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Football Turf Types and Applications

There are two types of football turf: infilling and non-infilling. Infilling football turf is used to add cushioning and stability, while non-infilling football turf is used to create a flat surface for play. We will discuss each type in further detail below.

Infilling football turf

Natural grass returns quickly to its previous state because its blades are constantly transporting nutrients from roots above to keep the blade active and alive. Synthetic grass cannot perform this process. Resilience effect is crucial for Artificial Grass for Football to ensure a high-level performance during plays. Tiger Lily Garden and other professional manufacturers use infill, in the form of sand or rubber, to help grass retain its structure.


Professional Patch for Training and Competition

Patches of Artificial Grass for Football are used in small spaces for training players. Besides used for training from players, a number of leisure centers often organize competitions, either outdoors or indoors for various sports, where anyone can participate without being a club member.

Standard size patch and large area

The standard size of artificial grass for football was fixed by FIFA which is 105M length by 68M width. It requires high about the resilience of the football and protection of the player. The patches were produced with the interaction between the player, surface, and the ball in mind. So the non-infilling artificial grass for football is too much soft and Infill plays a significant role in the quality Artificial Grass for Football that is to be used in large areas. This is also the most professional way to play and also a good way to extend the life span of the field for frequent use consideration.

Non-Infilling football turf

Non-infilling football turf is free of any infill material which makes it suitable for several uses. You or your clients will love this type of Artificial Grass for playgrounds, areas around swimming pools, or concert halls. Perfect for spaces where kids play because you do not have to protect them from putting any harmful material such as rubber or grass into their mouth. Also, these systems find wide use in indoor spaces because of the portability that comes with them.


Indoor Courses

When the weather is not good and kids are craving for a play you must find a solution. Artificial Grass for Football comes in both variations: infilling and non-infilling material. Non-infilling Artificial Grass for Football is the perfect choice to provide your kids with a small football pitch inside the house! The surface can be packed easily because there is no infill that needs to be added. This allows the play of various sports and performance of indoor courses.

Small field not standard patch

Non-infilling patches of Artificial Grass for Football are used in small spaces such as commercial areas, parks or concert spots. The main intention of these surfaces is the aesthetic and professional look they reflect, therefore using Standard turf with infill is not necessary. Small patches of Artificial Grass for Football present no risk to fire and grow no harmful weeds on them.



Numerous reasons for choosing artificial grass for your pitch over natural grass exist and we are going to explain them further.

1. Same no matter the weather

Regardless of the weather conditions, artificial grass for football doesn’t get affected until the point of having to stop the match because of the inappropriate conditions. After heavy rain, no mud is created, therefore making the grass safer to play on compared to natural grass. This is due to the fact rain has no direct contact with the ground


2. Strong and durable

Football pitches with natural grass require a period of time for the recovery process to be completed before players can step on them, but in pitches with artificial grass for football we produce at Tiger Lily Garden this period of time is not needed. This means a lot for small businesses that own pitches where several clubs play within a day. With no recovery time in between, players can enter the pitch with artificial grass for football as soon as one match is over. Artificial grass for football has a higher resistance and as a result, better durability compared to pitches with natural grass.

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3. Less time spent to maintain it

In order to keep the pitches made with artificial grass for football neat and beautiful, they need to be regularly cleaned but that’s all. Different from pitches with natural grass where you have to spend time and money for mowing, fertilizing, and fixing damaged patches of grass from players, pitches of artificial grass for football save you more money and time. Added to the low maintenance cost it’s also the fact artificial grass for football doesn’t need to be watered the same way natural grass needs.


4. Softer for players foot

In normal pitches, the players will directly hit the ground with their knees, but in pitches made of artificial grass for football, a special layer made of shocking pads softens the fall. This layer is put before installing artificial grass for football and it works great as an absorber of the falling force. Not only this. The layer enhances their walking experience on the pitch as well.


5. Improved playing experience

Providing an exceptional experience during plays, artificial grass for football maintains its shape for years to come. Natural grass leaves stains in players’ clothes when they fall and they hurt themselves more because the grass has no layer to absorb the shocking force. There are no bumps that stay as obstacles as and there is no need to cut the grass often. Artificial grass for football requires less to no maintenance at all, but what is more important: it remains the safest choice for players.



How do you install Artificial Grass for Football?

These are the steps you need to take to install the Artificial Grass for Football.
1. Observe the space and mark the borders.
2. Putting the layer smoothly in the ground. (Clean the surface before proceeding with this step.)
3. Trim the extensive parts of the grass that overlay the borders before applying glue.
4. Lay the tape.
5. Fill the tape with the needed amount of glue.
6. Lay the grass on the glued tape.
7. Prepare the grass for white lines by firstly cutting the boundaries.
8. Lay bags filled with material that weights (such as rubber granule) upon the boundaries, so they stick well.
9. After one night has passed and the glue is properly dried you can start with the spreading of the infill.
10. When infilling is done, proceed with the brushing process.


Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Artificial Grass for Football?

Artificial grass for football is one of the main products Tiger Lily Garden has been producing with professionalism for more than 10 years. We have partners in different parts of the world who chose our artificial grass for football and still do recommend us to their friends and partners for the quality material we produce. We are always looking for new partners to do business with. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Full experience

Tiger Lily Garden focus on the artificial grass and artificial grass yarn for more than 10  years, we know how to produce your required artificial grass for golf.

Serious attitude

Not like the landscaping grass, artificial grass for golf grass requires very professional knowledge and serious attitude. We are more responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Football Turf

Installing a modern football surface comes with many concerns. The section will provide answers to frequently asked questions about football turf.

How can I reduce Impact Injuries when Installing Football Turf?

Most individuals are concerned about injuries despite football turf being safer than natural grass. In this case, install shock pads underneath the turf to prevent damage to the joint during repeated falls.

Are Football Turf Long-Lasting and Safe?

Compared to natural grass, football turf limits issues related to weather, such as sogginess and mud patches that become too slippery to play on. Football turf is also long-lasting due to its ability to resist destruction from constant stomping.

Are Football Turf Non–abrasive?

Football turf is made with strong and soft fibers that support the player during a fall. This means that when a player slides or rolls when passing a ball, they are safe from abrasion and any other injuries directly to the skin. The turf does not also have small sharp stones typically found in natural grass that might cause severe injury to the knees if the players fall hard to the ground

What is the Approximate Price of Football Turf?

Football turf varies in specifications quality. You should establish the turf quality to get an approximate price. However, the general price per square foot of football turf ranges from $2 to $5, excluding the installation fee.

Do Football Turf get Patches in Extreme Conditions?

No disappointment matches finding a muddy and water-filled sports area at the time of a match. To avoid canceling matches, opt for football turf as it quickly drains due to its porous surface system.

What is the Procedure for Maintaining Football Turf?

Football turf requires consistent maintenance to extend its lasting period. This means that you need to frequently pick up debris, remove stains immediately after noticing, and use the recommended cleaning solutions. Most importantly, do not forget to water your field in hot months to keep it cool. Maintaining football turf is as simple as following such steps to enjoy its benefits longer.

Football turf provides an elegant landscape, including protection for the players and longevity. This makes the turf better in maintenance and service than natural grass, as it lasts longer despite the constant stomping and rough movements when playing.

Do Football Turf Drain Quickly

No disappointment matches finding a muddy and water-filled sports area at the time of a match. To avoid canceling matches, opt for football turf as it quickly drains due to its porous surface system.

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