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Tiger Lily Garden Produce All Types of Grass for Decoration

Did you know that you can use artificial grass for decoration on your walls, living room area, kitchen, bedroom, and other places around your home? Apart from other materials used for decoration, grass for decoration spices up your space in unimaginable yet simple ways. You may not have an idea about how to install grass when decorating your home. However, this page will ensure you learn everything you need to know about grass for decoration. Follow for insightful information through questions and answers.

Tiger Lily Garden is one of the best manufacturers of artificial grass for decoration. We focus on artificial grass and green wall for more than 10 years, whatever you want to find to enrich your product line, you can always find the proper products in our factory.

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What is Decorative Artificial Grass Made of?

Decorative artificial grass is made up of either nylon, polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), a combination of both PP and PE, or a combination of nylon and PE.

Application of Grass for Decoration

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Garden Landscape

Artificial grass makes the perfect substitute for natural grass in garden landscaping. Decorate your front lawn and backyard with imitation grass that, once professionally installed, will look no different from a natural lawn.

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Living Wall Décor

Make your walls look more vibrant and alive with artificial grass for walls. With minimum effort and investment, you can add a touch of nature to your walls. You can also use your artificial grass for making a backdrop for party events and photography.

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Children’s Bedrooms and Nurseries

If you live in an apartment in an area where your kids do not have access to a playground or a backyard, decorate their bedrooms and nurseries with artificial grass in the form of grass carpet or grass walls. Your kids will love it. It will enhance their sensory and motor abilities.

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Decorate Your Workspace

Decorate your workplace with artificial grass in the staff rooms, on the wall behind the reception desk, outside on the stairs, or in the meeting rooms.


Welcoming Workplace

The green colour typifies calmness, harmony, endurance, confidence, and hopefulness. So, when you add greenery to the workplace by adding artificial grass to your office décor, you make a welcoming gesture to the employees. As a result, they feel calm and confident, and the touch of grassy green helps enhance their energy and productivity levels.

Beautifies Your Space

Artificial grass does not just beautify the area, it brings life to the space. Be it an evergreen lawn or the luxury of a luxuriant green zone indoors, your imitation grass has that magical power to transform the landscape.

Child and Pet Friendly

Artificial grass provides a safe and sensory environment to the kids. Children love playing barefoot on the grass. They like running their fingers through the grass fibers. Similarly, pets also enjoy spending time and relaxing on the artificial grass carpet. The grass is soft and feels nice on the skin, reducing injuries to your kids and pets.

Child and Pet Friendly

Children love playing barefoot on the grass. They like running their fingers through the grass fibers. Similarly, pets also enjoy spending time and relaxing on the artificial grass carpet. The grass is soft and feels nice on the skin, reducing injuries to your kids and pets.


Yes. You can put things like furniture on the grass. This is just like putting furniture on a carpet. You should be careful not to put furniture with sharp edges to prevent the decoration from being torn.

There are many uses of grass for decoration. The grass can not only be put on walls or floors. Other people use grass for decoration on their Christmas trees and add accessories like glowing balls and stars. Therefore, grass for decoration can be used on occasions, as an addition to your home décor, and during the holidays.

Grass for decoration is made from synthetic materials. Insects such as flies cannot live in such an environment because it is not suitable for habitat. No need to worry about flies because they will probably live in a neighbor with natural grass.

If the grass is being installed on a hard surface like walls, you should use adhesive. U-pins will only make the grass unstable and move. For this reason, professionals will advise on the best thing to use when installing to prevent the grass from moving.

You may think that mosquitoes will settle on the grass and come out to feed at night. However, it is not possible for any mosquitoes to settle on the grass. Grass for decoration does not attract any insects.

Not at all. Rodents cannot eat the grass. They may even leave after you install the decoration and settle elsewhere where there is no grass for decoration. The material used to make grass for decoration is not easily chewable by rodents.

There are many reasons why you should settle for grass for decoration. Since many décor pieces become worn out after a short usage, it is best that you get value for money. Grass for decoration lasts up to twenty years which makes it worthwhile. You could also move the grass from one place to another when redecorating your space. A professional will help you move the grass from one area to another. If the area you wish to move the grass to is bigger, you may need additional grass. Therefore, the major benefit is that grass for decoration lasts long and remains in its original form if well maintained.

Yes, you can use artificial grass as a rug to spruce up your house décor. It acts as a green area or a small garden inside your house. It works great as a treat for your bare feet and a relaxing spot for your mind. Since it’s made of synthetic materials, it is not much different from any other carpet. Unlike real grass, it does not require watering or mowing for maintenance.

Avoid using decorations on your fake lawn grass that need to be secured. Try to use decorations that are heavy enough to be stable on the grass carpet and do not blow away with the wind. Never use pegs or stakes to secure decorations on artificial grass as they might damage the backing system of your imitation grass.

You attach artificial grass to the underlying base such as the concrete, a wooden deck, or the soil. Use straight or U-shaped grass nails to attach the turf to the wooden deck or the soil. To attach artificial grass to the concrete base, use an industrial-grade, heavy-duty adhesive or glue to secure the lawn.

The fake plastic grass comes with tons of different names. It is commonly called artificial grass or synthetic turf because of the plastic polymer materials from which it is manufactured. It is also known as fake grass, artificial turf, Astroturf, imitation grass, and many more names.

Yes, you can put Christmas decorations on artificial grass. Always remember to add some weight to the decorations so they don’t blow away with the wind. Besides, avoid putting lights on the fake grass carpet because of the danger of electrocution or the grass catching fire. Tiger Lily Garden feels proud to have obtained SGS Fire Resistance Certificate to ensure safety from fire hazards. So, feel free to decorate with lights on our artificial grass carpets.

Yes, you can put a swing set on artificial turf. The process is similar to securing a swing set on natural grass. Here’s how you can safely anchor a swing set on artificial grass.

  • Gather all your tools and supplies
  • Make small X-shaped incisions in the backing system of the turf. Do NOT anchor the swing stakes directly into the artificial grass as it will damage the backing system and the sub-base.

Hammer the stakes into the ground where X-shaped incisions were made, or twist them in with a drill.

Fake grass, imitation grass, synthetic grass, and artificial grass are technically the same things. The four names can be used interchangeably. Artificial grass is also known as synthetic grass because it is NOT found in nature and is synthesized using polymer plastic raw materials. It is also called imitation grass because it imitates the appearance of natural grass.

Different materials are best for artificial grass products meant for different applications.

  • In case of low foot traffic such as the front lawn, polyethylene is the best and the most commonly used material.
  • For medium-use applications such as backyard lawns or pet grass, a combination of nylon and polyethylene is the best material.
  • For heavy usages such as sports fields and commercial areas, polyethylene, or a combination of nylon and polyethylene is the best material.

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