Padel Turf


Artificial turf has become a trend for sports fields. The main advantage of artificial turf tennis courts is the high friction. When a tennis ball falls through the padel turf, the ball bounces at a very high speed. In this situation, the players have to move very fast and generally take an offensive tennis style of play.

However, tennis courts have special requirements for the quality of the grass, which is generally below 20mm and generally has a wider blade. Because too high padel turf will greatly increase the elasticity of the field, just like a person playing tennis on a football field, that kind of thing is funny, in addition, too high grass strands have a great impact on the ball’s movement performance, it will change the direction of the tennis ball’s movement, which is not conducive to the player’s play.

En términos de color, azul, rojo y verde con hilos blancos son las opciones más comunes.

Tiger Lily Garden’s padel turf has a flat surface, good firmness, PE curly yarn, and is soft and supportive, making it the best product for tennis.

También ofrecemos el sistema de pistas de pádel, así que no dude en ponerse en contacto con nuestro equipo de servicio si tiene algún requisito.


Padel Court, Multi-function purpose, kids grass.

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Materia prima de fábrica Tiger Lily Garden

Materia prima

fábrica china de hilados de césped artificial

Hilo de monofilamento 

hilo de paja 

fabricante de hilados retorcidos para césped artificial

Torsión de hilo

Tufting de césped artificial


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Hierba de Tiger Lily Garden

paisajismo cesped artificial

Materia prima 100%

Procedente de Sinopec y la calidad está garantizada.

Certificación autorizada

Metales pesados, formaldehído y otras sustancias de acuerdo con la certificación SGS de la UE

Larga vida útil

Pasó la prueba antienvejecimiento de laboratorio UVA.

Hierba de los Otros

alfombra de cesped artificial

Reutilización de Material Reciclado

Reutilización de material reciclado y mala calidad del hilo de hierba.

Sin certificado

El formaldehído y los metales pesados son excesivos y peligrosos para la salud.

Corto periodo de vida

Después de un período de uso, la hierba comienza a pulverizarse.

Preguntas más frecuentes

El relleno de arena es esencial y las funciones principales son:

  1. increase support, the Padel Turf surface is less likely to collapse and will not leave footprints during use.
  2. to increase the aesthetics and the fullness of the padel turf surface.
  3. increase the resilience of the padel turf, which does not affect the direction of the tennis ball and allows the player to play more consistently.

The basic system includes Padel Turf, light, glass, and metal frame.

Para todo el sistema, solo estamos hablando de precios franco fábrica de alrededor de $10,000 a $15,000.

There are three types of tennis court structures: all-weather tennis courts (also called padel turf courts), earthen tennis courts, and natural grass courts.

Con el uso de césped artificial, es común que los principales campos deportivos usen superficies de pavimentación de césped artificial y todavía se está convirtiendo en una tendencia que los campos deportivos se pavimenten con césped artificial.

Padel Court’s lifespan is very long. The main part of his frame is made of glass and metal and has a life expectancy of more than twenty years.

The ground material is césped artificial and Tiger Lily Garden has very high production standards for the quality of the grass filaments and their resistance to wear and tear. However, it is recommended to replace the paddle turf once every five years or so for the aesthetics of the site.

Building a Padel Turf site is not as difficult as you might think, we offer a one-stop shop for everything from the turf, to the frame, to the lights, to the installation drawings, down to the placement of every screw, we take care of everything so you can build a professional Padel Court step by step.

Yes, it is essential that all Padel Turf is filled with sand, it is the only way to make the turf last longer, be more resilient, and allow players to play better.

The Padel Tennis Court is made up of the following components: glass, metal frame, lights, Padel Turf, and net.

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