Fake Grass Carpet Outdoor

Brief Introduction

Artificial Grass Between Pavers

Why Do You Need Fake Grass Carpet Outdoor?

Ever looked at other people’s lawns and wondered how they make them look so sleek? Fake grass carpet outdoor achieves a polished look leaving your space neat. Fake grass carpet outdoor is a useful addition to your home because it saves time and energy for maintenance. So, no need to worry about having less time to maintain your turf. The information gathered below will help you know more about the fake grass carpet for your outdoor needs.

The most important thing is that with the development of technology, artificial turf is looking better and better, and various designs have emerged that can be made into various patterns, which are very beautiful. This is a change from the dull, monotonous feel of artificial turf.
At the same time, with the upgrading of materials, outdoor artificial turf has become cooler, flame retardant, anti-ageing and so on, which makes our life better and better.

If you are considering importing artificial turf, then take a look at this article so that you have a better understanding of the outdoor uses of artificial turf.
Tiger Lily Garden has over a decade of experience in manufacturing and exporting artificial turf and we are confident that we will be the right choice for your garden products.

General Applications

What are Some Important Applications of Outdoor Grass Carpet?

Artificial grass finds its uses in a variety of landscaping and sports needs. You can use synthetic grass carpets indoors and outdoors in many ways. Here we discuss some significant applications of outdoor grass carpets.

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Fake Grass Carpet on Driveways and Walkways

Improve the curb appeal of your property by installing fake grass carpet tiles on your driveway. Turn your walkways into garden pathways. Concrete driveways give a stern look to a house entrance. Installing fake grass carpets on driveways and walkways brings a welcoming effect.

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Garden Carpet Grass for Front Lawns and Backyards

Hop on the bandwagon of this fast-growing trend of installing garden carpet grass. Give that vibrant ostentatious look to your garden that radiates calmness. In your backyard, install a grass-like carpet for infinite applications such as a children’s playset, putting green, and poolside grass carpeting.

artificial grass for balcony

Fake Grass Carpet in Patios

A patio is our outdoor living room. To make it comfortable for ourselves, we often place sofas and chairs on patio grass. Using fake grass on the patio enhances its beauty and also saves your patio grass from getting destroyed by the furniture. Plus, your patio will look lively throughout the year without harbouring bugs or pests.

Grass Like Carpet for Pets

Natural lawns are not the perfect places for your pets. Nobody likes their lawns smelling of dog urine. How do you feel when your pup digs up your grass lawn? And, how about your pet bringing muddy paws inside the freshly cleaned house after playing on the puddled lawn? That’s a total nightmare! To avoid all the mess, replace your real grass with a grass-like carpet on your lawn.

fake grass for playground

Fake Carpet in Playgrounds

More schools, city parks, and churches are installing fake carpets instead of natural grass in their playgrounds as it does not result in empty ground patches owing to heavy foot traffic. Besides, children do not get allergies, injuries, or stains on their clothes when they fall on the playground’s artificial grass carpet.

artificial turf tennis courts

Fake Grass Carpet in Sports Fields

Artificial grass has been in use in sports fields since the 1960s. Fake grass carpets have applications in many sports such as hockey fields, golf courses, tennis courts, football, and soccer pitches. Grassy surfaces can cause serious injuries to the players. A fake grass carpet comes with a soft padding system providing safety to the players’ joints. Besides, outdoor artificial grass carpets are available for a match any time of the day, week, month, and year.


What Are Some Benefits of Using Artificial Grass Carpet Outdoor?

Outdoor artificial grass carpet is gaining popularity because of its numerous advantages over natural grass rolls. Stay with us as we show you how our artificial grass carpet outdoor is better than a real grass lawn.

The Durability and Resilience of Grass Carpet for Outdoor

At Tiger Lily Garden, we do not buy yarns from the market. Instead, we produce our very own yarn from the finest materials. Our yarn provides the ultimate durability to the grass carpet outdoor. A durable grass carpet means never-ending fun.

Compared to real grass, our artificial grass carpets stay dense and green even after heavy usage all day long. Sports players trample our turf, but its blades will never lay flat. It is the beauty of our artificial grass products. They stay durable and irreplaceable for more than a decade and never lay low due to heavy foot traffic.

Multipurpose, All-Weather Fake Grass Carpet Outdoor

Fake grass carpet is replacing natural grass surfaces almost everywhere pretty fast because it is a hassle-free choice with valuable applications. Artificial grass carpet is multipurpose. In outdoor facilities, real grass has its limitations as it stays green only in suitable weather conditions. However, fake grass carpets can be used on front lawns, backyards, patios, garden pathways and rooftops, children’s playgrounds, and sports fields. At Tiger Lily Garden, we manufacture our artificial grass carpet from heatproof and waterproof materials with added UV stabilizers. Our products remain stable under all circumstances and weather conditions.

Easy Installation of Grass Carpet Outdoor

If you are on a run and do not have time to wait for the natural grass’s long downtime, go for the artificial grass carpet outdoor. Synthetic turf installation is super easy, fast, and does not require a lot of people to help you with it. It does not require extensive soil preparation or regular watering.

Besides, you do not necessarily need professional help or a contractor to install grass carpet outdoor. You can install it on your own as a DIY project. All you have to do is prepare the surface and install a fake grass carpet with adhesives or staples.

Increases Property Value

Want to get the top dollar for your property? Think about swapping your unkempt brown lawn grass with an ever-green outdoor artificial grass carpet. It requires little to no maintenance and stays luxuriant all year long.

You can upgrade your property value by replacing the dull-looking concrete walkways and driveways with artificial grass carpet tiles. The garden pathways magically spruce up the esthetics of your property. You must be thinking why you have to go for this costly upgradation, but we can assure you our artificial grass carpet is surprisingly cheap and cheerful.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

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Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Outdoor Artificial Grass Carpet Suppliers?

If you are planning to buy an outdoor artificial grass carpet, Tiger Lily Garden is your best bet. Although you may find countless artificial grass sellers and manufacturers, we are yet the most serious in our business, and loyal to our clients. Our products are premium-quality and eco-friendly. We are strictly against using lead or other heavy metals in our products.

No matter who and where you are, we will always be happy to fulfil your requirements. With more than a decade in the business, we pay attention to every detail and care for your needs. This attitude led us to successfully supply to more than 50 countries with hundreds of satisfied customers.

For any queries, contact us on the given number or fill out the form. You can also request a quotation. Our professional team will get back to you without delay.


Fake grass carpet for outdoors can be laid on top soil. You need to ensure that the soil is compact and level. However, other people may prefer layering the top soil with gravel as recommended, to ensure that the surface is completely flat.

The turf looks like natural grass carpeted on your lawn. The name fake grass carpet outdoor is used because the grass is easy to maintain and clean like your normal carpet. You only need to wash it down with water and clean dog poop or urine. This will help the grass last long and look fresh and new. Fallen leaves should be raked or blown using a leaf blower.

Fake grass carpet for outdoors is specifically designed to support more foot traffic. This is because it has a short pile height making it not flatten.

Not really. You only need a shock pad if you are installing a shorter pile height on the concrete floor. Otherwise, you will not need a shock pad for fake grass carpet outdoor.

No. The fake grass carpet does not smell under any conditions. Clients are mostly worried that their turf might smell of plastic on hot days. The grass does not smell because it cannot melt under hot conditions. The only time you will smell bad odor from fake grass carpet is when you do not clean out dog poop or urine.

Yes it is. There are many benefits about fake turf including being eco-friendly. Another reason why fake grass carpet is worth your money is because your children will not get pollen allergies. Fake grass for outdoors drains faster and is also safe because it prevents flooding since it does not carry mud on wet days.

B rushing sand on fake grass prevents it from laying flat. Another thing to learn is that brushing sand prevents the turf from being in contact with items that would make it tear. Fake grass carpet outdoor for places like sports fields are also brushed with sand to cushion the players from getting injured. Therefore, it is necessary to brush sand on the fake grass carpet outdoors.

No. Fake grass carpet is not slippery during rains or when in contact with water. The grass becomes dry after rain and you could go outside a few minutes later.

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