KDK Yarn for artificial grass

High-end artificial grass yarn for the luxury artificial grass carpet.



What is the KDK Yarn for Artificial Grass?

KDK yarn or Knit de Knit is another type of yarn widely used in the artificial grass industry. Its name derives from the process used to create the yarn. After the material is extruded from the extrusion machines it goes through the knitting process where it changes form. The derived yarn is formed from fibers being knitted in a wavy form. The knitting process is followed by the exposure of yarn under the high temperature and air pressure, forcing its form to change again. The end process includes taking the yarn to prepare artificial grass for sports fields, lawns, or other spaces prominent to the eye. Tiger Lily Garden with a skilled team of workers, designers and marketers brings KDK yarn to clients and distributors. We have been doing this for a long time and we know what it means to be held as one of three official manufacturers in China. The reputation speaks for itself, along with a list of satisfied customers. The market has a high demand for KDK yarn. Read below to know more about its production process and comparisons with other types of yarn.

What is the Difference between KDK and the Traditional Curly Yarn(ATY)?

The process of preparation differs in both types of yarn. The traditional type of yarn known as ATY(Air Textured Yarn) is prepared using air-streams of low temperatures with the resulting product being comfortable and warm while touching. On the other hand, thanks to the high-pressure under which is put, KDK differs from it because:

-the KDK yarn is more filled and completed.
-the KDK yarn has better resilience ability than ATY yarn.
-compared to the other manufacturers in the market, Tiger Lily Garden produces yarn with more than 50% retraction, which means turf with better density.
-ATY curly yarn allows the modification of Dtex and colors. On the other side, KDK yarn allows you to modify not only color and Dtex but also the type of material and yarn shape.
-the maximum period ATY preserves its shape is 3 years. Our KDK yarn’s shape lasts more than 6 years.

Further speaking of the difference between ATY and KDK yarn, the first one if you want to keep it in a perfect shape it requires to be turfed in factories after no more than 3 weeks after yarn production. That explains why when you purchase the landscaping yarn from your Chinese artificial grass yarn suppliers but after you tufting, your grass seems different from the original samples. Because of the long time transportation destroy the memory of ATY curly yarn. But there won’t be a headache if you chose KDK yarn. They can keep the curly shape as long as you can image.




How does KDK Yarn form Artificial Grass?

KDK boosts the density of the grass. This is why the grass finds most use in these fields:

1. Numerous use playgrounds. Gateball patches and golf fields are perfectly organized on these surfaces. This is thanks to the flat surface with little friction which lets the ball roll smoothly in the surface. Since no strokes are made to misdirect the ball fair games are to be played on it.

2. Non-infilling sports grass. Other than conventional fields, the use of KDK yarn has increased excessively because of its relatively easy installing method and the fact it saves the hassle of putting rubber under football grasses.
3. Stunning long term appearance. KDK yarn is easily differentiated from the traditional artificial grass because of the lasting material and the customizable shape which does not wither as natural grass would.


The Production of KDK Yarn

KDK yarn takes its name from the technique used for its production. Most of the texturing techniques include the use of sophisticated machines, while Knit De Knit involves the use of rings and heat for knitting. The process goes on like this:
All starts with the KDK yarn being knitted on a tube of a certain machine. The raw material of fibers made of resin pellets melts down under high temperature to be used for the creation of artificial turf fibers for KDK yarn. An important part of the process is adding the UV inhibitors which are crucial for lifelong green surfaces. This is followed by the next step which is treating on steam (in a few cases the material might undergo dying, depending on requirements) which is responsible for getting the crimps together.
The last step of the process is unknitting the fabric, which creates the finalized shape you see in KDK yarn.

KDK-yarn-for artificial grassproduction

What about the Costs of KDK Yarn?

With technology advancements, the production capacity is increasing, the cost of ATY yarn is more affordable to the general public. But the cost of KDK yarn is still not cheap, because of the high-quality low capacity, more labour required and complicated craft. So KDK yarn is only for the high-end purpose.


What We Can Do For You

Choosing the right KDK yarn is essential for having beautiful evergreen spaces. What you should always take into consideration when choosing a partner to cooperate with for the long term, should be the production process, starting from the raw material to the final product. Proudly, we admit to be producing everything from the start in our factories. We start out with the raw material and end with the final product. All happens inside our factories. These processes include coating, turfing, knitting and unknitting processes. Tiger Lily Garden is one of three companies in China certified to produce KDK yarn grass and this was a result of consistent qualitative work. Our partners rely on us because of the quality of our materials, fast delivery and punctuality with deadlines. Do not hesitate to get in touch and further discuss the endless possibilities of collaborating together!

Not every company in the artificial grass industry is able to produce KDK grass! In China only three companies are allowed to participate in KDK yarn production for the marketplace. What makes us at Tiger Lily Garden proud is the fact we are one of these three companies!

We have more than 10 years of experience in KDK Yarn. We are more professional.

We have 24 flat machines to make sure enough capacity to fulfil your requirements.

With our stable and skilled employees, your products will be more stable.

7/24 online, no matter what do you want, we can always reply to you immediately.


Looking for a top-notch artificial grass to install in your lawn? Look no further because the KDK yarn for artificial grass is among the most luxurious artificial grass product for landscaping. The yarn is prepared by being exposed to high air pressure and temperature. This helps the yarn withstand harsh temperatures thereby being suitable for installation outdoors. Artificial grass is manufactured and designed in different ways hence the various names of each yarn type. The other name for KDK yarn for artificial grass is Knit de Knit because it passes through the manufacturing process twice. There is a lot to learn about the KDK yarn for artificial grass and the information below will help you understand more about it for better interaction with the product.

Usually 2~2.2KG/bobbin,100 bobbins/pallet and 44 pallets /40HQ.Roughly 8.8ton~9.8ton /40HQ.

For KDK yarn, we only accept 40HQ container. Or we can not cover the production cost and waste.

KDK yarn for artificial grass requires a little longer on lead time. it takes roughly 30 days for a 40HQ container.

Many countries, we have artificial yarn clients in Egypt, the USA, Indonesia, Belarus, Dubai, Malaysia…..Our clients are very stable.

KDK yarn for artificial grass helps save time during installation because it does not require a rubber base. This makes the grass among the safest to play on due to its density and softness that cushions the players from injuries. Apart from its softness, KDK yarn for artificial grass also makes your lawn and space appear sleek due to its uniformly organized fibers that make it appear natural.

The specifications in KDK yarn for artificial grass such as being made from durable material and high density structure makes it last long and resist fading. Natural grass might fade during hot conditions if not keenly observed and taken care of by watering and spraying weed killers. With KDK yarn for artificial grass, you can order for your preferred shape which will be customized according to your requirements. Therefore, KDK yarn for artificial grass is easy to maintain and lasts longer than natural grass.

The massive manufacture and popularity of artificial grass has made the product very affordable. However, due to the manufacturing process of KDK yarn for artificial grass, the product is still quite costly. This means that the grass can only be used in high-end places. If you still feel that you need the KDK yarn for artificial grass installed in your home, all you should do is measure your area, submit the measurements and get a quote. Despite its high-end nature, clients are not limited if they feel that they can afford to install in their spaces.

KDK yarn for artificial grass is not a common product since most companies do not manufacture the type of yarn. The best place to get KDK yarn for artificial grass depends on your location. However, since there are only three manufacturing companies in China with the product, the best thing to do is contact us for the best offers. Location does not matter to us because we can get the grass to where you are.

Yes. KDK yarn for artificial grass can be installed in a golf course. The golf ball will glide through the grass so there is no need for worrying about installing in the golf field.


Would you wish to know and understand the production history of your artificial grass? The yarn is specifically made for luxurious purposes due to its complex manufacturing process. This does not mean that you cannot opt to get KDK yarn for artificial grass if you wish to install in your space as the price will depend on your financial capability. The product has a lot to show in terms of quality and features, meaning you get to learn and interact with it before making that bold move. That is why it is essential to check on product features and advantages through the frequently asked questions. The guide is meant to give you a brief history and information regarding KDK yarn for artificial grass.

Can I Get Guidance on KDK Yarn for Artificial Grass that my Space will Accommodate?

We understand your concern for avoiding wasting yarn, especially the KDK yarn for artificial grass which is quite costly. Professionals are available to guide you on measuring your space to avoid wastage. There are tailor-made services such as getting the exact measurement from the factory to ensure you get value for money.

What is the reason for KDK Yarn for Artificial Grass to be Highly Priced?

The product has a high price because it is not easy to manufacture the product. The yarn is also soft with high density, making it long lasting. That is why the yarn is expensive. Maintaining your landscape should not take forever since you need to treat it as a carpet and only get rid of residue from trees and other vegetation. KDK yarn for artificial grass can be installed in business environments particularly hotels or offices while other clients prefer home installation to enjoy the benefits accompanied by the yarn’s top-quality features.

Can KDK Yarn for Artificial Grass be Suitable in my Interior Space?

As previously mentioned, you can get advice from a professional on measuring your space to get the right grass. If you want to spice up your space at any cost, be sure to get the measurement for proper resource management and perfect finish. It is however advised that the product should be used in places such as hotels or business complexes for landscaping due to its top-notch nature. There are other yarn types that can do home décor and appear as good and natural-looking as you wish.

Is KDK Yarn for Artificial Grass Readily available?

Yes. The yarn is always available. This means that you can order for the yarn and get it delivered within our delivery time. You do not need to be anxious about the product because it is a rare commodity with a few companies manufacturing it in China. Simply send a quote and the yarn will reach you on time.

What is a Good Quality KDK Yarn for Artificial Grass?

All KDK yarns are quality products. The type of yarn has a unique production method meaning it is high-quality. Therefore, do not shy off from trying the product.

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