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Brief Introduction

Tiger Lily Garden Produce Difference Kind of Dtex Grass

Are you tired of getting artificial grass only to find it thin with less weight or density than you expected? Well, Dtex grass has everything you need especially if you need to have a thick lawn or indoor because of too much foot traffic. You are advised that when going for artificial grass, choose dtex grass in areas that have more activities such as sports fields, kindergartens, and homes with large families, among other places. Dtex grass can also function in less crowded places if you are looking to have quality grass that will last for a long period. Follow the guideline from Tiger Lily Garden to find out more about dtex grass through the question and answers.

What Is Dtex in Artificial Grass?

Dtex is an abbreviation of decitex which is one-tenth of a tex. Tex is a unit to measure the durability of a textile material by expressing its linear mass density. It is linear mass in grams per 1000 meters of fiber. In the field of artificial grass, this measurement is generally counted in tenths.

So, a decitex or Dtex in artificial grass is the amount of weight in grams for every 10,000 meters of grass filament. Dtex is the most commonly used unit of measurement in Europe and Canada.

Why Dtex Matters While Choosing Artificial Grass

Dtex is often overlooked when buying artificial grass even though its value matters a lot in determining the quality and the purpose of the turf. Dtex can be a deciding factor when buying synthetic turf depending on where you plan to install it.

A high Dtex grass indicates a coarser grass yarn with stiff and thick filaments. When all other parameters are kept constant, a higher Dtex means a higher stitch rate. So, high Dtex grass has thick filaments tightly packed, while low Dtex grass has thin fibers in the yarn.

If you want to install artificial grass on your front lawn where there isn’t much foot traffic, buying high Dtex grass will only cost you more money. Lower Dtex grass will also get the job done well. On the other hand, if you want to install the turf on a sports pitch, high Dtex grass is where it’s at.

General Applications

30mm v shape grass

High Dtex grass

Synthetic turfs with higher Dtex grass yarn are more durable, feel denser, and stand upright. This is because a higher Dtex grass produced from microfilament yarn has small pores and thick fibers which provide good resilience and durability.

A higher Dtex grass is heavier, made with more material, and therefore expensive. This type of Dtex grass is good for landscaping areas with heavy foot traffic. It is also good for sports fields such as rugby fields, and commercial areas.

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Low Dtex grass

Low Dtex grass is more economical and reasonable in price. Not many factories produce low Dtex grass because they will have to sell it at cheaper rates. But here, at Tiger Lily Garden, we care about your needs including your budget.
Low Dtex grass is lighter in weight and cannot withstand heavy foot traffic. If you want to install imitation grass for ornamental purposes or landscaping areas with intermediate foot traffic, buy low Dtex grass as it will serve the purpose well. Grass of low Dtex bears moderate strength.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

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  • You might have bought artificial grass in the past and the specifications did not match the look of your grass. It happens when companies are not honest about the specifications of their imitation grass products.
  • With Tiger Lily Gardens as your ultimate artificial grass supplier, you can choose from a range of different parameters. Just tell us about your requirements, foot traffic, and where you plan to install the grass, and we will inform you what Dtex grass will be the most suitable for you.
  • If you are not sure about what Dtex will suit your need, get valuable information and guidance from our team of experts who respond quickly. We will be more than happy to understand and share with you what Dtex will best suit your landscaping needs.


Dtex is a common abbreviation for decitex. Dtex of turf is a unit to measure the density or linear mass of its yarn. It is mass in grams per ten thousand meters of the grass filament. Hence, a high Dtex value means a stronger, thicker filament. The unit Dtex is commonly used in Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Stitches, stitch rate, or face weight of the artificial grass is the weight of its grass yarn (thatch plus grass blades) per square meter area. The weight does not include the backing system of the grass. The higher the stitch rate of artificial grass, the denser the grass, and you cannot see the backing system. Artificial grass with a low stitch rate looks thin and the backing system is visible through the fibers.

Artificial grass with low pile density is best for greengrocers, dollhouses, and aquariums. For areas with heavy foot traffic, artificial grass with a density of around 16500 to 18000 stitches per square meter is best.

Denier in artificial turf is mass in grams per nine thousand meters of grass yarn. It is the Anglo-Saxon unit to measure the linear mass of the artificial grass fiber. The higher the denier, the heavier and thicker the yarn.

You can tell the quality of artificial grass with the help of its specifications. The most important ones are pile height, stitch rate or face weight, pile density, and the backing of the grass.

The artificial grass of high quality will last for up to 20 years, provided it is properly maintained and well-kept. The color of Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass does not and it will stay lush green for a good 20 years. Imagine not having to mow or water your lawn every other day for twenty years!

Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass made with 100% polyethylene with monofilament C-shaped yarn is the most realistic artificial grass on the market.

There are two types of weight values that are important for determining the quality of artificial grass.

  1. Face weight is the weight of the grass yarn per square meter of the turf. Face weight determines whether the grass will be luxuriant or scarce and thin.
  2. Back weight is the total weight of the primary backing of the grass and the coating underneath the backing, per square meter of the turf. Back weight is very important for the durability of the fake grass.

Dtex grass provides high value excellent for sports fields. This is because it can handle too much stomping and falling without wearing off. You could also install the grass in your backyard for your kids and pets to play on as it provides both safety and comfort. Dtex grass is worth investing in because it lasts long making it a valuable addition to your space.

Light snowing cannot affect the dtex grass. However, in extreme snow, you should remove excess snow on the grass. This helps prevent build-up that can make the snow turn to ice and break the dtex grass fibers. Ensure to remove excess snow to prevent damage to the grass but no need to bother if it snows a little.

Yes. Although dtex grass is naturally thick, it does not mean that water will not drain. You should not get worried about flooding when it rains heavily. Therefore, dtex grass is meant for both indoors and outdoors.

Similar to natural grass, dtex grass is slippery when it snows. Therefore, you should be very careful not to hurt yourself when moving on the grass during the snow.

The grass may become flat after being covered by snow. However, it should get back to its original shape after a while. You can also use a broom to lift the pile.

Dtex grass can be used for a variety of purposes including decorating your walls. Other clients also find it suitable to protect their walls by installing the grass due to its thickness. The grass, therefore, acts as both a decoration and protection to your walls.

Maintaining the grass is similar to maintaining other artificial grass. Ensure that no sharp objects, fire, or any hazardous materials come in contact with the grass. It is also important to clean the grass frequently for an attractive appearance. However, do not use harsh soap or detergents to clean the grass.

You will be surprised by how long your dtex grass will last. With proper maintenance, the grass will last for twenty years. This means that you do not need to replace the grass after a long time making it the best investment.

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