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Artificial grass curly yarn has also been called artificial grass-thatched yarn or even called dead grass in the landscaping grass. The main function of artificial grass curly yarn is to support the density of the grass carpet to make it full and firm. And the second function of artificial grass curly yarn is to ass the gradation of the grass colour. For example, if the landscaping grass with brown and light green colour, it makes you feel autumnal but if thatched with full green curly yarn, it is completely vernal.

Tiger Lily Garden is a professional artificial grass curly yarn supplier in China we have decades of experience in the production of artificial curly yarn. We will be your best partner on the grass raw material.


What is the Application of Artificial Grass Curly Yarn?

Because of the unique character, there are mostly 2 applications of artificial grass curly yarn
1. For the sports field like Golf grass, hockey grass, running track grass and gym grass.…. With the proper curly yarn, the carpet will be flat and firm to make the golf ball run in a rectilinear motion so you can enjoy a professional golf race. Meanwhile, it also makes a perfect cushion when you do fitness or other exercises.
2. For landscaping curly yarn. Artificial grass curly yarn plumps the landscaping grass carpet. Not only about the touching feeling but also the appearance. With the special colour and design, our artificial grass yarn can meet all your fancy about artificial grass from the season to the area. You can choose spring grass, summer grass and autumn grass. You can also pick Asia Grass, European grass or American grass…

multifunction grass
Sports Grass Field
artificial grass with 30mm pile height
Landscape Grass Curly Yarn


What is the Main Material of the Curly Yarn?

The main material for artificial grass curly yarn is PP because it is very plastic to be any shape and has high strength toughness and high wear resistance ability. All these characters make the curly yarn a very good supportive function. Technically, the curly rare is mostly made of raw material. Very rare to see some factories add recycled PP inside.
For high-end golf products, nylon is also a popular option, especially for Tee turf. Because the nylon is soft and has a higher impact strength rate. It behaves better than the PP material.

How Does the Curly Yarn Produce?

There are also 2 different crafts of curly yarn. The first one is the air-jet craft(Short for AYT) and the second one is the KDK craft.
1. Regarding the AYT craft, it comes out as the monofilament yarn, and then it is texturized by the air pressure. So the balance of the degree of the nozzle valve and the proper air pressure is very important.

2. KDK curly yarn is also called Knit de Knit. This craft is a little complicated. We have to knit the monofilament yarn and then fix it at high temperature to make the crimps and then unravel. It is more like the progress of a girl’s hair perm. This product is mostly used for high-end sports fields and landscaping grass.

If it still makes you feel confused, please help yourself to check the video :

Purchase Guide

What is the Key Point When You Purchase the Curly Yarn?

For the KDK curly yarn. Usually, there are not very many quality issues. It is stable and remains a good shape. The thing you need to take into consideration is the lead time(usually 30~40 days ) and the price.

For the AYT curly yarn. The price is very fair and the lead time is usually very fast (20 days~25 days for 1X40HQ is enough). But 2 more things we need to take into consideration.
A. The degree of the curve will fade gradually as time goes by. it will Tiger Lily Garden suggest finishing the tufting of the curly yarn within 10 days after the yarn production is finished. So after long transportation on the sea, your curly yarn may not look exactly like your suppliers’ samples. The attached yarn will be a little straight.
B.If choosing the unexperienced artificial grass curly yarn suppliers, the quality may not be stable which brings the striking line on the surface of the grass. The grass carpet may look ugly.

artificial grass thatched yarn


Yarn in artificial grass is the individual plastic fiber analogous to natural grass blades. Yarn is one of the vital components of the turf system. Grass yarns are usually made from polymers polyethylene, polypropylene, or a combination of both – with the addition of colour and UV stabilizers to give characteristic features. The performance of a field turf hugely depends upon the grass yarn quality.

Yes, you can curve artificial grass. Curves and bends add character and depth to your lawn. Your garden will look naturally bigger, well-designed, and modern chic. If you are planning a renovation or makeover of your landscaping area, use artificial grass to create curved soil borders, pathways, lawn edging, or curves around trees, rocks, and pavers.

Here are a few easy ways to fluff up your artificial grass. The trick is to fluff it up on a warm day. Since artificial grass is made of plastic, it gets warm on a hot day, making it easier for you to fluff it.

  • Cross-brush your lawn with a regular broom or a garden rake. Cross-brushing means brushing the grass against the direction of its blades.
  • You can also use a power broom to make your grass blades stand up straight.
  • Use a sand or rubber infill. It not only weighs your turf down but also makes the strands stand upright.

  • You should not put furniture with sharp edges on artificial grass as it can damage the grass yarn.
  • You should keep cigarettes away from your artificial grass, even if the turf is fire-resistant.
  • Do not park cars or bikes on artificial grass. It will permanently damage your lawn.
  • You should never throw chewing gums and adhesives on the grass.

You can lay artificial grass the wrong way, but it will not look like a natural lawn. When joining two or more grass pieces, if the pile direction of all of them is not in the same way, your grass will look uneven and unnatural.

You can cut curves in artificial turf in a few easy steps.

  • Before cutting the turf, measure and plan where you want to place the turf pieces.
  • Lay your turf upside down.
  • With a marker pen, draw lines on the back of the grass roll where you want to cut. This will help you cut precise curves.
  • Use a sharp industrial cutter or a large pair of scissors to cut the curves.
  • Follow the marked lines and carefully cut the grass roll from the back for hassle-free cutting.
  • Lay the pieces and seam them together. Make sure the yarn direction is the same for all the turf pieces.

Yes, rain goes through artificial grass. The backing system of the artificial grass roll has holes for efficient drainage of any liquid including rain and your dog’s pee.

Your artificial grass flattens out when you put a heavy load (such as lawn furniture) on it for a long time or, it lies in a busy foot area. But this does not mean that it will stay flat forever. Luckily, you can easily fix it and make it fluffy again.

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