Basic Knowledge of Artificial Grass Yarn

Yarn Shape


C-Shaped Artificial Grass Yarn

As the name suggests, the blades of the C-shaped artificial grass yarn are designed in the shape of the letter C. The C-shaped artificial grass has many amazing properties that make it one of the best to buy. Due to its blade shape, the fibers stand perfectly, which is commonly lacking in other yarn shapes.

As you walk over the turf, the curvaceous shape allows grass filaments to leap back to their original position, making it one of the most resilient and durable synthetic turfs. Therefore, c-shaped artificial grass is often used in places with heavy foot traffic.

Due to the curved shape of the fibers, the C-shaped artificial grass does not become matted and tangled with time. The c shape of the fibers also contributes to the shine of the grass. Therefore, this synthetic grass is considered most suited for backyards and often avoided on front lawns.

One of the great benefits of C-shaped artificial grass yarn is that it keeps the grass cooler. The curls of the fibers do not trap the ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun but rather reflect them, thus keeping the temperature of the c-shaped artificial grass cooler than the others.

U-Shaped Artificial Grass Yarn

The U-shaped artificial grass yarn is one of the most popular yarn shapes. The U shape of the artificial grass fiber gives the grass leaves a boat shape and a texture like that of fescue grass, making the turf look like cool green grass. Due to its form, it lacks a very glossy sheen as compared to other common yarn shapes.

The U-shaped artificial grass fiber is the softest of all yarns. It is quite resistant to harsh weather conditions and can withstand medium to heavy foot traffic as it stands back as you walk over it. That is why it is most commonly used in sports pitches, playgrounds, and public parks.

Yarn Type


Fibrillated Yarn Type

Fibrillated grass yarn is one of the oldest and most commonly purchased fake grass yarns. It is made of polyethylene which gives the turf the most natural look and soft feel. Due to its material, fibrillated yarn is water-resistant and very durable, making it ideal for heavy footing.

Although it requires occasional brushing, it is not hard and bends quite easily. You may trample down the grass, but it will stand back. Due to its enhanced resilience, it is used on soccer pitches, tennis courts, and golf courses.

The addition of UV-stabilizers makes fibrillated grass yarn UV-resistant, resistant to fading, and it does not gradually become brittle under the Sun.

Monofilament Yarn Type

Monofilament yarn is commonly made from high molecular weight polypropylene (PE). Its material makes the grass soft to feel. Monofilament yarn comes in more shapes than fibrillated grass yarn and is suitable for sports and landscaping.

The use of polypropylene makes monofilament yarn an excellent shock absorber, which is why it is preferred for sports pitches as it minimizes shock and injury and protects the joints.

Like fibrillated grass yarn, monofilament yarn is also resistant to moisture absorption. This yarn type produces the cheapest artificial grass.

Twisted Yarn Type

Twisted yarn grass is quite popular in landscaping. Its manufacturing involves twisting together monofilament and curly types into a single yarn. The twisted one offers a wide range of options in colours, fiber shape, softness, the Dtex, etc.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we have all yarn shapes available – C shape, W shape, V shape, S shape, and Flat shape. For the colours, olive green, lime green, apple green, and fresh green are available, or a combination of 2 to 6 tones to produce a multicolour yarn is also possible.

The twisted yarn grass is easy to install, requires low maintenance, and comes at a low cost. It is soft and smooth, eco-friendly, and UV-resistant.

KDK Yarn Type

The KDK yarn grass bears high resilience due to its exposure to high heat and air pressure during its production. Because of its manufacturing process, KDK yarn type offers a broad spectrum of various colours, Dtex, material, and yarn shapes.

One of the handiest properties of KDK yarn is that the yarn grass retains its curly shape no matter how you transport it. Your turf will be exactly like the original sample. As a distributor, it will hugely benefit you. You can transport the yarn grass without worrying about compromising the grass shape and quality. Tiger Lily Garden takes pride as one of the only few official manufacturers of KDK yarn.



Best Artificial Grass Yarn Suppliers in China

While choosing artificial grass yarn, always ensure you opt for the best suppliers. Tiger Lily Garden has proven to be the best and the most professional artificial grass yarn supplier in China. We specialize in research, development/improvement, production, and sales. We are serious about our customers and dealings with them. We have also turned out very responsible manufacturers and artificial grass yarn suppliers.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we have the latest technology machines on the market and aim to produce the best, most durable, and most reliable artificial grass yarn. We are constantly updating our technologies to be the fastest artificial grass yarn supplier on the market. If you want to save your time, money, and energy, give us a call or send a message, and our professional team will get in contact with you to cater to your needs.

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