Buying Artificial Grass!

Please read this before buying artifiical grass

Brief Introduction

Please Read This Before Buying

Before buying artificial grass, workout research the ideal way to place the rolls. Draw a plan and make sure that all the rolls (and consequently the pile) run in the equal route.

Artificial grass is a realistic way to experience a pristine garden all year round. If you won’t want to be mowing, watering, and mopping muddy footprints, simply take a seat and read through this article.
We have an extensive range of synthetic grass with the touch, look, and feel of an actual garden that requires nearly no effort to keep it shining in green.

This article must serve you as a guide to buying artificial grass from china, and beyond (the same rules apply).

Purchase from China

Buying Artificial Grass From China

In recent years the internet has facilitated the commerce of artificial grass. Thus, leading to the creation of different platforms through which you can safely sell or buy artificial grass.

Artificial grass is extensively used around the arena. It may be used for numerous surfaces that require a green appearance. Artificial grass is so normally used and you can want to shop for it in your garden, outdoor or even sports field.

Some of the most know platforms and channels of selling artificial grass you need to pay attention to.

Conducting proper research is important before buying artificial grass, otherwise, you could be paying high transportation fees, or receive low-quality materials.

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online trading platform from China

Alibaba/Made In China/ Global Sources are well-known platforms that were invented in China where you can easily trade different products. Many manufacturers and distributors have found it quite useful for selling and buying artificial grass through them.

Authoritative Trading Exhibition

Exhibitions have been used to present potential buyers with high-quality products on a certain day which creates a sense of urgency. This technique has been used widely to market artificial grass too. Tiger Lily Garden participates regularly in these exhibitions (known also as trade fairs), where we have partnered up with other artificial grass sellers and made buying artificial grass easier for them.

Suppliers Site Visits

A supplier visit is an on-website online evaluation of a dealer’s infrastructure, capability, capability, techniques, excellent systems, and lifestyle. Regular visits are the best technique to assist present providers to enhance their overall performance by setting up and enhancing multiple traces of conversation, accomplishing settlement evaluations, and providing dealer development opportunities to in addition beautify performance.

Hiring a Freelance or Asking a Trusted Friend to buy artificial Grass for You

Another inexpensive method you could use to select and purchase great grass is by hiring someone who knows how to research the best artificial grass online, based on the requirements you give him/her.

Besides this, you could simply ask a friend who is well versed in the field and has information on purchasing high-quality artificial grass.

THE Distribution

Buying artificial grass location

Distribution of artificial turf factories in China

Knowing the regions where artificial turf in China is produced and how these factories are distributed is crucial for a smart purchase. We’ll show you the main areas in China where artificial grass is produced. Artificial grass is not produced equal. Knowing the character of each area will be a great help for you to choose different levels of suppliers.

Hebei Province

In this province,  the manufacturers produced artificial grass with the main characteristics: single products, quality is uneven, and not the same for all products. The UV warranty years are very poor. But here you can find cheap products, which make this area the best for you if you are buying artificial grass based on the price.

Shandong Province

There are very few factories in this province that can make all progress in the house.  Usually, most of the factories are buying artificial yarn from the raw material factories. So the price is a little high compare with Hebei and the quality is acceptable. But the communication standards of their service are relatively poor.

Jiangsu Province

In Jiangsu Province, you find a combination of expertise and reasonable prices. Even though the prices could be slightly higher than in other provinces, buying artificial grass is totally worth it for the quality you get. Tiger Lily Garden is located in this province and we know what we speak about. Clients who are serious about receiving high-end products always visit our province.

Guangdong Province

Guangdong provides some of the artificial grass products focused mainly on the sports industry. Manufacturers produce materials mainly intended for Southeast Asia because of the distance and focus on sports areas where plenty of green surfaces are needed.

Tips to buy artificial grass

What Should I look for When Buying Artificial Grass?

  • Traffic

    Keep in mind the foot traffic area you are planning to put the artificial grass receives. Purchasing less durable turf for areas with heavy foot traffic causes the turf to get worn out quickly.

  • Density and Weight

    The overall performance of artificial grass you purchase and its endurance can be increased by using sand infill.

  • Infill and Backing

    Infill material comes usually in rubber or sand, and it’s crucial for long-lasting artificial grass surfaces.

  • Color

    Synthetic grass comes in numerous sun shades of green- olive inexperienced, lime inexperienced, darker inexperienced, and extra.

  • Quality

    Always search for suppliers who give you a variety of products to choose from, leaving you to estimate the quality first and maybe request some free samples.

  • Pile Height

    Grass blades’ length from the end where it’s attached to the tip is referred to as pile height. Aim to be buying artificial grass with a considerable pile height if you want a garden thick and lush grass in your garden.

  • Maintenance

    Artificial grass intends to cut the time needed to maintain your lawn, therefore you should ask for turf that requires little time to maintain. (Most of it comes with a detailed manual.)

The best to buy

Artificial grass is an artificial alternative for natural grass that calls for less protection and remains inexperienced, irrespective of the weather. It’s typically made from nylon, polypropylene, or polyethene and mimics the texture, colouration, and look of herbal grass. These are some of the best options we suggest you choose:


For Landscaping


Green areas around your home are a must and Tiger Lily Garden Grass is the exact and the only grass you need. Perfect for residential spaces.

buying artificial grass

Our artificial grass for the commercial areas is our pick-out for overlaying the places among your beds of flowers, shrubs, and greens as it doesn’t need any infill to arise to foot site visitors.

For Sports


Suitable for different sports areas, and fields. Customize your order by choosing the sizes you need, and also have a look at our accessories.

artificial grass for golf supplier 10

Perfect for your golf spaces. It helps you literally create your own golf field close to your home. What more would you ask for?

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