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Geotextile Fabric

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Artificial turf is undeniably attractive, adding a lush green touch to any garden. However, the occasional appearance of weeds can be a nuisance, disrupting its pristine look. This is where the magic of geotextile fabric comes into play. By laying a layer of geotextile fabric beneath your artificial grass, you can prevent weeds from poking through, maintaining the beauty of your lawn with minimal effort. For those with smaller gardens, finding geotextile fabric in the right quantity can be a challenge. Often, purchasing from other suppliers means buying in bulk, leading to unnecessary expense and waste.

At Tiger Lily Garden, these concerns are a thing of the past. With years of experience as a supplier of artificial turf, synthetic yarns, and vertical gardens, we’ve assisted countless customers in procuring a wide range of supplementary materials. Our advantage lies in our competitive pricing, low minimum order quantities, and high-quality products. At Tiger Lily Garden, you’ll discover what true one-stop shopping is all about—saving you time, effort, and money.

If you’re in need of artificial turf accessories, including geotextile fabric, adhesive, seaming tape, and U Pins, look no further. Contact our service team today for professional assistance tailored to your needs. Discover the ease of enhancing your outdoor space with the support of Tiger Lily Garden, where customer satisfaction and efficiency meet.”


Premium Durability

High-Quality Geotextile Fabric: Crafted from superior PP or PE flat yarns, enhanced with high-quality UV stabilizers for an extended lifespan.


Robust Weed Barrier: Engineered to withstand diverse soil pH levels and water conditions, ensuring longevity without corrosion.

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Smooth Weave

Smooth Weed Block Fabric: Features a meticulously smooth weave with distinct, clear lines for ultimate quality and performance.

Breathability and Drainage

Permeable Geotextile Fabric: Designed with micro-pore technology for optimal water and airflow, facilitating quick drainage in wet conditions.


Durable Weed Barrier: Exceptional physical stretchability with a robust composition that resists tearing, ensuring durability.

Edge Protection

Elegant Weed Block Fabric: Edges are bound to prevent fraying, blending functionality with a stylish, durable finish.

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weed block fabric 04

Weed Suppression

Efficient Geotextile Fabric: Effectively hampers the growth of various weeds, keeping your garden or field pristine.

Custom Fit

Versatile Weed Barrier: Easily customizable to meet specific needs, allowing for straightforward storage and adaptation to any terrain or shape.

General Applications

Geotextile membranes are not just for artificial grass – they’re a handy tool for controlling weeds in many places. These fabrics are great for keeping your gardens and walkways weed-free. They work well under artificial turf to stop weeds, and that’s just one way to use them. With geotextiles, you can say goodbye to worries about leftover stock – they’re always needed for creating neat outdoor spaces.

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Horticultural Center

geotextile fabric from tiger lily garden 04

Daily Weed Control

geotextile fabric from tiger lily garden 01

Greenhouse Complex

geotextile fabric from tiger lily garden 03

Fruit Tree Orchard

geotextile fabric from tiger lily garden 02

Flower Farm Base

geotextile fabric from tiger lily garden 06

Vegetable Production Base

Product Specifications

product specification fabric
Product NameGeotextile FabricSpecificationCustomized
Color Black with Green LineMaterialRaw Material PP
Can be customized
FeaturesPrevents Weed Growth, Breathable, Biodegradable, Solves Soil CompactionApplication Gardens, Orchards, Artificial Turf Weed Barrier, Greenhouse Complexes, Vegetable Farms


How to Install the Geotextile Membrane For Artificial Grass on the Soil?

Installing a geotextile membrane for artificial grass is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance the longevity and appearance of your lawn. There is no requirement for special skills, all you need to do is be careful and start. Here’s how to do it:

installation 01


Start by clearing the area where your artificial grass will lay. Remove any existing grass, weeds, and debris. Level the ground as best as possible to create a flat surface, and compact the soil to reduce the chance of sinking or unevenness later on.

installation 02

Measuring and Cutting

Roll out the geotextile membrane over the prepared soil. Measure the area to ensure the membrane covers the entire space with a little extra on each side. If you’re using more than one piece of membrane, ensure the edges overlap by at least 6 inches to prevent weeds from squeezing through gaps.

installation 03

Securing the Membrane

Secure the membrane to the soil using specialized geotextile fixing pegs. Place the pegs around the perimeter at regular intervals and anywhere the fabric overlaps. This step is crucial to keep the membrane flat and prevent movement that could lead to exposure or damage over time.

installation 04

Laying the Artificial Grass

Once the membrane is secure, you can proceed to lay the artificial grass. Unroll the turf over the membrane, trim to fit, and secure it as recommended by the turf manufacturer.

By following these steps, you’ll ensure that your artificial grass has a weed-free foundation, allowing for a more professional finish and a longer-lasting lawn.

Why Tiger Lily Garden?

Fabric Quality Comparison

Weed Block Fabric from Tiger Lily Garden

Artificial Grass Geotextile Membrance

Biodegradable, no soil contamination;

Durable without gaps;

Provides effective shading and weed control;

Suitable for all soil types;

Promotes water/air flow and retains nutrients.

Tightly woven for beauty and practicality.

Weed Barrier from the Others

geotextile membrance

Non-biodegradable, environmental pollution;

Gaps appear with use;

The gap leads to weed growth;

Depletes soil nutrients;

Poor water and air permeability;

Loosely woven, uneven surface.

Top Reasons to Make Tiger Lily Garden Your Go-To Supply Partner

For over a decade, Tiger Lily Garden has specialized in exporting plastic garden and sports products. With years of experience, we have increasingly focused on professionalism, communication, quality, and integrity.

As a source factory in China, we possess a wealth of advanced equipment, a stable workforce, and an experienced technical team. This enables us to offer quicker delivery times, meet diverse customization needs, and maintain lower minimum order quantities (MOQs). Our selection of materials is rigorously vetted, and our pricing is highly competitive.

Additionally, our deep understanding of the domestic garden and sports product supply chain allows us to swiftly source a variety of garden accessories for our clients, such as geotextile fabric, nails, shock-absorbing pads, infill particles, lawn-specific adhesive, connection bands, and more.

Partnering with Tiger Lily Garden is sure to save you time, effort, and money.”

tigerlilygarden the best chinese artificial grass manufacturer


Yes! The black plastic membrane does prevent weeds from growing, but it also blocks air and water to go through the soil. It will cause soil compaction, Drainage problems, and not environmental friendly. Besides, the quality of plastic material is super bad than that of the geotextile membrane. It is easy to broken and not durable.

Yes. The geotextile membrane for artificial grass is not created equal. Our geotextile membrane for artificial grass is strong enough to handle even the toughest weeds. 100% hassle-free.

As we all know, weeds have strong vitality. they will grow anywhere there is an organic environment. If the wind blows soil and weeds onto the surfaces of the geotextile membrane, there is the possibility that weeds will grow. Solution: Quick application of geotextile membrane and artificial grass to avoid weeds and soil blown on the surfaces.

Our MOQ is generally 5,000 SQM. But if the specifications you need is our regular one and we have it in stock. Then a small quantity is accepted. Contact us here, let us check for you.

Absolutely. The bigger quantity produced per batch, the lower the production cost per SQM is. We would love to offer all this cost-saving amount to you for you to get the absolute competitiveness in your market. Contact us here today to get the best offer.

A geotextile membrane under artificial grass is the best way you can prevent weed growth, deter worms and insects, and enjoy a clean green lawn. Geotextile membranes are breathable, allowing air and water to pass through, yet block sunlight. Lack of Sunlight kills weeds and ensures they do not grow back.

If you are wondering “how to lay geotextile fabric?”, here are a few easy steps to follow and lay the weed membrane all by yourself.

Step1: Trim down any vegetation or weeds to the ground level. Also, remove any sharp objects from the ground.

Step2: Spray a weed killer on the soil.

Step3: Lay geotextile fabric on the soil or the gravel. Overlap the joints by 100 mm. It will suppress the weed effectively.

Step4: Secure the fabric with the help of fixing pegs, staples, or large stones, by trenching the membrane into the soil.

Step5: Trim all the excess material using a pair of sharp scissors.

Step6: Cover the membrane with a layer of sub-base.

And this is how to lay geotextile fabric.

Are you curiously searching, “What is the best underlay for artificial grass?”? Here’s the answer to your curiosity! Tiger Lily Garden’s geotextile membrane is the best underlay for artificial grass. With permeability for water, it will prevent your lawn from becoming a puddle after rain.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we create the best weed membrane for artificial grass. These anti-slip heavy-duty liners allow air and water to seep through pretty easily. These weed membranes are made using geotextile woven and non-woven fabrics that you can choose according to your use and budget. The membranes come in rolls so you can carry, transport, store, and distribute them, even in bulk.

Artificial grass underlay with drainage holes gives you a soft and spongy feel underfoot. It has drainage holes to allow water to drain quickly, thus preventing water clogging. You can fix the underlay to the concrete and then install your artificial grass on the underlay. The artificial grass underlay is thick and strong yet easy to cut and use.

Are you still looking for a way of weed control under artificial grass? The best way to do it is by laying a fabric that prevents weeds from growing under your turf. Weed membranes are created to prevent weeds and worms under artificial grass

A geotextile liner is a high-strength PP woven fabric used under synthetic turf to prevent weed growth. This liner is hard-wearing and suitable for long-term use. For example, for a commercial area with heavy foot traffic, such as a sports field, it is wiser to use a geotextile liner under the turf as it will bear heavy load and not degrade under the sun.

Like your properly-installed artificial grass, geotextile membranes also last for a lifespan of over 15 years, making them super convenient to use. Besides, a good-quality resilient geotextile membrane, such as Tiger Lily Garden’s, contains an anti-UV additive so that the sunlight does not degrade its material over time. Thus, you will not have to worry about the hassle of changing it often.

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