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Get Your Free Samples From Tiger Lily Garden!

Tiger Lily Garden is very willing to provide you with free artificial turf samples!

As your partner, Tiger Lily Garden understands how much time, effort and money you have to put into marketing to find the right products.

We also deeply understand how necessary it is to reduce the cost of trial and error and choose trend-setting products.

As your most trusted supplier of artificial turf, we have prepared free samples of artificial grass suitable for various markets.

Please fill in your requirements in accordance with the following form. The more we understand each other, the better we can recommend the most suitable products for you. We promise to protect your privacy.

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But there are still several points hope we can be on the same page and we need your understanding. Please read the following notes carefully to ensure we are on the same page. If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us at any time.

Delivery and custom cost

We are very willing to bear the production cost, but the transportation cost from many customers will be a huge burden for us. So please bear the cost of transportation and customs clearance by your side at the very beginning. And Tiger Lily Garden will return this part of the cost back to you after our cooperation.

Sign the samples successfully

Before you ask for samples, please make sure that you understand and are familiar with the local customs policy and import sample cost policy, and make sure that you will sign for the samples successfully. If you refuse to accept the package because of tariffs or other problems, we will communicate with the courier company in advance and all the other costs such as return back cost will be bored by the receiver, and we will also refuse any subsequent cooperation requests from the creditless clients.

Other Details

Our sample size is 30*30/piece. A sample box can carry about 7-15 pieces. The approximate shipping cost is about $40-$70 based on different countries. The shipping time is about 3-5 working days. The following is our sample list, if you need other products, please contact our service team at sales@tigerlilygarden.com, we are always at your service.

Sample List

Free Samples of artificial grass

What you will receive

  1. A sample box;
  2. 7~15 pieces of artificial grass free samples or several bobbins grass yarn samples;
  3. Price list and other documents instruction;
  4. Our Catalogue;
  5. The one-time gloves to keep your hands clean;
  6. Some useful small gift;
  7. The plastic box opener makes the unboxing easily.


At Tiger Lily Garden, we understand your needs and concerns. It is why we offer you free samples of our products. You will only have to pay for the shipping cost. With the free sample, you can check the quality and choose the right product for your landscaping requirements with total satisfaction. Our turf samples are 12” x 12”, 1’ x 1’, or 30 cm x 30 cm in size.

Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass is one of the most natural-looking fake grass you can find in China. It is made from 100% polyethylene polymer that is soft to touch and bears a real grass-like finish. We keep lush green shades for the grass fibers with brown tones for the thatching for a realistic look.

Yes, artificial grass is cheaper than concrete. Concrete can be pretty expensive for landscaping if you plan to add creative designs or use high-quality material. Concrete might cost you extra because of additional labour costs. However, you may install artificial grass by yourself. For landscaping areas that require a soft surface, such as lawns and patios, artificial grass is the better option. If yard work bothers you, go for artificial grass instead of concrete as an efficient alternative to lawn grass.

The two most important factors to consider while installing artificial turf are weed growth prevention and an effective water drainage system. Before laying the artificial grass roll, these two concerns are addressed by adding two separate layers. The first one is a base such as granite dust to ensure proper water drainage. Next comes laying a geotextile membrane right below the turf roll. This membrane prevents weeds from growing under the fake grass.

The R&D department of Tiger Lily Garden works hard to create the best natural-looking fake grass to suit all your landscaping needs. Our artificial grass made from polyethylene look and feel like real grass.

Artificial grass is worth your money if you:

  • want your lawn to look well-maintained with minimal effort.
  • want your lawn to look aesthetically appealing.
  • dream of a lawn that stays luxuriantly green all year long.
  • fear rain, scorching sun, or frost will destroy your real lawn grass.
  • hate it when your natural lawn turns into a puddle after rain.
  • resent the stench that lingers for long when your pup pees on your natural lawn.

Yes, artificial grass is easy to maintain. The best thing about artificial grass is that it requires little to no maintenance. All it needs for the upkeep is an occasional brushing with a rake or power broom. Or, you may rinse it with water using a hose pipe, and the water will drain out in no time.

Yes, dogs can pee on artificial grass. Artificial grass does not die when your dog pees on it. The drainage system allows the urine to drain away. If your artificial grass reeks of dog urine, you can wash it with a garden hose and spray vinegar-water solution onto the grass. After that, rinse the area again.

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