History of the Artificial Grass Surface Used for Sports Fields

Do you know when artificial grass was introduced on the sports fields? Let’s look at the history of the artificial grass surface used for sports fields.

In 1966, in Houston, at the Astrodome, artificial sports turf (ChemGrass) was first installed in a mega-sport stadium as an alternative to natural grass. Although the turf looked good, it caused several injuries and burns to the players. Later, AstroTurf replaced ChemGrass as its common name.

Many old and new stadiums switched to AstroTurf all through the 70s and 80s, as it provided a uniform playing surface and could hold off heavy traffic.

In the 1970s, the less abrasive second-generation artificial turf made of PP yarn was introduced. This turf had longer fibers and a shock-absorbing pad beneath it.

The third-generation synthetic turf made of PE yarn fibers became popular in the 1990s. Like second-generation, it comes with an infilled system that provides more comfort to the players. Today, you can find this on any lawn, whether it be residential, commercial, or athletic.

Applications of Artificial Grass for Sports Fields

Artificial grass for sports fields is multifaceted and proposes a range of advantages over natural grass sports fields. Many sports clubs and organizations now prefer synthetic sports turf over real grass because the players can play and practice day and night, under any weather conditions.

Due to its versatility, it finds applications in various sports fields such as football pitches, American football fields, golf courses, indoor putting greens, indoor arenas, multipurpose outdoor sports grounds, children’s playgrounds, tennis courts, hockey fields, and many more.

Advantages of Artificial Sports Grass

The popularity of artificial sports grass has immensely increased in the last few years. FIFA has also allowed playing tournaments on the artificial grass surface. Several advantages of artificial sports grass add up to its popularity on sports pitches against natural grass.

  • Low Maintenance and Cost-Effective

Artificial sports grass does not require a lot of maintenance. Unlike natural grass fields, you do not need to water them. Enjoy freedom from trimming or mowing the grass now and then. You will not have to worry about spraying chemicals or pesticides on the grass, reducing the cost of turf maintenance.

Aeration and brooming are all you need to maintain the artificial grass sports fields. With proper aeration, the infills do not become compacted, while brooming helps clean the grass blades and keep them upright.

  • Weather-Resistant

Artificial grass is always available for players regardless of the time of the day, month, or year. It is made of materials that can withstand hot to cold weather extremes and heavy rainfalls. The athletes can continue their sport even during rain.

Unlike real grass, artificial sports grass has a water drainage system that drains out rainwater, sweat, or any liquid. It means you will not end up with mud or a puddle of liquid on the sports pitch.

  • Anti-UV

While producing artificial grass for sports, anti-UV polymers are added that make the grass reflect the harmful radiation instead of absorbing them. The anti-UV property also keeps the fake grass from colour fading, allowing a consistent turf colour. It is not possible in the case of real grass.

  • Players’ Comfort and Reduced Injuries

If you compare it with natural grass, artificial sports turf can be prepared using materials that provide players with comfort and reduce the chances of injuries. Artificial grass for sports fields is designed using technologies to attenuate impact and improve players’ grip, so they do not easily slip while moving with speed.

  • Durability

Artificial grass for sports lasts more than a decade with players running on the fields. Even daily sports activities will not wear out the turf. With the materials used, artificial sports grass is resistant to extreme weather conditions and maintains its shape during heavy foot traffic.

  • Colours and Prints

It is easy to get artificial grass in different colours. You can also get your logo on the grass. On the other hand, if you paint something on real grass, it will wipe out or fade away quite easily.

Besides, natural grass blades stain athletes’ clothes, while artificial grass does not leave any stains.

Artificial Sports Turf Options

At Tiger Lily Garden, we have three main options for artificial sports turf. We are using advanced technologies to ensure the safety of the players because it is the most important thing to us. We have a variety of products in each category according to your requirements and budget.

Artificial Sports Turf for Football

Real grass football fields are very high maintenance. We present artificial turf for football that does not wither or lose colour, minimizes joint injuries, provides a uniform surface, decreases the impact of a fall, and is soft for the players’ feet.

Artificial Sports Turf for Golf

Practice your putting stroke by practising inside your home, your office, or in your backyard. Get an indoor putting green that will never require water to stay green, nor will it cost you an arm and a leg to install.

Multipurpose Sports Turf

Our Multipurpose sports turf is strong, resilient, and durable enough to install on grounds used for a variety of sports. The grass can bear heavy foot traffic and will not be ruined by daily usage, day in, day out.

Best Artificial Grass Used on Sports Fields

Tiger Lily Garden offers you the best artificial grass used on sports fields. We have a handful of options for different athletic applications. Beauty with performance is what you get with our artificial grass for sports.

While manufacturing premium quality artificial sports turfs, durability and performance are not the only things in our minds. For us, the athletes’ health, safety, and comfort matter the most. Our sport artificial grass is designed in such a way to ensure shock attenuation and avoid hazards to athletes and the environment.

Another significant factor is that our artificial grass for sports requires minimal maintenance years after its installation. It can bear hard weather conditions and heavy foot traffic.

Sports Artificial Grass Suppliers in China

Always choose the best suppliers while purchasing artificial grass for sports. Tiger Lily Garden is one of the most dedicated and responsible sports artificial grass suppliers across China. We have been manufacturing artificial grass for more than a decade.

With the most advanced machines for synthesizing artificial turf, we create certified products only. Hundreds of clients from all over the world trust our products.

We are here for any professional advice or help. Feel free to contact us for authentic, durable, and aesthetically pleasing artificial grass products. We genuinely care about your needs and safety and offer the best unbeatable prices.

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