Fibrillated Yarn for Artificial Grass

Tiger Lily Garden is one of the few factories that can produce fibrillated yarn in China.


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What Is The Fibrillated Yarn?

Why do we call this kind of artificial grass yarn fibrillated yarn? It is mainly due to the way it is produced. Fibrillated Yarn is extruded as a wide green film, which is then cut into a fishing net by a number of small knives during the production process.

As we all know fibrillated yarn for artificial grass is the original generation of artificial grass yarn. The rest are developed from it. Different types of manufacturing techniques are used until the final product of yarn is made. Fibrillating is one of them. The fibrillated yarn is made of polyethene which makes the turf seem natural, pertaining to the sliding effect. Not to mention the high-cost performance.

At Tiger Lily Garden our employees are dedicated to producing the best- `fibrillated yarn for top-quality artificial grass. Our fibrillated yarn will provide you with lifelong grass for your home lawns or commercial spaces. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, it was made possible for the durability of fibrillated yarn to be increased. Tiger Lily Garden immediately adopted this technology which now allows us to produce better turf.


Why Is The Right Fibrillated Yarns Important?


Fibrillated yarn extends the life of artificial grass to make it more durable.


Rubber splash is reduced because the fiber’s web covers the rubber in-fill.


Different variations of green give the grass a natural appearance.

Turf Lock

Fibres maintain their strong bonding and the net fiber are all together.

Enhanced Resilience

Tiger Lily Garden takes advantage of fibrillated yarn to increase turf resilience. The artificial turf retrieves its shape within seconds after being stepped. This is a very important character especially when the fibrillated yarns are used in the sports grass field. It makes the surface looks fresh after use for years and also makes the grass life span is longer than the old generation.

Same cost but the fibrillated yarn from Tiger Lily Garden is more serious.

Suitable for The Environment

Used in large courts or parks it reduces the shock effects in joints and ankles, protecting kids or players from usual injuries. Not only does the turf enhance the walking experience, but its material is harmless to the environment, causing zero pollution to neither the underground waters or the soil thanks to the anti-pollution technology through which fibrillated yarn is produced. In addition, the turf is anti-parasitic, UV-resistant, and a great insulator.

Stability Against UV

The chemical structure of polypropylene and other materials used in artificial grass production causes deterioration of the turf under Ultraviolet radiation(UV). Tiger Lily Garden produces turf with greater resistance to UV, using fibrillated yarn with the latest manufacturing technology.

General Applications

What Is The Application of Artificial Grass Fibrillated Yarn?

There are 2 types of fibrillated yarn applications:
1. Sports fields. Because of the structure, it is easy to spread evenly when you finish brushing. It feels soft and comfortable when players step on it. Plus the cost is very low. 5 years ago it was used widely, even though it doesn’t have the same natural look as monofilament yarn. Now, only a few factories use fibrillated yarn for soccer carpets, mostly for multi-functional sports fields.
2. Short carpet. Because of the low cost, this is the most popular application of fibrillated yarn. This type is the most purchased yarn from our customers. Usually 1400~2200 Dtex.

Soccer Grass

Football Grass

fibrillated yarn basketball grass

Basketball Grass

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Tennis Grass

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Cheap Short Carpet


How is the Fibrillated Yarn Produced?

  • The process of fibrillated yarn for artificial grass production starts with the manufacturing of a single tape which is later cut into several tapes. The lattice structure starts to form, made of polyethene and polypropylene. Tiger Lily Garden observe the process with great attention to details to make sure quality fibrillated yarn is produced.
  • In the first days of artificial grass production, fibrillated yarn was used widely. Now we see it used in areas with high resistance, such as tennis, football, and soccer fields.
  • During the tape, yarn formation produces a number of dust particles from the synthetic material which takes the form of debris and fibrils.
  • What are fibrils? Fibrils are nothing but slender fibers with their end attached to the tape yarn, while debris is broken or detached thread pieces stuck in the tape’s surfaces by static attraction.
  • Such dust particles damage the machines and yarn’s quality. In the fibrillated yarn industry different approaches are taken to remove this harmful dust. A few of them include: blowing air upon the yarn, using solvents, or washing the fibrils and debris with water. Since particles are not too heavy manufacturers have taken advantage of electrostatic energy to remove the dust particles.

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What is The Material Used in The Fibrillated Yarn for Artificial Grass?

Knowing the characteristics of each material helps you choose the best turf for your space.

  • The first element we use in the fibrillated yarn is Polyethylene (PE). It has a better friction coefficient and is more friendly to the skin. Thanks to having great friction, the turf made of fibrillated yarn is used in football fields, such as football and American football fields. The only drawback with it is the fact it takes a few seconds more to return to its previous state.
  • Meanwhile, Polypropylene (PP) could be used to produce low dtex fibrillated yarn which is mostly used in the low-cost short carpet. Even though its friction coefficient is way lower and is slightly worse than LLDPE.It’s advantageous in the fact it springs back better than PE and costs lower. Therefore it is a good material for this application.

Why Tiger Lily Garden

Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Fibrillated Yarn Supplier?

When choosing a grass yarn supplier you will be very careful about the quality of the product, the price range, the experience of exporting, which major customers they have served, the level of professionalism, the promptness of the response, the effectiveness of the communication, etc. are all factors that you will want to consider. It can be difficult to find a supplier who is a total match and a good fit.
If you don’t think you’ve met a good supplier, then you haven’t experienced our service. Tiger Lily Garden has a long history of producing fibrillated yarn. One of our oldest machines is already 10 years old!
Our customers are long-term, ongoing customers, 5 years, 10 years, supporting and understanding each other like old friends. And our customers feel happy and secure in the knowledge that they have a supplier like us. Any interaction between us can be the start of a positive relationship, so get in touch and let us impress you with our professionalism and genuine service.

Experience of Producing Fibrillated Yarn

The process needs to be paid great attention to. We know this better than anyone else because we have been in the market for more than 10 years. 10 years of dedication and hard work. Striving to create the best artificial yarn and turf for you. We have a dedicated team of designers, production workers, customer service and professional market consultants ready to answer your questions and requirements.

Grass Yarn Factory Capacity

Tiger Lily Garden manufactory includes a 10,000-square-meter factory with 89 employees, two fibrillated yarn machines, six monofilament machines, 24 KDK flat machines, one coating line, three thatched machines, and five tufting machines to ensure that you receive quality products within your time and budget.

Unique Technology of Production

Tiger Lily Garden is one of the best-fibrillated yarn for artificial grass factories. The fibrillated yarn twisted technology is our very unique patent. We have the latest professional machines on the market, and we continuously update our manufactory to produce artificial grass yarn for our customers as fast as possible while maintaining the quality level.


For low dtex fibrillated yarn(1400~3000Dtex) we load roughly 24 tons 1X40HQ;for the high dtex fibrillated yarn (5000~10000Dtex) roughly 18 tons 1X40HQ.

Usually, it takes only 15~20 days for a 40HQ container.

We export usually by 40HQ container but if for new clients we support to start with a small 20ft container for the trial order.

Many countries, we have artificial yarn clients in Egypt, the USA, Indonesia, Belarus, Dubai, Malaysia…..Our clients are very stable.

Yes, we are. Tiger Lily Garden is the earliest fibrillated yarn manufacturer in China. Our experience has already been for more than 10 years. And the best seller of our fibrillated yarn is the 1850Dtex fibrillated yarn.

Tiger Lily Garden! That’s no doubt!

We supply 80% of China’s Fibrillated Yarn exports, and our open-wire machines are virtually non-stop, with the fibrillated yarn being our star product. We have very high-quality customers all over the world.

It is 54049000. And nothing changed under the new customs rules.

We produce 4KG~5KG/Bobbin,100 bobbins/pallet and 44 pallets of each 40HQ. Totally about 20 Ton/40HQ.

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