Premier Outdoor Green Wall Solutions: Discover Our Ultra Luxury 1M x 1M UV-Resistant Vertical Gardens

Experience the elegance and functionality of our 3D Outdoor Green Wall, measuring 1m x 1m. Each panel combines various lifelike leaves and accessories, ensuring visual depth and allure. Designed for versatility and ease of installation, these UV-resistant panels come in packs of 5-8, ideal for both residential and commercial spaces. Transform your environment into a lush, green sanctuary with minimal effort and maximum impact.

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Experience Unmatched Quality with Tiger Lily Garden’s Outdoor Green Wall, Gazon artificiel, et Accessoires.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we specialize in crafting exceptional outdoor living products that blend beauty, functionality, and sustainability. Our Outdoor Green Wall, artificial grass, and grass yarn are meticulously designed using only the finest materials, ensuring that every item we produce meets rigorous quality standards. As a responsible manufacturer, we hold various certifications that affirm the safety and environmental friendliness of our products, including our versatile range of garden accessories.

Our artificial grass and fil d'herbe are known for their realistic appearance and resilience, ideal for creating lush, inviting outdoor spaces without the upkeep of natural grass. Complementing these are our innovative Outdoor Green Walls, which provide an instant natural aesthetic, perfect for enhancing privacy and adding a touch of tranquillity to any environment. Together with our durable accessories, designed to integrate seamlessly with our greenery products, Tiger Lily Garden offers a comprehensive solution for transforming any outdoor area into a sustainable and stylish oasis.

Trust Tiger Lily Garden to elevate your outdoor settings with our certified and carefully crafted products, ensuring every garden or patio space achieves both elegance and ecological sensitivity.”

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Applications générales

Maximize Outdoor Spaces with Jardin de lys tigré.

Transform any area with our Outdoor Green Wall, artificial grass, and accessories, ideal for both home and commercial use:

Residential: Enhance gardens and patios with our easy-care, aesthetic greenery.
Commercial: Beautify offices and public spaces with durable, inviting products.
Events: Create stunning settings for gatherings with our versatile outdoor solutions.

Tiger Lily Garden: Simple solutions for vibrant, sustainable spaces.

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Wall Cover

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Brand Decoration

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Zone commerciale

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Store Decoration

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Logo Area

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Front Desk

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Show Room

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Décoration d'intérieur

Show Cases

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Installation Progress


Prepare the green wall, cable ties, nails, and other items.

installation 01

Use cable ties to connect two green wall together.

installation 02

Adjust the position and spacing between the green wall.

installation 03

Secure the edges with nails to make them more stable.

installation 04

Pourquoi Tiger Lily Garden?

Welcome to a world where walls come alive! At Tiger Lily Garden, we don’t just create Outdoor Green Wall artwork; we infuse life into every environment. Here’s why our products are a cut above:

  • Lifelike Beauty: Our Outdoor Green Wall captures the natural essence beautifully, offering a design so realistic it energizes any space.
  • Comfort & Protection: Benefit from the sun protection and insulation our walls provide, keeping your areas cool and visually stunning.
  • Custom Safety: Opt for our customizable flame retardant options for decor that marries style with safety.
  • Pure & Fresh: Crafted to be safe and odourless, our Outdoor Green Wall ensures your environment remains fresh and carefree.
factory advantage of green wall
advantage of green wall
  • Dedicated Service: At Tiger Lily Garden, our team is dedicated to delivering personalized service that seamlessly brings your vision to life.
  • Premium Materials: We use only the finest materials, ensuring that each Outdoor Green Wall is durable and built to last.
  • Beautiful Design: Crafted with aesthetic precision, our Outdoor Green Wall Artwork transforms any space with its stunning visual appeal.
  • Integrity at Every Step: From design to installation, we operate with complete honesty and integrity, earning us a reputation as a trusted brand.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we are dedicated to revitalizing spaces with our vibrant, realistic Outdoor Green Wall. Choose us for a natural touch that’s safe, insulating, and stunningly beautiful. Let’s animate your walls!

Reliable Factory with Serious Attitude

At Tiger Lily Garden, we are committed to excellence in every facet of our operations as a premier export factory. We specialize in designing and producing state-of-the-art Outdoor Green Wall products, integrating advanced materials such as imported color masterbatch and high-percentage UV additives to ensure vibrant, long-lasting colors and durability against environmental elements.

Our green wall decor is crafted with enhanced touch materials that not only look but feel premium, setting a high standard in the synthetic greenery market. With over a decade of exporting experience, we understand the nuances of international trade and customer expectations.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, offering 7×24 online support with a team that is knowledgeable but not pushy, ensuring a smooth, customer-friendly experience. Our focus is on providing detailed, responsive after-sales service to address any client concerns promptly.

Choose Tiger Lily Garden for detailed craftsmanship and a professional partnership that values innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in every green wall product we ship worldwide.

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Visite de l'usine Tiger Lily Garden

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Outdoor green walls provide aesthetic enhancement, improve air quality by filtering pollutants, and can help reduce noise pollution. They also offer thermal benefits by insulating buildings, potentially lowering heating and cooling costs.

Installing an outdoor green wall typically involves setting up a metal or wooden frame against a wall, attaching felt pockets or plastic containers, and then inserting plants into these containers. It’s essential to ensure that the wall has proper structural support and irrigation systems.

Absolutely! Artificial plants are an excellent choice for outdoor green walls, especially in environments where maintaining live plants is challenging. Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial green walls use high-quality, UV-resistant materials that mimic the look and feel of real plants while offering durability and little to no maintenance. These features make them ideal for outdoor use, ensuring vibrant and lasting greenery without the need for watering or seasonal care.

The cost of an outdoor green wall varies depending on the size, plant types, installation complexity, and maintenance needs. As a Chinese manufacturer, Tiger Lily Garden can not give all the information about different countries but only factory prices directly, our products range from $6~$25/SQM.

Outdoor green walls typically require a drip irrigation system, which delivers water directly to the roots of the plants efficiently. This system can be automated with timers to ensure consistent watering.

Regular maintenance includes watering, pruning, checking for pests, and replacing dead plants. Seasonal checks on the irrigation system and structural integrity of the wall are also recommended.

Yes, with proper plant selection and care. Hardy plants that can withstand local winter conditions should be chosen, and additional protective measures like insulating the back panel of the green wall may be necessary.

Yes, they contribute positively to the environment by enhancing biodiversity, reducing the urban heat island effect, and improving air quality. The materials used in Tiger Lily Garden’s green walls are sustainable and non-toxic, emphasizing our commitment to environmental responsibility.

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