Artificial Grass

Installing artificial grass requires patience and effort. However, your efforts may eventually go down the drain if you do not place a good quality weed membrane under your fake grass, for weeds can grow under and ruin your lawn. At Tiger Lily Garden, we present you with geotextile membranes that are excellent weed suppressants for your artificial grass.

Geotex Membrane

Geotex membrane is an environment-friendly fabric that blocks sunlight from passing through, keeping weeds from growing under your artificial grass. Geotex membrane consists of a UV-inhibitor, so it does not degrade in sunlight. Plus, you do not need to drill holes in the fabric for water drainage because water seeps through it easily and quickly.


Artificial Grass Membrane

If you plan to install your fake turf on soil, weeds might grow out of your grass even if you used a weed killer. It is necessary that you lay the artificial grass membrane first. It will not only control the growth of weeds but also fend off worms under your lawn.

What is a Geotextile Membrane for Artificial Grass?

When installing artificial grass on the soil, it is necessary to install the geotextile membrane first to prevent unwanted weeds from growing up through your artificial grass. Geotextile membrane for artificial grass is a kind of nonwoven fabric or PP woven fabric which is permeable to water and air but not light. Therefore, it does not only prevent grass from growing through, but also increases soil stability, provides erosion control or aid in drainage, and is environmentally friendly, with no harm to the soil.

The Importance of Using Geotextile Membrance for Artificial Grass

Geotextile Membrane is one of the perfect partners for artificial grass. Why is that? Because as we know the real grass is really a tough guy in the plant kingdom. With the proper condition, the germination power of seeds can make the most high-density brain skull separate. Not to mention the artificial grass carpet with drainage holes that allow water and sunshine in. We do need the geotextile membrane to be the underlay of artificial grass in case the real grass ruins your pretty landscaping.

But not all woven cloth is suitable for geotextile membrane. Firstly, it have to be permeable or when it comes to rain, you will get a lake in your backyard. Secondly, it has to be breathable, or it will ruin your soil, the low-quality geotextile membrane will make nothing grow on your cover place.

So please follow us, Tiger Lily Garden always can find suitable material for your artificial grass.


1.PP Woven Geotextile Membrane

Artificial Grass Geotextile Membrance

PP woven geotextile membrane for artificial grass is produced with weaving craft which makes this material with high clamping force and non-deformation. Currently, we have 10 weaving machines (8 with 4.8m width & 2 with 5.2m) to produce geotextile membrane for artificial grass. The capacity is 500,000 SQM per month. All the machines are full automation. Simply put, the material mixing machine is operated by only inputting the exact specifications data. So all the materials and specifications are uniform and standard. Besides, when producing, we set the machines to weave at least 2% wider and 3% longer than standard.

Please kindly check the videos to see the product details and also the specification.


2.Nonwoven Geotextile Membrane


The nonwoven geotextile membrane is a cost-effective one for artificial grass installation. And it is also with 5 years warranty and good enough for preventing weeds from growing up through artificial grass. Our nonwoven Geotextile membrane for artificial grass has the advantages of not being toxic, with no harmful odour, nonflaking, nonconductive, hydrophilic, and good resistance to UV rays.

Please kindly check the weight and colour options for this item below.


1.Unparalleled Weed Control

Our geotextile membrane for artificial grass is designed to be completely shading. It creates a strong barrier that prevents even the hardest weeds from growing through artificial grass.

2.Protect your soil

Even though our unique geotextile membrane for artificial grass is designed to block all the light, it allows air and water to pass through the soil, thus maintaining your soil moisture and looseness and preserving its value.

3. Super Easy to Install & Set up

It is one of those simple products that makes perfect sense. You don’t have to be an expert or need expensive professionals to set up our geotextile membrane for artificial grass. The installation is super easy and can be done only in 3 steps.

4. Durable

We use the most advanced production technology. All our materials are raw materials with sufficient anti-UV additives. We offer at least 5 years warranty.

5. All Customization Supported

All customized specifications and designs are supported. The weight per SQM can be done from 50g to 310g. The wide can be done from 0.5m to 5.2m. The graticule is also customization-supported. We can do all the designs you want. Contact us here today. Let us customize the most suitable geotextile membrane for your artificial grass.


What Quality Issues Do You Need to Pay Attention When Purchasing Geotextile Membrane for Artificial Grass?

Beware that the geotextile membrane for artificial grass is not created equal in China. The most common problem is the breakdown. The main reasons generally are using recycled materials or adding not enough anti-UV additive. Either of these factors can cause the geotextile membrane for artificial grass to break down.

As your reliable supplier in China, Tiger Lily Garden avoids this problem by using the best raw materials only and adding extra anti-UV additives. We are very cautious about this problem. All our production operations are Process-oriented and automated. All the products are produced to meet and even higher than your requirements and standards.


How to Install the Geotextile Membrane For Artificial Grass on the Soil?

1.Removal of Earth Mud Patch

If the real grass is existing, remove all of them down to a level of at a maximum of 6cm including the whole existing grass area, its root base, and an element of the soil underneath it.

2. Apply aggregate base, compact & screed bar level.

Apply an aggregate that goes right the way around the whole area. Then place in, compact, and then screen bar level to get the perfect level.

3. Apply & fit the geotextile membrane for artificial grass.

Cover the ground surface with 20cm overlapped geotextile membrane. Cut any excess of the geotextile membrane. Then fix the geotextile membrane with artificial grass nails.


If you are thinking that the geotextile is only under the artificial grass, that is not correct. Besides artificial grass, there are more places we can use them to prevent the weeds we’d love to share with you. The geotextile membrane installed under artificial grass to prevent weeds from growing up through artificial grass is only one of its numerous functions. It can also be applied to the place as the photos. So you will never worry about the Geotextile Membrance will be left in your stock.


Membrane under Artificial Grass

A weed membrane under artificial grass is the most suitable solution for getting rid of weeds growing through your lawn. Usually, it is made of a fabric with drainage technology allowing water and air to permeate while avoiding water clogging.

Weed Membrane for Artificial Grass

Weed membrane for artificial grass is a polypropylene woven or non-woven fabric that acts as a weed barrier, preventing weed growth under driveways, pathways, decking, and landscaping. The weed membrane for artificial grass is UV-stabilized, so it does not biodegrade from sunlight.

Membrane for Grass

A geotextile weed membrane for grass is the perfect solution to getting rid of weeds growing up through your lawn. The membrane allows fast percolation of water through it so your grass lawn will not look like a pool after rain. Its air permeability will ensure your soil gets enough air not to start rotting.

Weeds Growing through Artificial Grass

Are you concerned about weeds growing through artificial grass? The best way to prevent this nuisance is by installing a geotextile fabric directly over soil sprayed with a weed killer.

Woven Geotextile Membrane

Woven geotextile membrane is a high-strength, hard-wearing, and UV-resistant fabric, made by weaving together sturdy tapes of polypropylene. It is an excellent weed suppressant. It provides good water and air permeability. When you compare it with others, Tiger Lily Garden’s woven geotextile membrane beats the price and ensures a long lifespan.

Grass Membrane

Grass membrane is a hard-wearing fabric used to inhibit weed growth through your turf, ensuring clean and long-lasting landscaping. It also controls the spread of insects and pests.

Why Us?

As your considerate professional artificial grass supplier, besides offering you the best artificial grass, one of our important jobs is to provide you with all the accessories related to artificial grass. In this way, you do not need to bother to buy artificial grass and accessories from several suppliers, which will save you a great amount of money and time. Tiger Lily Garden provides you with real one-stop product services for your projects.

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