Artificial grass has become the most common product used by clients worldwide. The product is easy to handle and install, including its longevity that continues attracting more customers into purchasing. The artificial grass company has grown to cover various regions worldwide with most companies installing, distributing, and manufacturing artificial grass. Despite their continued increase in number, the artificial grass company continues being popular where analysts have noted the most preferred artificial grass companies worldwide.  Here is a list of the top 20 artificial grass company worldwide.

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Top 20 Artificial Grass Company


Profile: FieldTurf is an artificial grass company based in Canada. However, the company manufactures its products in the United States. FieldTurf created its first turf in 994 and has since manufactured and sold artificial grass products worldwide.

Main Products: The Company is known for its top-quality artificial grass brand, FieldTurf where it derived its name from. FieldTurf makes artificial grass for sports fields such as golf, volleyball, and football among others.

What Makes them Different: FieldTurf is known for supplying its products worldwide with over thousands of clients. The company’s artificial grass products are 100% permeable with a fifteen-year warranty.

Astro Turf

Profile: Astro Turf is a SportGroup subsidiary that manufactures artificial grass for sports fields.

Main Products: Astro Turf sells longer artificial grass pile heights manufactured from polyethelyne material with infill to look like natural grass. The main products sold by Astro Turf are installed in sports fields where the company has maintained its status to date.

What makes them Different: Astro Turf provides artificial turf for various clients including the United Soccer League.


Profile: SYNLawn has premises in Las Vegas, Nevada and provides individual clients and companies with synthetic turf.  It has a facility for manufacturing in Dalton, Georgia to supply quality products to clients.

Main Products: The Company uses soy and sugarcane as its primary ingredients to fulfill its customer’s demands.  SYNLawn specializes in artificial grass for installation in sports fields to cater to clients worldwide.

What makes them Different: SYNLawn is a company preferred by clients evident from its 200,000 installations for residential and business owners.

Domo Sports Grass

Profile: Domo Sports Grass specializes in sports products and has existed over 30 years producing and engineering artificial grass.

Main Products: Besides being a known artificial grass company that manufactures sports grass, Domo Sports Grass also manufactures leisure grass to supply to business places such as hotels

What makes them Different: The advantage with Domo Sports Grass is that it has a wide client base due to its experience in installing approximately 1 million square feet of space worldwide.

CoCreation Grass Corporation

Profile: CoCreation Grass Corporation is an artificial grass company based in China which supplies artificial grass to Asia, North America, and Europe. The company is among the most popular artificial grass companies in China and worldwide. 

Main Products: CoCreation Grass Corporation manufactures artificial grass for sports fields and other landscaping solutions.

What makes them Different: Artificial grass from CoCreation Grass Corporation is made from eco-friendly materials and is long-lasting and stable enough. That is why clients prefer getting their artificial grass from CoCreation Grass Corporation, making the company widely known.

Shaw Sports

Profile: Shaw Sports is located in the United States and manufactures high quality turf. The company has existed since for over twenty years.

Main Products: Although Shaw Sports concentrates of sport products, the company also sells artificial grass to customers for landscaping and other interior uses.

What makes them Different: Shaw Sports has a department for research and development to improve its products and ensure safety. This means that clients not only get quality but assurance that the products are sustainable.

Edel Grass B.V

Profile: Edel Grass B.V was established in 1976 and manufactures artificial turf for indoor and outdoor uses.

Main Products: Edel Grass B.V manufactures sports grass for golf courses, hockey fields, volleyball, among other fields. Clients with home décor needs can also get different artificial grass products from Edel Grass B.V as well.

What makes them different: Edel Grass B.V sells affordable grass including high-end products to meet needs for clients from different social backgrounds.


Profile: Polytan is a company based in Germany and produces artificial grass for various needs. Materials used to make artificial grass are sustainable enough to cushion athletes thereby promoting safe play.

Main Products: Polytan focuses on sports turf and is considered the leading manufacturer and supplier of sports grass in Germany.

What makes them Different: Polytan is a known artificial grass company worldwide with acknowledgement in its sports products by clients that has helped build its company portfolio.

Synthetic Grass Warehouse

Profile: Synthetic Grass Warehouse is located in Orange County and deals with different artificial grass products. The company manufactures and supplies to individual customers and other companies that buy for selling at wholesale and retail.

Main Products: Synthetic Grass Warehouse deals with various artificial grass products that come in different colors. Anything you need from indoor or outdoor artificial grass, the company will supply.

What makes them Different: The Company rarely deals with middle men to offer its clients affordable and sustainable products. Such an advantage has enabled Synthetic Grass Warehouse to gain clients worldwide and rise in popularity.

Tiger Lily Gardens

Profile: Tiger Lily Gardens is an artificial grass company based in Jiangsu Province in China. The Company is known for manufacturing and selling its grass to local and international clients. Having been around for more than ten years, the company began its operations by producing artificial yarn. Currently, most clients with different needs get their products from Tiger Lily Gardens.

Main Products: Tiger Lily Gardens offers different products ranging from artificial turf tiles, artificial grass for landscaping and sports, décor turf, among others. The company also custom-makes artificial grass depending on the customer’s requirement.

What makes them Different: Most companies rarely offer emergency delivery services. However, Tiger Lily Gardens delivers products to clients after seven days of ordering to meet urgent deadlines.

FieldTurf India

Profile: Located in India, the company prides of top-notch clients such as Siemens and Tata. Besides having businesses as clients, FieldTurf India caters to individual clients with home décor needs among others.

Main Products: The Company offers products such as artificial grass for sports, landscaping, and artificial grass for playgrounds.

What makes them different: FieldTurf is a company adored by customers due to its safe and sustainable products that allow for water drainage and are fire retardant.


Profile: Winturf is an artificial grass company that supplies its products to clients for playgrounds, and other landscaping needs.

Main Products: The main products offered by the company include artificial grass for landscaping, including playgrounds, front yards, swimming pool areas, and other places. This is because of the artificial grass’ capability of thriving in all weather to reduce maintenance costs accompanied by installing natural grass.

Advantage: Winturf sells eco-friendly and natural-looking grass products with eight years warranty.

Aavana Greens Private Limited

Profile: The Company began in 2018 and provides the latest designs of artificial grass products.

Main Products: Aavana Greens Private Limited’s main products are natural artificial grass and landscaping grass.

Advantage: Having trained expertise is a company’s biggest advantage to meet different demands from clients. Aavana Greens Private Limited has existed for over eighteen years and is successful, thanks to its team’s competence which attracts more customers.


Profile: Synsport manufactures and supplies all purpose artificial grass that comes in different specifications. Since the company specializes in artificial grass for sports, you can get your product depending on the type of sport field.

Main Products: Sports products are offered by the company and vary in specification depending on whether they are being installed for indoor or outdoor sports. The company’s artificial grass products

Advantage: Having been around for 21 years, the company has passed numerous tests to ascertain their product quality. This has helped customers gain more confidence about the company and continue to increase thereby making the company among the most popular in the world. 


Profile: Decotruf sells artificial grass for clients with needs such as those willing to install in kindergartens, offices, or gardens.

Main Products: Most clients who buy from the company ask for landscaping artificial grass, making it the main product.

Advantage: Decoturf has very light grass products which do not fade and can survive extreme weather.


Profile: Cubesystem was launched in 2011 and uses sustainable materials to manufacture artificial grass.

Main Products: The main product is artificial grass for landscaping and sports. However, clients willing to access artificial grass for gardens can also get at Cubesystem.

Advantage: The Company sells artificial grass that easily drains water where some clients attest to using the product as a means to harvest water.

X Grass

Profile: The family-owned company is located in Dalton, Georgia and has operated since the 1960s selling artificial grass.

Main Products: X Grass manufactures synthetic grass for playgrounds, landscaping and sports.

What Makes them Different: X Grass also provides clients with artificial grass accessories which makes the company a one-stop shop for artificial grass and installation needs.


Profile: Quickturfs deals with landscaping artificial turf alongside landscaping services.

Main Products: The Company makes products from the most recommended yarns where children are ensured of safety during playing.

Advantage: The warranty that lasts eight years gives clients the assurance that the company’s products are legitimate.

Surekha Exports

Profile: Surekha Exports not only provide Indian clients but also export artificial grass to other customers worldwide. The Company is among the most popular due to its sixteen-year experience in the industry.

Main Products: The most sought for product in Surekha Exports include landscaping and artificial grass for sports.

Advantage: Surekha Exports pride in providing high-end clients with sports grass while having the privilege of exporting to gain more popularity through its competitive prices.


Profile: Luxdezine is an artificial grass company that manufactured grass which would easily be mistaken for natural grass.

Main Products: Artificial grass mostly sold by Luxdezine includes roofing grass, sports grass, and landscaping grass.

Advantage: The Company has supplied grass to approximately 6000 clients and is among the most rated companies worldwide.

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