Here’s What You Must Know About Artificial Grass Specification

In the process of purchasing artificial grass, whether talking about samples or a full package, you must be aware of specifications such as pile height and density that directly impact the lifespan of your grass and its performance.  

Whenever a customer visits Tiger Lily Garden facilities or shows interest through other online channels to purchase artificial grass, we give him/her a spreadsheet of artificial grass specifications to refer to. 

This article elaborates on the five important artificial grass specifications needed to help you make a choice. These are Pile height, density, stitch rate, gauge, and backing. 

What is Pile Height

We normally measure pile height in millimetres (mm). Different pile heights give the artificial grass different attributes, but what is pile height? 

We call pile height the length of the grass yarn measured from the bottom where it links to the backing to the very top of the yarn. Pile height directly affects the aesthetic side of your surface, as well as its suitability. 

If the artificial grass specifications say you’re buying grass with a high pile height, this grass may flatten easier compared to another one with a shorter pile height. However, the best choice depends on the amount of traffic you’re planning to have on that surface. 

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What Is Dtex?

Another essential artificial grass specification variable is Dtex, which is an indicator of yarn strength. What is Dtex exactly and what does it mean? To measure the density or linear mass of a fibre we use a unit called tex. Dtex is one-tenth of tex, and it represents linear mass per 10,000 meters of filament or fibre (in grams).

To be more precise, the Dtex of artificial grass shows how much the yarn with certain density weights. How does this relate to you as a buyer? Well, if all the other specifications stay the same, the Dtex makes a huge difference in the density, durability and face weight of your yarn. Lower Dtex means less density, and performance quality and vice versa.

Here’s an example: If you come to Tiger Lily Garden offices, and we tell you that we have a yarn with 12000 Dtex, (among other artificial grass specifications), it means that 10000 meters of yarn weights 12000g.

Important: Pay attention to Dtex in the artificial grass specifications of the products you are considering. A higher number of Dtex means a higher density of the turf which implies a higher overall cost. Tiger Lily Garden puts realistic numbers in our products and doesn’t exaggerate them as many companies do.

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What Is Stitch Rate?

Another artificial grass specification indicator is the stitch rate which we first mentioned above. The stitch rate is quickly determined by the number of stitches found in a square metre of artificial grass. The higher the stitch rate, the harder it is to notice the end of the backing material, which makes the grass denser and more durable. 

The stitch rate and gauge go are usually mentioned along with each other in the artificial grass specifications list. While the stitch rate varies, it’s the rate that is not changeable. What is gauge? 

artificial grass specification stitch rate

What is Gauge ?

This is another important indicator that is based on the distance between different yarns or fibres in artificial grass. It could seem confusing but you don’t have to worry because usually, the sales assistants explain its importance to you before purchasing. (At least, that’s what we do at Tiger Lily Garden) 

The turf you purchase in order to have a good performance must have a gauge between 3/8 to 5/32 inches or above. Now, let’s see an example: 

This is the space among rows of threads. The gauge is calculated in inches, where one inch = 2.54cm. Calculating every 8 or sixteen traces of tuft yarn suggests the variety of needles utilized in manufacture. Three/8” artificial turf means you’ve got eight lines of yarn over 7.62 cm, (three x 2.54) or one thread each 0.95cm. 

Artificial Grass Specification Guage

What Is Density?

After Dtex and pile height, pay attention to the density of the artificial grass you’re purchasing. Density can be calculated easily if we have gauge and stitch rate (which we will explain in a bit).

Density is derived by multiplying stitch rate and the Gauge, which must be included in the artificial grass specifications list. How does density impact the quality of the grass? The higher the artificial grass density, the more fibres it has, meaning leading to higher durability and quality. 

The density of the ideal artificial grass would be around 1680 stitches per metre to be classified as good. Any other type of grass with stitches around 6000 stitches has a lower price and lower quality. The only case when lower density is good in artificial grass specifications is in greengrocer’s type of grass. 

The pile height, dtex, gauge and stitch fee collectively are variables that affect the artificial grass face weight (In artificial grass specifications this is clearly mentioned).  Speak with our assistants and they will reply immediately for a more detailed description of the products you’re purchasing. 

artificial grass specification Density

What Is Backing

Added to the list of artificial grass specifications you will find backing as well. The backing is responsible for keeping all the turf together, ensuring enough air permeates through it, and making it easy for layers of turf to be transported and laid across your surfaces. 

The backing is two-sided, therefore we classify it into primary and secondary backing.

–  Primary backing

The primary backing is made out of woven polypropylene fabrics. Polypropylene allows the synthetic grass fibers to be tufted into the fabric in rows and makes the process of seaming among synthetic grass patches easier.

Now, most materials you can find at us implement PP+NET primary backing (A layer of polypropylene(PP) material and a layer of the internet).

– Secondary backing

The secondary backing (often mentioned as ‘coating’) keeps the fibres/yarn together and it’s done after the primary backing is in place. This side of the artificial grass faces the ground and even though you don’t see it, it remains crucial for keeping the grass attached for a more natural feel and look. 

Polyurethane and Latex coating are not unusual coatings for synthetic grass. Polyurethane packing guarantees better performance, but it costs a little more. On the other hand, Latex backing may be enough for your surfaces. 

artificial grass specification backing

What Is Dtex Grass?

Dtex Grass Basic Function

Are you concerned about the foot traffic and worried that some features in artificial grass may not give you value for money? Dtex grass will solve this problem for you because Tiger Lily Garden has manufactured the product to withstand more foot traffic and remain lustrous. Dtex grass is manufactured for installation in places such as shopping malls, playgrounds, and sports fields among others. You are assured of a beautiful thick outcome once you get your Dtex grass installed. The product from Tiger Lily Garden helps save money and time for clients who wish to have a natural-looking thick lawn. Count on Tiger Lily Garden to offer the best services alongside your purchase. This can be done by sending your enquiry and we will be right with you to start the journey into a beautiful experience.

Dtex grass is a perfect addition to your space and you may ask for available shades of green. Spice up your outdoor by taking the big step of contacting us for a quote and you will not regret getting Dtex grass.

Dtex Grass Features and Advantage

Dtex grass has a longer life span due to its high-density nature that covers your entire surface. This is due to its increased wear resistance feature that makes it hard to wear out easily.

Dtex grass also performs better since its standing ability allows for enhanced beauty in your space. It is therefore difficult for the grass to become flat even when exposed to the ‘to and from’ running during sports.

The product does not also wither or fall off since it is made from synthetic material, leaving you worry-free of possible withering occurrences in future.

Dtex Grass Applications

Dtex grass from Tiger Lily Garden can be applied in various places such as office squares, playgrounds, sports fields, and other busy places. If you wish to have artificial grass in your garden to bring out the dense effect, Dtex grass will do the trick!

Dtex grass is the all-season solution for your grass needs that does not discriminate on foot traffic.


Are you tired of getting artificial grass only to find it thin with less weight or density than you expected? Well, Dtex grass has everything you need especially if you need to have a thick lawn or indoor because of too much foot traffic. You are advised that when going for artificial grass, choose dtex grass in areas that have more activities such as sports fields, kindergartens, and homes with large families, among other places. Dtex grass can also function in less crowded places if you are looking to have quality grass that will last for a long period. Follow the guideline below to find out more about dtex grass through the question and answers.

The backing of artificial grass is a crucial factor to consider when choosing artificial grass. We suggest you choose grass with polyurethane for better performance. 

It depends on the surface you want it for. If this surface receives lots of foot traffic, the heavier the artificial grass specifications show the grass is, the denser it will be, resulting in more durability. 

In case you want a grass that looks as if it’s recently cut, we suggest you choose something around 25 to 30 mm, while for a more normal and natural lawn, you would want to choose artificial grass with 30-38mm thickness.

The turf weight varies from product to product, but the perfect weight would be something between 45 to 80 ounces per square yard. 

Dtex grass provides high value excellent for sports fields. This is because it can handle too much stomping and falling without wearing off. You could also install the grass on your backyard for your kids and pets to play on as it provides both safety and comfort. Dtex grass is worth investing in because it lasts long making it a valuable addition to your space.

Light snowing cannot affect the dtex grass. However, in extreme snow, you should remove excess snow on the grass. This helps prevent build up that can make the snow turn to ice and break the dtex grass fibers. Ensure to remove excess snow to prevent damage to the grass but no need to bother if it snows a little.

Yes. Although dtex grass is naturally thick, it does not mean that water will not drain. You should not get worried about flooding when it rains heavily. Therefore, dtex grass is meant for both indoors and outdoors.

Similar to natural grass, dtex grass is slippery when it snows. Therefore, you should be very careful not to hurt yourself when moving on the grass during snow.

The grass may become flat after being covered by snow. However, it should get back to its original shape after a while. You can also use a broom to lift the pile.

Dtex grass can be used for a variety of purposes including decorating your walls. Other clients also find it suitable to protect their walls by installing the grass due to its thickness. The grass therefore acts as both a decoration and protection to your walls.

Maintaining the grass is similar to maintaining other artificial grass. Ensure that no sharp objects, fire, or any hazardous materials come in contact with the grass. It is also important to clean the grass frequently for an attractive appearance. However do not use harsh soap or detergents to clean the grass.

You will be surprised by how long your dtex grass will last. With proper maintenance, the grass will last for twenty years. This means that you do not need to replace the grass after a long time making it the best investment.

Tiger Lily Garden Garden has opened its doors and lines to serve you in the fastest way possible. Feel free and welcome to explore all products and accessories related to the Dtex grass. We are only a call away from your hustle-free experience of Dtex artificial grass.

Why Tiger Lily Garden?

Company Capabilities 

Dtex grass from Tiger Lily Garden is manufactured by highly skilled professionals that ensure the grass comes out as dense as its name suggests. All products from Tiger Lily Garden are carefully processed to protect the client from hard falls and this does not leave Dtex grass out of the picture. Be assured that your Dtex grass will reach you in the same condition it left the company since the professionals have knowledge about handling the product.

Company Business Advantage

The number of employees at Tiger Lily Garden assures you that your order will not last for ages before reaching your destination. Tiger Lily Garden prides itself in having over 89 employees to reach clients locally and worldwide.

What’s More, our rich experience will provide you with all kinds of solutions you met when purchasing artificial grass. Sincere attitude and professional skills make us your best partner on the garden item.

Related Products

The most popular products that relate to Dtex grass are artificial grass carpet and landscaping grass. You can order Dtex grass in the form of a carpet or landscaping grass to fulfil your artificial grass desires.

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