Custom Artificial Grass

There are only 2 kinds of lawn in the world: your grass and the others.

Brief introduction

custom artificial grass

Tiger Lily Garden Provide You with Customizable Grass Carpet Solutions

Thinking of installing artificial grass on your small patio, but the artificial grass usually comes in standard 25-meter-long rolls and is heavy on your pocket? Or, maybe, the vast football field in your school needs the school’s mascot logo design to raise the spirits of the teams. It’s high time you turn to Tiger Lily Garden for custom artificial grass!

Custom Artificial Grass is relative to the ordinary roll of artificial turf. Usually, when we choose artificial turf, the most distressing things are:

  1. We don’t have too many choices, our lawn looks exactly the same as the surrounding paving, nothing special;
  2. We want to add some special designs to our children or pets or special places in the shopping mall, such as pet names; cartoon characters that our kids like; brand logos. . . How should we customize these in artificial grass carpets?
  3. The size of your balcony is very narrow, but all the artificial grass carpets sold in the mall are 4MX25M or 2M X25 M big rolls. When you buy a big roll, it is not easy to transport (we don’t have a long enough car), and it’s not convenient to cut and install by yourself.

At this time we really need custom artificial grass

At Tiger Lily Garden, we offer the best solution to all your landscaping and playground problems. Tiger Lily Garden, as your loyal custom artificial grass supplier, understand all your pain points, and we are committed to solving problems and giving you more suitable product choices.

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Which Elements Can be Customized in Custom Artificial Grass?

You are very interested in custom artificial grass, but you are also curious about what’s the application and which elements can be customized?


You can customize the company’s logo, children’s favourite cartoon characters, family names, pets, and gym scales. . . Wait for any pattern you want to achieve.


You don’t have to choose only large rolls, you can choose 30X30 spliced grass blocks, or you can customize small rolls of different sizes such as 1mX1M, 1MX2M, etc., to meet your diverse needs

Grass Height

Different grass heights give us different styles. You can choose any lawn within 18~60 cm to customize according to personal preference and market safety.

Other Parameters

Version, lawn density, thickness (called Dtex in professional terms), etc. As long as the order quantity requirement is met, we are very willing to customize it for you.

Chose Your Suitable Customized Artificial Grass


What Areas Can Custom Artificial Grass be Used?

There are many places than you can imagine about the application of custom artificial grass such as Kindergartens, balconies, gyms, business areas, pets, mats, walls, roofs, billboards. . . . . . .A little design, a lot of difference.

artificial turf tennis courts

Custom Grass on Sports Fields

You can install custom grass with logo design details of your school’s mascot on the sports fields. It will give your school team a character, a personality, and an identity. Custom grass with mascot logo design enhances the pitch’s visual appeal and depicts your team’s sports capabilities.

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Custom Artificial Turf for Gyms

Custom artificial turf is also a great choice for gyms. You can have gym scales and your custom gym logo printed on the turf. Order artificial turf for your gym from Tiger Lily Garden with grass height, thickness, and softness customized to reduce knee injury and floor burns.


Custom Artificial Turf for Playgrounds

Kids’ playgrounds require surfaces that do not get muddy during rain and are safe for playing. Children often fall while playing, so the pile height, thickness, and grass density must ensure fall safety. Tiger Lily Garden’s custom artificial turf is perfect for large commercial playgrounds and backyard play areas. Our turf is durable enough to bear heavy foot traffic and placing playsets.

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Custom Cut Astro Turf for Landscaping

You can build your indoor or outdoor golf putting green with our custom-cut Astroturf. It will look aesthetically pleasing, and you can also use it to practice your golf strokes.

You can also landscape your pathways, walkways, balconies, decks, patios, and backyard with Astroturf cut to size. Our custom size artificial grass can also be used for training your pets, especially for dog runs, agility training, and potty training.


What are the Advantages of Choosing Custom Artificial Grass?


With our custom artificial grass, your lawn does not need to be exactly the same as other people’s, you are unique.

More Flexible

With small-sized custom artificial grass, your choices are more flexible and diverse.


You only need to buy the size you need, no longer waste labour or extra materials for construction, more cost-saving.


Custom artificial grass, considering that users may use it more indoors, for children or pets, the materials used are safer.

Why Chose Tiger Lily Garden As Your Customized Grass Supplier?

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Custom Cut Artificial Turf Supplier

  • As your custom-cut artificial turf supplier, we at Tiger Lily Garden care about your concerns about installing the turf in the desired area. You do not have to buy the whole 2×25 meter roll for a small space. Share with us the details of your landscaping measurements, and we will help you with an artificial grass cut according to your requirements. So, you do not waste money buying extra turf you might not need in the future. Also, it will be easy to transport a custom-cut artificial turf.

Best Custom Artificial Grass China Mall

  • If you plan to install artificial grass in your home, buy the finest from Tiger Lily Garden. We are the best custom artificial grass China mall with numerous options per your requirements. We bring solutions to your landscaping problems.
  • You do not have to worry about buying expensive 4 M X 25 M or 2 M X 25 M grass rolls. Reach out to us with the measurements of your landscaping area, and we will suggest you astroturf cut to size. We also have a professional team dedicated to designing custom artificial grass for you. Share your desired customized artificial grass design, and we will make it happen for you.

Most Responsible Artificial Grass Supplier in China

  • Always select the best artificial grass supplier for buying fake turf. Tiger Lily Garden is the most responsible artificial grass supplier in China. We are manufacturers, not distributors, so you can purchase directly from us at a low cost. We promise a competitive market price and will never charge you heavily even for bulk purchases.
  • We are available for any expert opinion or assistance. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are looking for genuine, long-lasting, and beautiful artificial grass products. We provide the best, incomparable prices and honestly care about your requirements and safety.

Characteristics of the Best Custom Artificial Turf

  • While selecting artificial grass for your landscaping area, are you picky about your preferences? Maybe the self-claimed “best fake grass products” in the market are not right up your alley.
  • When looking for the best custom artificial turf for your space, look for a few significant characteristics that will help you distinguish an average turf from the best ones.

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Chinese artificial grass factory

Various Options for Customized Artificial Grass

With the best custom artificial grass items, you have a variety of options to customize them. At Tiger Lily Garden, we offer a wide variety of options for customization. You can order custom pile height, lawn density, thickness, and yarn Dtex according to your requirements.

Fully Personalized Custom Astroturf

An important feature of great custom Astroturf is that you can have your personal or official space, your building, or your school’s sports pitches tailored accordingly. You can have your turf fully personalized with personal greetings, professional labels, mascot logos, and emblems. Make your ideas, business, or values stand out with our customized artificial grass.

Cost-effective Custom Size Artificial Grass

If your landscaping area is shorter than 25 meters, you will have a whole piece of turf going to waste. Similarly, if your area is longer than the standard grass roll length, you will have to buy another one. In both situations, you can imagine your money going down the drain.

An important aspect of the best custom artificial grass is that you can tell us the length of the area and receive an Astroturf cut to size. What’s better than being able to save a lot of money without compromising on the quality!

Safe Custom Grass Products

Your family’s health comes first. Always choose the custom grass made of fine-quality materials without harmful additives.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we care about your health. None of our artificial grass products contains heavy metals or plasticizers. Also, you do not need to water the grass or spray toxic pesticides, making it safe for the environment.

tigerlilygarden the best chinese artificial grass manufacturer

Professionalism and experience are the two most important foundations for cooperation. Our profession can always recommend the most suitable custom artificial grass. Experience can always help you deal with things, such as delivery, delivery, packing, documents, We will communicate with you in advance in any link of paving, saving you time and effort.

Rich Experience

A Variety of Designs

Our custom artificial grass has a variety of designs and colours. We have a dedicated design team and the machine has high accuracy. So no matter what pattern and size you need, we will give you a design draft as quickly as possible to satisfy you.

We have obvious advantages in raw material price, management, transportation, etc. The same high quality, our price will be more competitive, price is the most important factor to gain the market, our advantage is The advantages of our partners.

Competitive Price

Serious Attitude

 Good at communication and full of cooperation spirit. We are always a positive, hardworking, honest and responsible team. We will try our best to solve any problems you have.


It depends and it needs some cutting tools. If the density of the custom artificial grass is not too high that means the backing is not that hard, so you can easily cut the custom artificial grass from the backing. But if with high density and you want to make it more irregular shape, it’s better to find somebody who is good at this job.

Yes, sure, it can be cut into different sizes by using an art knife. But it will easily hurt your hands and very tired. So but a small size custom artificial grass or asking the distributor to cut them to the right size for you will be a good choice.

It’s different based on a different design. If the picture is too complicated, then the price will be a little high but if it is easy the cost will be cheap. But usually, the price cost around $10~$20/SQM (EXW Price)
If the custom requirement is only cut to size, the cost will be much cheaper only adding the cost of waste and the package.

If your custom artificial grass for pictures, there is no MOQ requirement; but if you need cut to size custom artificial grass, it’s better more than 1000SQM.

It will be a little longer compared to our common product, usually, the lead time is around 4 weeks.

You can get artificial grass in two widths – 2-meter and 4-meter-wide rolls. These are the industry-standard widths. At Tiger Lily Garden, we have both widths available to cater to your landscaping needs.

Artificial grass comes in many sizes or pile heights. You may choose the size of the artificial grass according to the area, foot traffic, and aesthetics. To have the freshly-cut grass look, go for artificial grass with a pile height of 25-30 mm.

Yes, Astroturf is easy to cut. To adjust the turf according to your area, you have to cut it. By using a good pair of scissors or an industrial cutter, you can cut the synthetic turf straight or in a curve, whatever the need be.

Buying Guide for Custom Artificial Grass

Do you admire grass that can be made according to your specifications or signature design? Custom artificial grass is the right product because it carries that and more. With the grass, you get to choose the colour, and preferred imprint to match your needs. Most business people seek custom artificial grass in their premises such as gyms and daycare centers. You could also install the grass in your child’s bedroom and ask for their best cartoons to be signed on the grass. You might be excited about custom artificial grass but before you take the bold step, have a look at the guide to learn more about the benefits of custom artificial grass.

How do I Know the Best Choice of Custom Artificial Grass?

The best way to choose custom artificial grass is to consider a manufacturer with a wide variety of designs. This is because you require a perfect finish to your custom artificial grass to fulfil your dreams. Informed manufacturers have a rich experience in customizing artificial grass including good cooperation skills to formulate the best design according to your needs. Proper advice will also be given if you are overwhelmed by many design ideas to help you narrow it down into a few choices.

What Type of Custom Artificial Grass is Suitable for Installation at the Gym?

If you are talking about the design, it depends on what artwork you wish to have in your space. However, if it is about specifications, curly custom artificial grass is the most recommended. This will help the coordinate movement for your clients. Curly grass helps reduce instances of tripping and falling during aerobic sessions.

What Do you Mean when you say Available in all Colors?

We understand that custom artificial grass comes in all colors. This is surprising to clients because they perceive artificial grass to be available in limited colors. However, different themes for custom artificial grass come in different colors to indicate a wide variety of colors to select. Sports lawn is manufactured using different specifications.

Won’t the Custom Artificial Grass Look Fake?

Custom artificial grass is not meant to mimic natural grass. That is why it is installed in business places and kindergartens to brighten up the area. However, custom artificial grass cannot be categorized as a carpet because it feels like natural grass. Therefore, the grass appears as intended because of its function in creating spaces according to the client’s needs.

Do the Colors of Imprint on Custom Artificial Grass Fade or Come out During Cleaning?

Custom artificial grass is manufactured according to your design. Similar to how other types of grass are manufactured with different colors and shades, the colors in custom artificial grass cannot fade. This will give you the assurance of quality and durable customized grass.

How Long will it Take to get my Custom Artificial Grass?

It depends on how big your area is and the type of design elected. The professionals will advise on the time required to finish designing the grass. However, it does not stay longer than two or three months if your space is not wide enough like a football field.

Why Should I specifically go for Custom Artificial Grass?

The major reason you should look for custom artificial grass is its durability and availability of unique designs according to your choice. While carpets and other types of artificial grass are ready-made, custom artificial grass gives you the chance to communicate your specific design which will be delivered exactly as you wish.

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