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Brief Introduction

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What Is Fitness Turf?

Fitness turf is a type of artificial grass that is made from synthetic materials. The turf is produced to copy the perfect real outdoor grass while withstanding all its elements and benefits. This synthetic fitness turf will give a floor that will be stable and maintenance-free. You can perform most of the Fitness exercises with full safety and traction, the same as a field of real grass.

The traditional way of exercise has been changed, for now, people are more likely to work out from their homes or gyms. For them, a fitness turf can help very much to make a perfect environment for practising various training sessions.

Mostly the floorings Inside a building are tiles, which are not made to provide enough traction and control in movement while exercising. The slippery surface of tiles can make you injured in various ways, that is why it has become mandatory to apply flooring that can give the same movement and benefits as a real natural sports field gives. 

Fitness turf manufactured by Tiger Lily Garden comes with an absorbing ability, which gives relief in reducing the pressure on knees and joints while exercising.

Overall, you can apply a fitness turf to give an auspicious natural look and feel of real grass inside your homes.

What Is Synthetic Turf for Gyms Made of?

At Tiger Lily Garden, we manufacture synthetic turf for gyms using polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon. All these materials are environmental-safe, resilient, wear-resistant, and UV-stable. The different materials are used to fulfil a wide variety of your gym needs and budgets.

How Fitness Turf Is Made?

The materials used to make artificial fitness turf are nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene. These materials are safe and durable to produce a good quality of turf that will be heat resistant, frost resistant, and UV stable for outer areas.


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What is the Need for Fitness Turf?

While there is a huge difference between common artificial grass and fitness, common artificial grass is meant for outdoor purposes and has more hard grass blades.  And fitness turf is soft enough to be taken indoors, anyone can walk barefoot on it.

In today’s era, most people prefer to exercise indoors. In such a situation, they require artificial grass so that they can naturally feel the exercise with full comfort. Fitness turf is also one such thing that people can use for their exercise, gym, yoga, and many more daily purposes.
Staying motivated to go outside and do some exercise in open nature cannot work out for everybody. For those people who are in a rush and want to quickly enclose their daily workout practices, without leaving home. A fitness turf can be very helpful for them to create a natural aesthetic reality feel for them.
“Regardless of where you exercise, in your home or gym, if they have an artificial fitness turf, then you will surely enjoy doing work out on that surface. It will be fresher and fun to practice exercise on a perfect Fitness turf.”

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Commercial Gym Turf

Whether you have an outdoor or indoor commercial gym, pushing a sledge with heavy weights can ruin the floor. The best option is to have a gym turf that can bear heavy weights and foot traffic without wear and tear. With a comfortable feel, artificial grass for your indoor or outdoor gym can make your workout enjoyable and challenging.

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Astro Turf for Home Gym

Artificial turf is just as great a choice for at-home gyms. With Astro turf for the home gym, the possibility of falling or getting a shock injury reduces considerably. The gym turf has a padded attachment so you can deadlift or drop weights on the floor without worrying about breaking the tiled floor.

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 Custom Gym Turf

With the option to customize, Tiger Lily Garden can help you have the gym of your dreams. You can choose gym turf in different shades of green and also in many other colours like blue, white, red, yellow, orange, etc. You can also get custom-made artificial grass for gyms with logo designs, gym scales, hash lines, and more.


What Are The Benefits of Using Fitness Turf?

Fitness turf manufactured by companies comes to be designed as per the requirement of customers. For fitness turf, the grass blades must have to be soft and short. And made with user-friendly material, safer to use and install. Modern ways of the manufacturing process have helped to achieve a new precision for producing artificial turf that mimics the same feel of natural grass. This is a simple way to feel the best health benefits of walking on the grass besides living inside your home.

Easy Application

Fitness turf can be placed on any plain area. You don’t have to think about any climate, water, or sunlight resources, like in natural grass. With instant and easy application, an artificial turf is a maintenance-free option that doesn’t need to be cared for, other than cleaning.
Natural grass may not be growing inside your house, or sometimes it is also not possible to achieve a good quality of natural grass for big sports in stadiums. But, with different types of artificial turf, all these problems can be solved instantly.

Range of Customizing Features

Buyers can ask for customized designs in the artificial turf, which can include the logo, color, length, and change in shapes of grass blades.
A fitness turf manufactured at tigerlilygarden.com comes to be pre-tested for the type of practice it is going for. So, you will get a perfectly balanced, fitness turf that will maintain the look as well as function for years. Healthy training will be experienced with all the great benefits of natural grass.

Good Looking

Greenery whether in natural form or artificial always comes with aesthetic and pleasuring looks. But artificial turf is more likely to give you a more appealing look than natural grass because it is consistent and perfect with the color gradient.

Giving a vibrant look of greenery to your fitness center will increase the positivity and energy in the environment.

Artificial turf comes in various color options, this advantage can be so useful for your requirements.

Best in Safety

Fitness turf manufactured by tigerlilygarden.com comes with proper safety arrangements, they are made with user-friendly raw material, that doesn’t create an adverse effect for Humans and Pets.
The grass fiber blades are easy to clean and disinfect. Even if your pet chews, they have a habit to swallow or chew the floor carpets, you just stay tension-free, because chewing the fitness turf will not seriously affect their health.
A soft fitness turf will be comfortable and give a more freestyle way of doing exercise.


Artificial fitness turf comes with strong bindings and stitches perfectly achieved with the best technology. It can withstand loads of heavy foot traffic and the weight of rigorous training equipment. The engineering of fitness turf is done accordingly to give a great choice for indoor gyms and personal training centers. The different artificial turfs with different raw materials have their tendency to tolerate the pressure, heat, and load, that is why they must be chosen as per the required purpose.
But, one thing is common artificial turf is much more durable than natural grass.

Sleds Slide Smoothly on Workout Turf

Unlike ordinary flooring, the material of Tiger Lily Garden’s workout turf allows the sledges to slide on the grassy surface quite smoothly. You can add as much weight to the sledge as you want, but the turf will not fall apart.

At Tiger Lily Garden, we design our fitness turf with a short pile height to make the surface ideal for use as a sledge track. Our fitness turf is hard-wearing and does not tear off when you push sledges or apply cross-sectional force to the turf. So you can completely enjoy the fun of fitness.

Tips of Choosing Fitness Turf

What is the Material of Fitness Turf?

There are mainly three types of artificial fitness turf, which are categorized as per the raw material they are made from. All 3 types have their benefits in terms of strength, durability, and other factors.

Polyethylene Fitness Turf

This type of fitness turf is mostly used for outdoor sports field purposes and that is why is also called field turf. This is the most popular type of artificial grass which can be seen in any football stadium. Polyethylene Fitness turf highly resembles the qualities of natural grass. It can be used in any outdoor play areas, lawns, or landscape edging purposes. You can reap the real benefit of this artificial and aesthetic grass. This is the best option, for a large area requirement, which does not require any additional maintenance and raking.
Polyethylene fiber produces an artificial fitness turf that is much softer with texture and doesn’t create any skin irritation or rug burns. Also, this fitness turf is more expensive than other options which create a downside effect on its sales.

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Nylon Fitness Turf

In this type, Nylon is used as raw material to produce fitness turf that is more resistant to wear and tear. Which makes nylon turf a perfect option to apply for the areas like playgrounds.
Nylon is a material that can withstand large loads of people and has good resistance to heat. Without changing its condition and shape nylon will maintain the same quality for years even in the rush of people and extreme climate conditions.
Nylon Fitness turf has one more reason for which it is more preferred as artificial grass is because its blades stand taller and upright than any other artificial turf. It comes with the quality to absorb liquids and makes it more comfortable to be used for personal and pet areas. Nylon may look so durable, but its fibers are more rigid than other turf types. That is why sometimes it may create discomfort, for daily use. But if mixed with polyethylene it will become soft and best in strength.

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Polypropylene Fitness Turf

Polypropylene turf is the cheapest among all the other turf types. This is not a durable turf as it has a less melting point and gets worn easily. This turf is not recommended for long-term use. Polypropylene turf has one more disadvantage, that it doesn’t absorb liquid on its surface. That’s why it is not so suitable for in-house use. Polypropylene fitness turf can be a good option for people who are more concerned over the price and want a lower quality of turf just for the least activity. Don’t go for polypropylene turf if required for playground purposes.

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How To Select The Best Fitness Turf For Your Requirements?

There are some important factors that Tiger Lily Garden thinks you should look at before buying a fitness turf for your gym or personal training center.

Artificial turf comes in comparison to face weight (which means the amount of material used per square yard). Face weight helps in determining the durability of the turf, the more the face weight the better durability turf will provide.
If your sports field or gym has more no, of visitors i.e. more foot traffic then, you must look at a face weight according to that. Otherwise, the turf will not remain for long.

Check Face Weight of Turf

Check Thickness and Pile Heights

While buying a fitness turf you must look for the perfect thickness and pile height of the grass. Otherwise, if you purchased a bad turf for the gym, it will result in loss of traction and falling of people while exercising.
For proper functioning, the thickness must be suitable enough so that it can give perfect bounce and an improved exercising experience.
Fitness turf Inside a gym must be lower with the pile height of grass, so that it can give the movement for sledge pushing exercise, without damaging the whole floor.
Low pile height will also give an aesthetic clear green look.
Also look for the uneven space on the floor, to cover a flat common surface with turf, you must fill all the uneven gaps with padding. Artificial fitness turf manufactured by tigerlilygarden.com comes with attached padding, which can be helpful in such cases. Keep this in mind to make perfect fitness turf flooring in your gym.

For optimal traction and running ability, choose a puke high as per the requirement of sports.
For sports the turf must have to be thick with more face weight, this will ensure less tear and damage in an extreme game like football. Which includes sprinting, tackling, making fast cuts, and many more.

Piles and Thickness for Sports Fields Turf


How to Maintain A Fitness Turf?

Fitness Turf is easier to apply and maintain than natural grass. There are many benefits of artificial fitness turf which always makes it one step ahead of typical natural grass. But everything has its requirements to be taken care of for better working and longevity, so does an artificial turf has. To keep the turf in shape, you will have you take care of some basics stated below:

  • If there are mild stains over the grass, you just must remove them, with the use of mild detergent, not required to apply anything stronger like an acid.

  • For a cleaner look. You can use cold water to rinse the turf regularly.

  • Don’t use anything hot on the artificial turf.

  • For brushing the grass, you will have to do it against the gains, so that the blades don’t get damaged.

  • Use an enzyme cleaner to remove the odors.

Why  Tiger Lily Garden?

Why Choose Tiger Lily Garden as Your Fitness Turf Supplier?

Not all fitness turf are equal. When buying gym turf, the quality matters more than anything. We at Tiger Lily Garden are determined to never compromise on our quality standards. Our expert team works smartly to bring fitness turf items that are the best in the market. Let us have a look at what makes Tiger Lily Garden stand out.

Speed and Agility Training on Artificial Turf for Gym

On an ordinary floor, there’s a chance of slipping and falling during speed and agility training. However, our artificial turf for the gym presents optimum traction so your feet have a firm grip on the grassy surface allowing you to speed-run without slumping or tripping.

Reduced Injuries and Falls on Turf in Gym

Tiger Lily Garden offers workout turf with dense and compact grass with low pile height and a padded underlayment. With these specifications, the surface does not go hard on your knees or ankles while sprinting and jumping. Our workout turf works as a great shock absorber and remarkably reduces the probability of impact-related injuries.

Artificial Grass for Gyms Requires Low Maintenance

Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass for gyms does not require a great deal of maintenance. Our fitness turf products have attached padding, so there is no need to add sand in-fills, and you can just vacuum clean your turf when required. Our gym turfs with low pile height do not require brushing the surface often.

Chinese artificial grass factory

Best Gym Grass Suppliers in China

If you want to upgrade or attract more fitness enthusiasts to your gym, you might want to install artificial grass in your gym. At Tiger Lily Garden, we are determined to solve all your workout turf needs. We are currently the best and the most responsible gym grass suppliers in China.

We manufacture all our products from the safest raw materials, without adding heavy metals or plasticizers, so our products are user and environmental-friendly. You may request a quote and get a reply from our professional team within 24 hours. We can’t wait to help you buy the best turf for your gym.


Yes, you can work out on artificial grass. Gym grass is specially designed to perform fitness tasks on the grassy surface. The synthetic fibers of gym grass can withstand heavy-duty fitness equipment.

Yes, you can put weight on artificial grass. If you place weights on synthetic turf for long, after some time, the blades of your fake grass will no longer remain standing up and flatten.

Gyms often use turf made of polyethylene or polypropylene. Gym turfs have pads in the underlays to absorb shock. The raw materials provide a natural finish, durability, softness, traction, and impact absorption to the turf.

Yes, turf is good for home gym. The flooring inside our houses usually has slippery tiles unsafe for workouts. Artificial turf for the gym provides optimum grip, and the surface is soft enough to reduce the rate of knee injury and floor burns.

You can lay turf in a gym by following a few easy steps.

  • Clean and dry the required surface. Make sure it is levelled.
  • Measure the area and cut the turf accordingly.
  • Apply an artificial grass adhesive or double-sided turf tape, then lay the grass on the surface.
  • Seal the seams and the edges properly.
  • Allow the glue to cure for two to three days.
  • Your gym grass is ready to sweat on.

Yes, you can lift on turf. With Tiger Lily Garden’s artificial grass for gyms, you can lift and drop the weights on the floor without worrying about the turf. Gym turf comes with padding, so it is less noisy when you drop weights on it.

Yes, you can work out on the grass. Grass offers a softer and less harsh surface for running and working out. With grass, the likelihood of impact injury also decreases.

The floors are usually hard and slippery and thus not the ideal surface for fitness training, especially CrossFit training and HIIT workouts. That is why gyms have turf. The soft, short, and durable synthetic blades, together with the padding, provide the least chances of getting injured, fatigued, or floor burned on the turf in the gym.

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