Buying Guide for Artificial Grass in 2022

Looking to buy artificial grass? You’re in the right place! In this comprehensive buyers guide, we will discuss everything you need to know before making your purchase. We’ll talk about the different types of artificial grass available, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and find the best artificial grass for your needs!

With the development of artificial grass technology, there are more and more types of artificial turf with a better natural appearance than real grass. In general, artificial turf can be divided into these categories according to the applications:


1. Landscape turf

Landscape turf (mainly used in gardens, landscapes, kindergartens, shopping malls, decoration, roofs, indoor, etc. ) where the green landscape is needed but not suitable for natural plant growth or where natural plant growth is more troublesome and costly to maintain.

2. Sports lawn

Sports lawn, mainly used for various sports fields, including a soccer field, basketball court, hockey court, tacking area, golf court, tennis court, and so on areas, to bring people who like awesome sports experience and provide better joint protection without seasonal restrictions.

3. Customized artificial grass

Customized artificial grass: It can be woven into various colours and tufted into various pictures and characters, mainly used for the slide area of the gym, Logo customization of commercial activities, carpet with special patterns, and children’s play area and many other applications.

4. Grass Tiles

Puzzle lawn: The lawn can be spliced together like Puzzle, the lawn is fixed on the splicing mat and can be spliced together piece by piece when used, simple construction, easy installation, flexible use and can be used in any area.

How to Purchase Landscape Grass?

First of all, let us tell you some useful purchase skills about landscape grass.

  1. Pile height: the height of landscape grass is best to choose in 25mm to 35mm, If the grass height is too low, which will be  easy to step on the grass wire collapse in the bottom, which affects the aesthetic;

If the grass height is more than 40mm, although it looks more density and very full it also has the disadvantages

a) The first thing is the price will be more expensive, the cost very high.

b)The second is it will be not easy to take good care of your lawn. For example, if the grass pile height is too high, that will hide leaves, debris and other debris which will be more difficult to t clean. So this kind of grass is not suitable for general family grass.

  1. Pull out force: we get a piece of the artificial lawn after you can let a friend with more strength to try to hold a cluster with his hands to pull out, if it is easy to pull out that means the manufacturer used very little artificial grass glue when coating. After the installation of about 1 year, you will see the grass yarn coms off and then there will be a bold area of the carpet without covering. The grass surface will be very bad-looking.  So try to choose the artificial grass with good pulling power.
  1. Light small pieces of lawn, if the lawn will be a lot of smoke, and will burn up under the lighter, it proves that this kind of artificial grass without flame retardant which is not suitable for use in places where there will be flames, such as barbecue party, or party that someone will smoke, etc.
  1. Light a small piece of grass, and quickly draw on a white paper while the grass is melting state, if the traces drawn is black to prove that the lawn is using organic colour powder, more harmful to the human body and the environment, if the drawing is green then it proves that during the production process the artificial grass is using inorganic colour powder, quality is more assured.
  1. Observe the colour of the grass surface, if the colour shows a slight brightness in the sunlight, it is the glossy feeling of new plastic, on the contrary, if the colour of the grass yarn is dull, it is possible that secondary recycled materials have been added, and the lawn with recycled materials may contain harmful substances in the grass yarn.
  1. If the place you lived rains a lot and has a high requirement of water seepage, then please take out a piece of lawn sample, put on about 500ML of water and observe the seepage of the lawn, if the water can be seeped out in about 20 seconds, then this grass can fully meet the requirement of using in heavy rain area.
  1. Observe the bottom back, to check if there is any leakage, caking, and slagging.

Tiger Lily Garden uses 100% raw materials + inorganic colour powder in the production process to ensure that each batch of grass from us is safe and healthy to meet the health needs of our customers. Our pull-out force is guaranteed to be no less than 45N per cluster, the lawn has a certain flame retardant function and will not burn violently under a small fire, there are enough water seepage holes, it is your most trustworthy business partner to buy artificial turf.

Next, let’s talk about sports grass purchase tips.

How to Purchase Sports Grass?

  1. Pile Height: when you choose soccer grass if infill soccer grass conventional height is 50 ~ 60MM,  short pile height will lead to insufficient infill, affecting the safety of athletes and sports experience.

Non-filled soccer grass height selection is in about 30 ~ 35mm, if too high, the grass will quickly collapse under high-intensity sports. The service life is relatively short.

If it is other types of multi-functional sports grass, the height is best in 13~16mm. This height has the most compact stepping feeling.

  1. Yarn Shape: Tiger Lily Garden has done a lot of laboratory tests and years of experience in serving customers to prove that Diamond Shape Yarn with the strongest abrasion resistance and the best resilience, which will not have the problem of bifurcation and breaking down with the passage of time. The quality is also more stable. For other multifunctional sports, the grass is generally used curly yarn, the material of grass yarn should be moderately added PE because the wear resistance of pure PP curly yarn is slightly worse and also the flatness of the grass surface.
  1. Bottom backing: Usually there are 2 layers of the sports grass and the best options for the sports grass are Single PP cloth+ net, because the net cloth has a better-fixed capacity, will tightly press the grass yarn. It is not easy to fall off and fly out of the problem.
  1. About soccer grass, please note that small soccer field with a high frequency of use, please try to choose infill type soccer grass, the service life will be longer. Non-infill soccer grass is suitable for medium-sized or indoor or slightly less frequently used fields.
  1. The rest of the points can be referred to as the selection of landscape grass.

Tiger Lily Garden has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing artificial turf and artificial grass yarn and also has rich experience in domestic turf installation, we serve world-famous companies to provide sports turf service. We believe we have the ability to select the most suitable soccer grass for you.

Custom turf and Joint turf

  1. The best choice of artificial grass for the gym is curly grass, the surface is more flat and wearable and easy to take care of. The rest of the place is adjusted according to the actual site.
  2. The choice of supplier must choose a factory with design ability, good cooperation ability and rich experience so that after understanding your basic needs, it will give you reasonable design and installation size and good picture design according to the actual site.
  3. The choice of splicing lawn must depend on the connection method, if the lawn and the base are only linked with glue, then do not choose, with the passage of time this kind of grass mat will be easy to crack, try to choose the splicing mat linked with glue and plastic lawn nails so that it will be more solid.

The above is Tiger Lily Garden based on more than ten years of production and paving experience for you to sincerely share the artificial lawn purchase tips, I believe that with this guide, you will be able to more easily choose the right lawn for you. If there are any questions, you are warmly welcome to contact us by email: sales@tigerlilygarden.com. We will try our best to answer every question you have and meet any requirement of you.

No matter which type of artificial grass you choose, we hope this buyers guide has helped you make an informed decision. Happy shopping!

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