fake grass for playground

Do you want that sleek looking playground that stays green no matter how the children play around? This is no ordinary grass and cannot be planted. Natural grass is nice for a playground but not as good as fake grass for playground. The fake grass gives you service for a decade and more with proper care and maintenance. It is obviously good for kids to play on since it is meant for the playground. Pets can also have fun without you worrying about them being harmed. Fake grass for playground is also manufactured with suitable specifications that prevent children from severe injuries after falling. Please follow the guide to get more information about fake grass for playground.

Why Should I Install Fake Grass for Playground?

Fake grass for playground has many reasons why you should buy. The first reason is that it is easy to maintain because it does not need a lot of keen care unlike natural grass. You may need to sprinkle water using a horse pipe or sprinkler if it gets dusty. You can also occasionally blow away the leaves to keep it clean. Therefore, fake grass for playground is a perfect addition since it lasts long and requires little maintenance.

What Pile Height Should I Choose when Buying Fake Grass for Playground?

The best pile height ranges between 30 and 37mm. This helps keep your playground looking natural. You can also go for a shorter pile height if you are placing equipments for playing.

How do I Know that Fake Grass for Playground is High Quality?

Fake grass for playground is high quality. However, you may be concerned about its physical appearance and question its quality. For this reason, issues such as latex holes should be checked to determine whether drainage will be effective. Also, a realistic looking grass with a soft feeling shows that the turf is high quality to ensure that the kids are safe.

Does Fake Grass for Playground come in Different Colors?

Yes. Kids love a colorful environment and are attracted to different colors. If you wish to maintain the green color, you may think of looking into the different shades. You can also shop for different colors to blend with the play equipments or theme.

How can I Ensure that my Fake Grass for Playground Lasts Longer?

You need to maintain the grass by performing some routine checks each time the children are off the playing ground. This includes picking up trash and checking whether there are left over chewing gums that could have remained on the fake grass. The removal process involves freezing the spot with ice to get rid of the gum.

Can I Install Fake Grass for Playground Indoors?

It is possible to have a little playground indoors for the kids when it is not suitable to play outside. However, fake grass for playground is recommended to be installed outside for kids to have a large playing space on the fake grass.

Is Fake Grass for Playground Easy to Install?

Fake grass for playground is easy to install especially with the help of a professional. We insist on a professional because of the many forms the playground may take such as being unevenly shaped.

Can I Install Fake Grass for Playground in an Area Surrounded by Tress?

Yes you can. Ensure that you clear out fallen leaves from time to time to make the fake grass appear neat.

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