Colored Artificial Turf


When people mention artificial turf, what colour does it look like to you? Green? Olive? Are you tired of the same old green? Do you want to add some colourful vibrancy to your lawn? At Tigerlily garden, it’s all possible again.

Colored Artificial Turf is not like the usual green artificial grass, it is given a combination of colours, from lavender purple, romantic pink, high-grade grey, light beige lawn, calm black lawn to lively yellow lawn.

If you have children or pets, Colored Artificial Turf in your backyard is sure to make them happier. If you’re more concerned about your personality, coloured custom grass will make your home or business stand out. If you are a fitness enthusiast, then a lawn with a fitness scale is sure to be indispensable.

If a green lawn is to meet the basic needs then Colored Artificial Turf is to go further to meet the quality of life requirements.


Colored Artificial Turf has a wide range of applications, mainly in kindergartens, playgrounds, customized shopping malls, gyms, sports fields, indoor and outdoor and various events, etc.

Product Details


Of course, you can, coloured artificial grass is getting more and more popular in the market. We offer a wide variety of coloured artificial grass. Coloured artificial grass is usually in stock and ready to meet your small order needs. If you need to import large quantities, we have a wide range of colours and specifications for customization.

The main colour of the grass is green, but there is a wide range of colours between the greens, so we have hundreds of colours to choose from.

Besides green, we also have white, black, purple, blue, red, yellow, pink, brown, grey and so on.

Tiger Lily Garden is committed to using the highest UV additives with no less than 4%, which is why the quality of our grass is still very good even though our prices are very competitive. However, UV from the sunshine is the biggest enemy of all plastic products, and coloured artificial grass that is used outdoors for a long time will fade with the light.

There are always two sides to the coin, and although artificial grass brings a lot of convenience and beauty to our life, we should also see that it has its disadvantages.

  1. the artificial grass will heat up faster in summer, and there will be a strong burning sensation when walking on the grass.
  2. artificial turf is an artificial plastic material, which will affect biodiversity compared to natural grass.
  3. if you want to replace the lawn in your yard after five to ten years, it will be more difficult to handle because of the weight of the lawn.

If the ground is not treated in any way, there is a big chance that the weeds will grow through artificial grass carpet from the drainage holes.

So we recommend that when laying artificial grass on bare ground, it is best to start with a layer of geotextile membrane that does not harm the soil. This will eliminate more than 95% of weeds that go through the grass carpet.

The answer to this is yes, artificial grass is definitely worth each penny you spend on.

By laying artificial grass, first of all, you save the time of taking care of the artificial grass and put it into something more productive and happy.

Secondly, you don’t have to worry about the health effects on your family from the chemicals used to take care of your lawn, which is something that money can’t measure.

Once again, the artificial lawn stays green in spring, summer, fall and winter, so we can feel the vibrant energy in winter, and the good mood is priceless.

Not to mention the cost of artificial grass is a one-time cost job. And the natural lawn requires your continuous input.

Artificial grass is very easy to take care of.

Normal dust can be rinsed off with a sprinkler gun, and if there are leaves, confetti, and other debris, you can easily remove them with a broom or blower.

Don’t worry

The colour of artificial grass is not dyed, but formed by melting the masterbatches and plastic particles at high temperatures during production, so the colour will not be removed by the diluted bleach.


Looking to achieve a bright environment for your office, home, or during an event? Colored artificial turf is the ideal product that will brighten up your space. The easy to install, maintain, and cost-friendly turf is available in assorted colors and quality material. You might not have heard or paid attention to colored turf but the article will provide guidelines about the product and its different uses. Interact with colored artificial turf through the questions and answers below.

Is Colored Artificial Turf Resistant to Fire?

Colored artificial turf is suitable for any event or place since it does not flame up. The material used to make the turf include plastic polymers which melt when subjected to high heat. However, that cannot cause the turf to flame up. You should also avoid direct heat to the turf such as heat from barbecues.

How Do I Know What Colors to Blend and Create a Harmonious look?

You may begin selecting the colors you love.  This will make it easy to pick the most unique colors for your lawn, play areas, or office. If you are not sure of the colors that match, seek advice from a professional.

Can Colored Artificial Turf be a Good Choice for my Gym?

Colored artificial turf has many places where it can be installed. Decorating that gym should not worry you because the turf will blend in well with your theme. There are no limits to what colors you can choose even if you wish to use rainbow colors.

Can I Use the Turf on a Concrete Patio?

Colored turf can be installed on a concrete patio among other places. However, the installation method is different from other surfaces like lawns.

Does Colored Artificial Turf Contain Harmful Chemicals?

No. Colored artificial turf is made from eco-friendly material such as the normal plastic used around the house. This means that the colors that make colored turf are also friendly to children and cannot harm pets too.

Where is the Best Place to Install Colored Artificial Turf?

Colored artificial turf can be installed anywhere. One of the best ideas for colored artificial turf is installing it in kindergartens to brighten up the classrooms. Other area include offices, at events especially birthdays and weddings. There is no limitation of where one can install colored artificial turf.

Can I DIY Colored Artificial Turf?

You may want to participate in the décor experience and decide on a DIY.  That would not be a bad idea especially if you are a hands-on person. We recommend assistance from a professional to measure the edges and ensure that the turf is properly installed.

Can I Get a Custom-made Colored Artificial Turf?

We embrace the fact that not all clients would go for ready-made colored artificial turf. For this reason, custom-made services can also apply to clients seeking something unique. You can draft your design, specify the size of each color, and where it needs to be placed. After this step, leave the rest to an expert and wait to see what colored artificial turf can do for your indoors and outdoors.

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