the turf’s color. The materials are also durable and do not fade.

No. The only time the turf will damage is if you wear shoes with pointy heels. However, sports shoes cannot damage the turf.

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